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One More Time: Feds Zap IDEM For Three More U.S. Steel Permit Problems

Sewagemonster_2 The feds are voicing additional concerns about the Indiana Department of Environmental Management's draft pollution permit for the U.S. Steel complex in Gary:

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's letter detailing its three new objections to the permit was sent to Indiana officials on Wednesday, the same day four members of Congress from Indiana and Illinois urged the agency to hold a public hearing on the proposed permit.

"Environmental groups contend the draft permit is too lenient and either eliminates or fails to include limits on discharges of toxic chemical and metal discharges from the sprawling Gary Works complex into the Grand Calumet River, which flows into Lake Michigan.

"On Oct. 1, the EPA blocked the proposed permit, saying it would not be approved until the Indiana Department of Environmental Management included more stringent pollution standards for the facility's discharges into the Grand Calumet.

"Among other things, the agency criticized IDEM for giving U.S. Steel five years to limit several pollutants _ including mercury, lead, cyanide, ammonia and benzo(a)pyrene, a cancer-causing chemical _ from the Gary mill, which is its largest plant and capable of producing 7.5 million tons of raw steel a year.

"In its letter sent Wednesday to IDEM, the EPA listed other concerns, including stating that it was unclear whether the permit's limits on chromium, cadmium, copper, nickel, silver, cyanide and other chemicals meet Indiana's water quality standards.

"It also states that the draft permit 'lacks requirements that reflect the best technology available for minimizing adverse environmental impacts' from the complex's series of blast furnaces, coke ovens and steel-finishing mills."


You've got a point, but it is a draft so I'd withold judgment for the time being.

Alliance and Partners: Public Hearing on U.S. Steel Permit Needed


The IDEM commish is a former environmental guy for Bethlehem Steel. He's been all about making it easier on the big polluters his entire administration because you know what? They are also big business. And IDEM was serious when it changed its mission statement to read something like "to protect the enviroment while preserving and enhancing economic opportunity in the State of Indiana".

IDEM's just making sure those US Steel jobs don't head overseas. We should be thanking IDEM for caring about real Hoosiers and their employment.

Why do the doubters hate economic development in Indiana? /sarcasm

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