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Open Thread: I Guess If You Say So, I'd Have To Pack My Things And Go

Train Tag.

You're it.


I just read Behind Closed Doors for the first time in years... guess it has to have a TDW-like plot to get a link from the Star's main web page!

Yeah, why do they hide that? It's really the only thing I want to read in the Sunday paper.

I too was pleasantly surprised to find "Behind Closed Doors" so easily today. It's usually my favorite part of the Sunday Star.

Of course, I was also pleased to find my name a part of the story too...

That was a rather shameless promotion.

Nice article on the Mayor's state of the City by Matt Tully in the Star today.
Those were nice pics you took Wilson! I didn't think you still made your way into The Meadows considering the fact that the felons there outnumber qualified voters by 100 to 1.

Uh, Wilson...I don't think the mention of you today was intended to be complimentary.

Kinda like, "Look at that fool..."

But that's just me.

The Meadows is up in Washington Township which is out of my political focus on Center Township ... the Tully story is messed up because some fancy-schmancy webfolk put in online using Flash. The typeface is teeny and quasi illegible. Unfortunate!

Just put up several yard signs. The same as seen on Indyflashover.

"Vernon Brown raised your taxes 65%."

Can't wait to see the look on old Vern's face when he finds out who is behind them.

is indyflashover another one of those bart lies sites? god i can't wait until election day has come and gone so those fools will go away!!!

Wilson was most certainly named in Behind Closed Doors.

But well after blog adversary Melyssa Donaghy was named -and- he was called a "blog prowler". I think it was a polite euphemism put into a family paper.

varangianguard, I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about. The reference to Wilson in Behind Closed Doors was benign in the extreme. I don't know what in the hell you read into "blog prowler." You're kinda weird.

A "public park prowler" is a more likely term for Wilson.

Suitable job " Mens room attendant".

Wilson thinks he looks hot in the Ambercrombie shirts and fringed pants. Someone needs to tell him that look is for 20yr olds.

Where are the "Queer Eye" guys when you need them?...and do you think they could help an old Queen?

I wonder.

"is indyflashover another one of those bart lies sites?"

No. The bart lies site is the 25th floor of the CCB.

Don't you people have campaigning or something more constructive to do?

Once again, the "bartlies" fools get all upset and bothered about little ole me and forget to hammer and slander Bart and other candidates on the ballot. They are so easily distracted by an Abercrombie shirt! They have nothing positive to say about Ballard so they have a hissy fit about me! Way cool!

That's Wilson in those pics???


Puts all these comments in context.

Interesting crowd... and strange that Melyssa was out there snapping pics of people as they went in. But is that really how we want to play politics?

Sure anyone can sit on the street and snap picture of people in a "public" place... but there's a fine line there... and taking a picture through a window is probably out...

And what would she say if people had staked out her house/business snapping pics of people coming and going. I've worked on lots of campaigns (Republican) and that's really the best direction to go... right?

The downside of technology making anyone a "publisher" is that we get people with no training/experience pushing the limits and that will lead to trouble... and lawsuits... and fewer good people getting involved in public/political life.


Interesting take on Julia Carson absence from the The Journal Gazette . . .

Absent lawmakers owe explanations


Nice take on the situation from outside Indy politics.

But Carson has been selective about explaining her health issues. After being admitted to the hospital Sept. 21, for example, she didn’t ask for a leave until several days later. When she did, Carson didn’t state the reason, and reporters’ inquiries were initially rebuffed.

I believe that, in the main, constituents are understanding. Few people would begrudge Carson a couple of weeks off to recuperate from a leg infection. But in exchange for that consideration, Carson owes something.

Carson – and any other lawmaker in this situation – should tell the people she represents that she is ill, that she expects to be off work for a few weeks or a month and here’s how the work of her office will be done in her absence: X, Y, Z.

"They have nothing positive to say about Ballard so they have a hissy fit about me!"

Ballard doesn't dress like a kid a third his age.

Then again Ballard isn't out trolling for 18 yr old boys.

How about you Wilson? Feeling the mid-life crises a little? Lonely all by yourself?
Democrat friends avoiding you again? That's the word from party HQ. Poor Wilson, all alone.

Once again, the anonymice trolls find it important to make personal slimes and innuendos against commenters here. They have nothing positive to say about their failing candidates so they just have to run negative attacks against folk. They are all too ashamed to use their own name - they hide behind masks and hoods to do their dirty work... but that's what the once-proud GOP has been reduced to in Indianapolis. Sad!


You are freaking annoying... and those picks of you don't do much to help your rants:


I'm no fan of "slime" from either side... so quit provoking and spreading it with words like "hiding behind hoods" to describe people who don't post their "names" on here.

It's a message board and most of the posters here don't use a handle because they aren't official "blog prowlers" as the Star called you. That doesn't make them anything... while some posters seem to know and dislike you personally, the rest of us just get tired your posts.

Anyway, enough of that... too much attention on this topic already.

Yesterday afternoon sensational TV journalist, Jack Rhinehart, showed up again on my porch. This time his camera man was sticking a camera in my sunroom window.

The story ran by channel six (linked) is sensationalized.

On a spiritual note...I was told about a year before the May 2003 media outing that one day I would be asked to face off with our government in regard to our freedom and CONSENSUAL D/s. Back then it scared me. Right away I was told not to worry for when the time came I would be ready. I am ready. But I cannot and will not do this without _overwhelming_ support. I could just as easily pay a fine, close my dungeon, and restructure my life a little. But then we would all pay a price for that, for each of us will have less freedom and the government will have more of our souls.

In case you were wondering, Election Day is four merciful weeks from tomorrow.

We can only hope that the "Bart Lies" yay-hoos will disappear shortly thereafter.


If that is your post, you are as freaking annoying as Wilson... why don't the two of you run off and live happily ever after someplace far away.

The frustration with Bart and local government is a result of the property tax mess and would exist without your bizarre attempts to fan the flames.

And unfortunately it is true that our local Republican party is not hitting on all cylinders and therefore does not have a strong candidate to run a good campaign. That's the result of many things over the past 10 years.

But to set this up as some sort of quest to stand up for all the "oppressed" people who like to spank others in latex body suits is... well just as nuts as doing that.

You ran a very risky game by inviting individuals to come to your home to live/work out some psychological issues... and by doing it a couple doors down from a Catholic elementary school. Although it was all "legal" on the surface, what would have happened if one of those "clients" got frustrated/angry at being whipped by a dominatrix and decided to act out on one of those kids???

While technically and legally that may not have been your responsibility... it certainly would not have been overlooked as easily by your fellow neighbors and the families who send their kids to what they assume is a safe neighborhood... never thinking that the van parked outside the school is driven by a man being beaten in a nearby basement.

With freedom comes responsibility and with souls comes accountability. Use both wisely.

I have not posted on this thread until now. I've been sick in bed for four days with the flu and didn't touch a computer, but did hear about Sunday's mention in the Star.

The Star did not quote any of the activists including well known African American Democratic precinct committeeman, Abu Henderson.

I did not take a single photo, but I did hold a sign calling for Monroe Gray to pay the property taxes he's avoided paying on his 2nd home due to claiming two homestead exemptions.

The Indy Star is biased reporting with regard to this article.

The fact that I worked as a dominatrix without a single incident complaint for 5 years has absolutely nothing to do with my political activism, yet is mentioned in nearly every article the Star writes. Are they so desperate for readership that they resort to sensationalism in their reporting?

Also, the argument that my clients would potentially harm children is ridiculous. We have more to fear from the convicted pedophiles that live near the church as reported on the list of CONVICTED sex offenders.

The reason Charles (Abu) Henderson is so "wellknown" is that he has run for (and lost) Center Township Assessor FOUR times in a row. Not quite as bigtime loser as Jocelyn Tandy but getting there! Henderson sorta stood there shyly, hanging out by the telephoto-lens camera across the street. His only 'activism' was to pick up a bullhorn and jeer me as I was leaving. Pitiful...

Photos of the event can be found at the link below. Abu's activism is the reason why Patrice Abdullah was forced to resign. Abu told Monroe Gray that Patrice Abdullah did not resign in his district back in January 07.

Of course the "ethical" Monroe Gray did absolutely nothing about it even though he assured Abu he would take care of it.

Abu may also be the reason the illegal vote to raise our income tax against the will of the people could be overturned in court via the John Price lawsuit. I'd say he's a very effective activist. And Abu is far from shy...he stood up in front of everyone and publicly called out the illegal residency of a city councilperson.


Did Abu offer any proof about Abduallahs residency or was it as conclusive as the oft-repeated rumor that you are a prostitute, Melyssa? You know very well how people gossip but you want to throw somebody out of office based on rumor, gossip and hearsay?

Melyssa is quick to assume the worst about everybody else but will tolerate no discussion about her own unusual activites. Pitiful!

Quite the contrary Wilson. I published all of the depositions in regard to my legal case on line which gave my answers to every question asked by city legal. I also published most of the legal documents concerning the 20 month litigation that the city forced the taxpayers to pay for.

In addition, I ran an on line membership group for four years and published essays about my work and life on a daily basis. It was also available for uncensored reply.

I also have a personal blog. There has been plenty of information and discussion published about my "unusual" activities which are undoubtedly far too sophisticated for you to wrap your closed mind around.

Wilson, you would be smart to check your facts.

And evidently enough proof was offered to force Abdullah's resignation. None of this matter would have come to light if it was not for the activism of Abu Henderson who is also a democrat.

He was betrayed by not only his party, but by two African Americans on council who deceived him.


I am very glad that you are feeling better, but please let it go, just let it go. It's just Wilson, after all.


Let it go.

No one cares.

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