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Someone To Watch Over You: Feds Right To Question U.S. Steel Permit

SewagemonsterThe Fort Wayne Journal Gazette applauds the feds for stepping in and voicing their concerns about the latest pollution permit debacle in Northwest Indiana:

"The federal Environmental Protection Agency is rightly stepping in before Indiana establishes pollution standards for a Gary steel mill that environmentalists criticize as too lenient. The action comes months after Indiana stirred controversy by giving a northwest Indiana refinery permission to increase pollution into Lake Michigan.

"An early draft of the wastewater discharge permit for U.S. Steel quickly elicited groans of 'here we go again' from several environmental organizations. After reviewing the draft, environmental experts voiced concern that Indiana regulators eliminated or failed to include limits on toxic chemical and metal discharges into the Grand Calumet River, a tributary of the Great Lakes.

"The proposed Indiana Department of Environmental Management permit apparently fails to adequately limit emissions of oil, lead, arsenic, benzene and nitrates that the U.S. Steel plant in Gary has reported discharging. The permit also relaxes limits on chromium and could allow an increase of 62 percent. Chromium is a heavy metal that pollutes fish. Long-term chromium exposure causes liver, kidney and nervous system damage in humans.

"Critics contend the draft permit violates the Clean Water Act and think Indiana deserves the heightened scrutiny from the EPA, particularly given the its track record."


Must have been especially egregious for the EPA to get involved. They haven't seemed the same over the last few years.

Look at the aerial photo of the pollution produced by Gary's Steel Mills.

(This photo apparently was misidentified as BP according to the comments section)


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