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Caption Fun: Open Wide And Endorse The Comments On That Cake

Blue Indiana brings us an update on Cakegate, the bizarre story of the politically pejorative pastry at Fort Wayne Republican mayoral candidate Matt Kelty's recent birthday celebration.

Kelty, in response to media inquiries about the offending baked good, said "I don't endorse the comments made on the cake." Oh, but from the looks of this photo, Kelty not only endorsed the comments -- he enjoyed every last bite.

Have fun captioning this one, folks.



And just remember. It's not like these pictures were smuggled out or leaked by some anti-Kelty plant.

No, they put this on their website. And then denied knowing much about it.

Tragic comedy...

I'm thinking that Jen gives more press to Matt Kelty than he could ever scrounge up on his own. Of course, the humor and pathos of it all makes it too delectable to pass on, I'd imagine.

Still, Mr. Kelty ought to be thanking Jen. Every week until election time.

"I'd be winnin' ev'ry 'lection
Shine lovin' my reflection
If I only had a brain..."

"Heyyyyy ttthhhaaannnkssss...ummmmm...wtf is this?"

I can't believe I have to eat this whole CROW sandwich....

Hey look!

The Virgin Mary!

So it will be easier for Kelty to blame TDW when he loses the election. The problem is that TDW doesn't make the news. Kelty has been doing it all on his own and antagonizing the voters he needs the most.

I'll gladly accept the blame for Kelty's loss.

You'd be surprised how much power some people think blogs have. It's insane, really.

"Yummy - do they serve this in jail?"

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