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WedgeWhack! At A Time Like This, Pander Bears Bring Back Gay Marriage

WeedwhackerJust when you thought it might be safe to venture out and talk about stuff like property taxes, education funding and the economy, Curt Smith and his merry band of Indiana Family Institute pander bears issue a direct mail solicitation trying to raise money by gay-bashing.

TDW's copy arrived yesterday: IFIletter9.10.07.pdf

There's nothing better than getting home after a day at the office to find a couple pages of fear-mongering stinking up the mailbox.


How come they send you this stuff?

Because I signed up for it.

I love how he makes it sounds like IFI is such a victim with all of this. I can't believe that people fall for his crap.


to 9:00 AM,

People fall for "crap" every day, especially during election time. Doesn't just have to be about homophobia either.

It's a great letter.

You're a sick f--k if you'd attack America and pander to homosexuals by not supporting this group and their positions.

Ruh roh. Did someone get lost on his way to Veritas Rex? (If that site still exists.)

P.S. You kiss your mother with that mouth? How very family-friendly.

Is there ANYTHING these "pro-family" conservative types aren't scared of?

The list is almost endless...gays, liberals, muslims, catholics, other protestants, hispanics, african americans, africans, communists, socialists, china, india, japan, vermont, democrats, moderate republicans, the poor, the working class, the middle class, science, science fiction, tinky winky, spongebob squarepants...

I thought these were the "tough" guys?

Hint: tough guys aren't afraid of their own shadow.

don't forget airport bathroom stalls

So this is my theory: the marriage amendment folks often tell us that gay marriage would devalue and harm straight marriage, families and children and therefore, we should ban it. Problem is, there is no evidence to support that. Adultery, on the other hand, actually does damage to marriages, families and children. So when these same "pro-family" legislators will step and and criminalize adultery, I will be happy to support a ban on gay marriage. Until then, stay out of my personal business and I'll stay out of yours!

I'm just quivering with fright after reading that letter. "Night of the Living Dead" replaced by "Day of the Gay Married Couples". Zombie same-sex couples marching toward us. Lock the doors, bar the windows; you're life is in jeopardy from Mary and her two mommies. How is it that people actually buy into this fear-mongering crap?

oops "your"

Chris - you forgot Harry Potter.

Reading this letter just makes me sick and angry. To think that people actually believe this kind of stuff is frightening.

How do we best combat these people?

How the heck does making gay marriage illegal save traditional marriage?

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