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New View: IU Economists Less Cheery Than Before About State Forecast

ThumbdownIs this the sound a hot-streaking economy makes?

"A group of Indiana University economists who forecast the state's economy say they've become more pessimistic than they were in August, when they issued their most recent quarterly forecast.

"Woes in the nation's housing market will cut growth and incomes the rest of this year and possibly into 2008, said one of the economists, Bill Witte.

"'There will be some growth, but it certainly won't be very good,' Witte said. 'And that's the upside.'

"Detailed versions of the forecast are available only to paying customers, including utilities and banks.

"Witte said he and his colleagues expect job growth continuing at less than 1 percent and real personal income growth increasing about 2.2 percent, slightly less than anticipated in the August forecast.

"International sales are a bright spot, he said. Economies in Asia and elsewhere in the world are performing better than the U.S. economy, so they are buying American goods. And the low value of the dollar makes American products more affordable to foreign buyers.

"As long as manufacturing remains reasonably strong nationally, Indiana's manufacturing sector likely will move forward and keep the state economy afloat, Witte said."



""Detailed versions of the forecast are available only to paying customers, including utilities and banks."

This work was performed by a state university faculty group? Using state resources? Being paid by state salaries?

Who the hell do they think they are, withholding ANY of the results?

It may be an "institute" or some other quasi-private entity. I can't tell.

Repeal of property tax will turn our economic frown upside down. And it will make the politicians that support repeal very popular with the citizen employers.

Economist Dr. Bill Styring is presenting his plan to eliminate property tax on Thursday morning on AM1430 WXNT. He's scheduled to go on air at 8am.

Dr. Styring, a Hudson Institute Senior Fellow, is Indiana's foremost scholar and expert on Indiana economics. He was recently hired by Nelson Mandela to help put together an economic union with South Africa and surrounding nations.

Although he doesn't toot his own horn, he was recently presented with the Gold Medal of Freedom.

As far as we know, he is not charging a fee to the state of Indiana for his services. How refreshing.

Dr. Styring's video can be seen here:

Mely, I have direct experience with the Hudson Institute. They've frequently schilled for far-right and neocon causes by getting the answer and working backward.

And Styring's "research" is often discredited. He's a strong supply-sider, and while that theory has some traction, it's tough to use it to justify much in Indiana's lagging manufacturing-dependent economy.

It is not surprising to me that Styring is a Senior Fellow at Hudson.

"Gold Medal" ? From whom? Sigh me up!

As long as IU-paid researchers were involved in this report, it should be made fully public. What the hell are they trying to hide? Have they busted the code to the safes at the abandoned GM plants?


All hail Styring! All hail Styring!

(Get a grip, lady, he's an economist, not a demi-god.)

I can't figure out why this report isn't public, either.

Styring is right sometimes.

More often, he's a sycophantic neocon economist who believes in charter schools today, tax cuts tomorrow, neocon issue d'jour tomorrow.

Got bucks, Hudson/Styring will follow.

In less polite circles, it's called whoring around.

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