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Terms Of Enfearment: Stallio! Translates Local Political Blog Slang

Book At the risk of provoking the IndyU crowd and other assorted Marion County wingnuts, TDW is nonetheless pleased to cross-post this glossary of local political blog terms courtesy of stAllio!'s way:

BART LIES!—much like the "lies" of michael moore, the "lies" of mayor bart peterson are not actually lies at all; they are policy disagreements.

detroit—this is racist code for "scary black folks". thus the claim "indy is turning into another detroit" means "indy is being taken over by scary black folks".

cleveland—code for "black folks"; see detroit.

gary (gary, indiana)—code for "black folks"; see detroit.

pea shake—the moment anyone starts complaining about pea shake houses, my eyes roll into the back of my head.

"sweet pea"—racist nickname for city-county council president monroe grey; see pea shake.

the carson machine (or "the machine")—racist code for the delusional belief that the city is ruled with an iron fist by a cabal of black democrats, at the center of which is representative julia carson. the irony of "the carson machine" is that these people simultaneously believe that carson is a weak, dying old woman incapable of representing us in congress and also that she is so powerful that she runs the entire city like a dictator.

ghetto mafia—see the carson machine.

"fair tax"—the so-called "fair tax" proposal to eliminate property taxes and replace them with income & sales taxes is not only orwellian in its unfairness, it is impractical and implausible, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either confused or lying (to themselves, to you, or both).

the party of lincoln—yes, lincoln was a republican.  then, 100 years later, the republican party adopted the southern strategy.

socialist—there are extremely few actual socialists in the united states.  europe is a different story.


RESPONSIBILITY: Peterson is at fault for
all crime everywhere and he's worthless too but Brizzi, the Feds and Marion County's Judges are all doing their best under the circumstances.

I just can't believe you Dems are still loyal to Carson. She is a primary example of why why federal congressional term limits should exist.

I can't believe you keep coming here in a desperate attempt to promote your site.

Get a niche, kid. You're all over the place.

The Alioto definitions are great. But some are frighteningly true:

The Carson Machine, or Gulag as I like to call it, is alive and well, and it scares the ever lovin crap put of the mayor. Somuch so that he stays wayyyyyyy away from Council stuff, when he should get involved, because their antics are killing him.

He'll win another term, but his margin, and perhaps control of the council, have been compromised by the incomptent presidency of Monroe Gray and antics of folks like King Ro, Ron Gibson and the council's lawyer.

They aren't technically the "Carson Machine." But they are a loose collection of folks that Miss Carson could have politically decapitated with the flick of an eyelash if she wanted. And she apparently doesn't want.

Her name is invoked whenever there's a true political struggle.

So, make of that what you will. It's true.

Jen TDW -Mayor @ss kisser

Was that supposed to mean something, 7:20, or did you just drool on your keyboard and press "Post"?

"socialist—there are extremely few actual socialists in the united states. europe is a different story."

Must not be a reader of TDW!!!!

I don't see how "Sweet Pea" is racist. The guy was caught at a Pea Shakes house, but was getting a car washed. Yea, right.

For proof of the Carson Machine (aka: Ghetto Mafia), look no further than TDW, the Democrat party blog. You will never see one comment decrying the corruption of black Democrats on this blog (white democrats either). One can only assume this blog and those responsible for it fully support government corruption, so long as those involved are Democrats. This doesn't even take into account the fact that if Carson was just another politician with very little power, how is it that her unknown grandson comes out of some unknown police job and gets a seat on the CCC? I guess his last name had _nothing_ to do with that? What qualifications does he have in terms of education, budgets, etc.? If you want proof of the Carson machine, look no futher than the fact that her grandson gets a seat on the CCC. Anyone can see this, except maybe the blind St. Allio.

Speaking of all these things, it's sad to see Gary Welsh slipping into that kind of writing. I really hope he's just wound up because of the election season because some of his postings lately have appeared borderline racist.

Most disturbing was his insistence that Mayor Peterson was solely responsible for the problems at the Phoenix (nee Meadows). In the same bizarre rant, he complained about how the Center Township Trustee hasn't served the residents there. Naturally the Center Township Trustee would have no reason to provide poor relief to people in Washington Township, as the Phoenix is.

And on a cheerier, more upbeat note..
Yard signs are in! If anyone would like one or a dozen to spread around the neighborhoods, feel free to drop me a line at michaelhegg@sbcglobal.net ..and I will deliver them! They're pretty popular in Brightwood and other Center twp neighborhoods, as well as Warren and Lawrence..Franklin..Perry and Decatur. 2 have been seen to have sprouted up in Wayne..and it and Pike/Washington are next.

Respectfully (and cheekily) :)

Michael Hegg
(R) At-Large, City County Council candidate


Wow, you guys are really something else.

If you disagree with the Mayor or Monroe Gray or Julia Carson, do it without the racial overtones.

It's not that hard, really.

(I thought it was odd that Gary screwed up the Meadows thing; he's a smart guy, but he gets a little fixated this close to an election.)

All this "corruption", yet no indictments by a Republican prosecutor? Hmmmm, I guess the GOP is in on it too.

Or, could it be these stories are just that, stories, fabricated by a few wingnuts and disgruntled police officers.

As far as Carson's being qualified for CCC, if what you say is true (and I doubt it is), how does the situation change for your candidate for mayor? As far as I can tell, he has little, in any, grasp of how local government, taxes, or campaigns work.

Perhaps you shouldn't chuck stones from your glass house.

They can't help themselves, Chris.

In a political climate like this one, if they win nothing, they lose everything.

"there are extremely few actual socialists in the united states."

Oh my God; surely you can't be serious.

All of the Democratic posters here are Socialists, and so are many in the Republican Party.

Tragically ironic is that we have Socialists running around in the GOP calling themselves "CONSERVATIVES!"

"Socialist" has a bad connotation, and so many run from the label, while "Conservative" has a warm, comforting, down-home feeling to it, so many Republicans gladly don that label. So many in both parties are Socialists, and they get worse, every year.

Unfortunately, the two parties are moving leftward, quite rapidly, to the point that Humphrey could now run as a Conservative Republican, and Kennedy would be hated on college campuses. The GOP lags the Democrats in the slide to tyranny, but the compromise position tacks leftward, every year.

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. From that moment on the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy followed by a dictatorship.”

Alexander Fraser Tyler,’The Decline and Fall of the Athenian Republic’

Today, people are so dumb, so unenlightened, so uneducated, so selfish and so vain that they do not care about the country; they care only of themselves. Whenever one of you says "I wish the government would provide x," you're really saying "I hate America, and I'm working vigorously for its destruction."

This generation is dangerously stupid, bereft of historical perspective and true love of country. The ideas you have are inimical to a free state.

I'm right, and you're wrong, and until you admit that and quit your plans, you will continue to drive this country to destruction.

Let it never be said that I didn't warn you. It will be said that you didn't care.

I always find it interesting when conservatives make posts relating to history that demonstrate that they, in fact, no nothing of history.

Publius, I'm talking to you.

I'm not sure who Alexander Fraser Tyler was, but he didn't know much about Athens, apparently. The decline of Athenian democracy had, well, everything to do with being *conquered by Sparta* in the friggin' *Peloponnesian War*. There is a book by that title that you might find interesting, written by a Mr. Thucydides who, apparently unlike Mr. Tyler, actually participated in the war. A war which was, incidentally, chosen by the voters.

I'm not sure what Tyler's going on about with his bread and circuses routine - Athenian citizens didn't vote themselves money from the public treasury. There was a celebrated occasion where they voted money from recently discovered silver mines to be used to build up a navy - but I don't think that's what Mr. Tyler is thinking of.

Now you might look at Sparta - you know, the city that defeated Athens in the P. War. They had some very socialist ideals - like when Spartan citizens reached the age of majority, the state gave them a slave to use to plow their fields (although all slaves were owned by the state, a very literal case of the state owning the means of production.) Spartans were also largely raised in barracks and had a substantial military obligation to fulfill.

Aha. Google reveals that Mr. Tyler was born in 1814; I think that means we can take his prediction that democracies "always" collapse over loose fiscal policy followed by dictatorship with a grain of salt.

And seriously Publius, it's much better to understand something about history before loudly proclaiming that everyone else is "uneducated" and "bereft of historical perspective". Rhetorically it just works better.

That's a pretty hairy scenario. Sounds like someone needs to shave their publius......

"If you disagree with the Mayor or Monroe Gray or Julia Carson, do it without the racial overtones."

The problem is that race has everything too do with it! The only reason some folks still have political standing is because of the color of their skin.

"All this "corruption", yet no indictments by a Republican prosecutor? Hmmmm, I guess the GOP is in on it too.

Or, could it be these stories are just that, stories, fabricated by a few wingnuts and disgruntled police officers."

Wow. A judge finds Monroe Gray guilty and says he owes money for work his company screwed up. This was work that was paid for via city/county money. Granted it wasn't a check wrote out from the city/county, but he did this work knowing that whoever paid him was getting paid by the city/county. He has admitted to as much. To me that is corruption. It may not be criminal, but it is corruption none the less. I have heard a few Democrats on here moan about how public service shouldn't make one rich. Seems they only hold that view if the public servant getting rich is a Republican. Typical.

"As far as Carson's being qualified for CCC, if what you say is true (and I doubt it is), how does the situation change for your candidate for mayor?"

Sorry, he is not my candidate for mayor. Even if he was, that still changes nothing. The simple fact is that Carson road in on the coattails of his grandmother's influence. Maybe Carson will do a great job, I dunno. Looking at his background (what has been put out by the press/blogs), I just don't see how he was the pinnacle candidate for the office.

"I think that means we can take his prediction that democracies "always" collapse..."

We can only hope!

I first met André Carson when he was helping a political campaign in 1984 - he's no newcomer to politics and government. He has a Masters degree in Business Management - sounds like good education for helping run a giant organization like City-County government. Others ran but André got 70% of the vote. He owns his home, has a working educated good-looking wife, an adorable baby and a little yappy pet dog. What's not to like?

Peter, you're presently a stupid and dangerous man. You're nothing but a dilettante of History, of casual familiarity with Classics, unschooled in œconomics and so selfish that you're willing to kill your country by eating it alive.

As Liberals are uncharitable and selfish, this is difficult, but if there is any love of country left within you, realize that we must look at the country, now, and not at your immature desire to be a strutting peacock. Put away your spending and stealing, and think of your country.

When you become a true American, you will hate your former self.

Sweet Pea is appropriate for the city-council scofflaw who visits illegal gambling establishments....and somehow shows up on illegal drug raids of dealers armed with hi-power firearms!!!

Bart Lies! -Does he speak any truth? It's not policy disagreements when we start listing his Peterson Plan's broken promises!!!!!!!!!!!

Detroit is a city destroyed by The Democrat Machine...nothing racist about it. Funny, the thriving metropolis in its surrounding counties seems to have!

Gary, Indiana: a city destroyed by The Democrat Machine & (until creation of "South Gary" (formerly Indianapolis) "murder capital of America." Also, this is a city destroyed by The Democrat Machine!!! The surrounding areas are doing well...Crown Point & Merrillville!

So move to Martinsville! The drive to your Klavern meetings will be shorter...

This is so freakin' funny.

Everybody here, including me, has no more than a superficial understanding of history. The arguments back and forth sound like dueling Wikipedia-ists.

All politicians lie. All people lie. All. Sometime in their life. Bart Lies is just taking reality to an extreme, for effect. Just like St. Allio's "daffy definitions". Grain of truth, not fact. Get over it.

There is also enough racism around Indianapolis to around. Whether one is white, black, Asiatic, Hispanic or something else. Those who blame it all on whites are disingenuous, at the very least.

Pea shake houses. The single most publicly noted form of illegal gambling in Indianapolis. There are others, and they're not run by blacks.

Socialism. Just name calling. Indiana's own, Eugene Debs, would likely not believe that most Hoosier Democrats were "socialist".

I think most people know where I stand on the several political personalities mentioned here, so I'll stay out of that, except for one question.

Wilson, at what university/college did André Carson earn his Master's degree? "(S)ounds like a good education" does not necessarily equate to "has" a good education.

There is "something" of a machine around here. It seems to be pretty convoluted and I'm simply not "in the know" enough to lay out details. But, claiming that nothing exists is very naive, or something less palatable.

And the worst excuse yet? "Well, THEY did it!" Very nice.

Now, it's your turn to flame me back. Enjoy.

\"So move to Martinsville! The drive to your Klavern meetings will be shorter...\"

No need to move that far away. All one has to do to escape the cesspool of Marion Co. is jump one of the four county lines.

\"Wilson, at what university/college did André Carson earn his Master\'s degree? \"(S)ounds like a good education\" does not necessarily equate to \"has\" a good education.\"

I wondered myself where this Master\'s degree is from. Is it from real school, or one of those on-line degree mills?

Disagreeing or criticizing a black person, politico or not, isn't racism. I wish some people would read that memo. Calling Indy "Detroit" isn't racist...it's not really correct though, either. I've lived in Detroit, and I'll tell you that Indy has a looong way to go. Ditto for Gary.

Calling someone a member of the KKK every time they criticize a black person isn't racist either. But it is pretty lame.

Carson's masters degree is from the locally prominent Indiana Wesleyan University.

Thanks, that's good to know. Now, I just have to make the effort to meet Mr. Carson in person sometime. Can't tell anything about him, personally, from blogs.

Here are some more terms for you:

Indianapolis - The city that formerly encompassed most of Marion County, now contained almost exclusively in its downtown Township

Old School - The managerial quality that exempts a City Councilman from having to provide any documentation that might show what work he actually performs in exchange for an $80,000 firefighter's salary.

Racism - Obviously the sole motivation behind anyone who dares dissent from the Marion County Democratic party

About one murder a day - Airtight proof that current public safety measures are clearly working.

Conflict of Interest - In days of antiquity, this would prevent governmental officials from approving deals that personally enriched them. This is now seen as a quaint relic of days of yore.

Budget cutting - Lowering the cost of living increase to the salaries of the multiple deputy mayors.

Accountability - The ability to deflect all blame for a city's problems completely on the party that has been out of power for nearly a decade.

Partisan Hack - The physical inability to ever admit that the party they support has made serious mistakes.

I've lived in Detroit also and found it to be a vibrant city which on any given day or night has about 1,000 more things to do than Indy does in a week. They also believe in referendum; as corrupt as Coleman Young was it took him years to get Joe Louis Arena built because the voters kept turning it down. Even then, they did not implode Cobo Hall for a parking lot, it is still operating and making money.
What AI and others keep refering to is the "white flight" that occured in the 60's. They are correct that a smallish town like Indy would not survive it nearly as well. But I reject the statemtent that "no one lives in Detroit". 2000 census shows that Detroit had 951,270 citizens v ndianapolis' 781,870.
I know that one of the things Detroiters would find laughable about Indy is the premise put forth by AI and IndyU that somehow a change in mayors will magically solve all crime and murders would happen no more as we all sing Kumbaya while walking Indy's golden paved streets. Huge disconnect there.

"He owns his home, has a working educated good-looking wife, an adorable baby and a little yappy pet dog. What's not to like?"

Wilson, buddy - How Biden-esque do you sound?

And TDW - I have never ever ever been scared of a little self-promotion.

WHAT! If you can't agree with it, then it must be racist. That's a bunch of crap, written by a person that sees the boogie man behind every tree. It gets somewhat old when the race card is played to get away with something, or to make a lame excuse for someone's actions or lack of words. I realize there are racist, but not behind every rock as you seem to believe.

Hey, where is Todd Rokita when we mention racists? He should be at the top of the list.

A better product would serve you well, PoliticallyHoodwinked.

Not every race-related comment is racist, WABOC, but when you start referring to groups as the "ghetto mafia," you've probably crossed a line or two.

" when you start referring to groups as the "ghetto mafia," you've probably crossed a line or two."

It's a bit strained for you to be mining for anti-Semitism in this discussion.

Jen long time reader here, life long Democrat, but I got to tell you I am very concerned with the party right now. I am mostly concerned with the leadership of Monroe Gray, it seems very unethical to cast the deciding vote on wether or not an ethics investigation should look into his well documented buisness enterprises. My question to you Jen is direct as I value your opinion on things greatly, do you personally support Gray and if so, why should I?

Welcome back, Leftytroll. I've missed you.

Did you really think I was going to fall for that, "Disgruntled Cop" (10:11)? Still, I commend you for trying.

So, Jen, I take it by your answer that you don't think that it's a problem that Monroe Gray cast the deciding vote against an ethics investigation into his own businesses?

While we're on the topic, do you find it a little disquieting that no one in the IFD can produce any paper evidence that Mr. Gray actually performs any actual work for them?

While you can make a good argument in regards to Peterson v. Ballard, being completely uncriticial of Monroe Gray strikes me as rather unwise of an evasion on your part.

Everything I wrote was true Jen, I really did want your opinon. I've always voted Democrat in the past I voted for Peterson both times and Anderson once. Neither of those gentlemen will be getting my vote this time, but the council is whole nother animal, I live in Gray's district, a lot of people really like him here, but I just can't get past the ethics stuff, everything in the media and blogosphere is negative against the guy, so again I ask why should he get my vote?


I'm not an objective reporter of fact; I'm a partisan blogger who gets to pick and choose the stories I post.

If you want to read rants ad nauseum about Monroe Gray, you know where to find 'em.

The questions you are getting here aren't "rants", Jen. They are legitimate questions. Simply being a partisan isn't a good enough reason to avoid answering a legitimate question. In this case, is it such a good idea for the Marion County Democrats to give Monroe Gray such a free pass concerning some potentially questionable behavior.

Isn't asking questions about elected officials' conduct a key component of a Democratic society (a legitimate argument invoked during debates about Iraq). Or is the key to a Democratic society that it be completely..well..Democratic?

Suggestions are welcome TDW.

I get the idea that because I am an IMPD officer I am automatically labled an "IndyU Nutjob" I asked you because you are a partisan blogger, not inspite of it. I figured if there was any positive spin on Gray I would get it here, I know where I can read the negative stuff. If you can't help no problem, I was just looking for information on the guy,and before you tell me to ask him instead of you, I have sent him several emails asking his opinion on things and haven't recieved any replies.



Get a niche, PoliticallyHoodwinked. Your stuff is just more of the same national stuff that's written on thousands of blogs each day.

I brought up your former handle, Disgruntled Cop, because you were trying to play it off like you were just some innocent political bystander. You selected the name, not me.

I choose what I post. You choose to read it.

And in 28 days, my occasional dabbling in the local stuff will cease because it won't provoke the number of comments it currently does.

Besides, there will be plenty of the State stuff to gnaw on until November, 2008, yes?

Bien sur.

Nope, 11:20. Not gonna fly here.

Disgruntled cop, hope you're off the clock.

Just a suggestion to any single cops reading this who usually read/post on IndyU: if you're hitting on a girl at a party, don't go on and on about how much cops dislike the mayor. Seriously, it's a turn off when you're just trying to have a good time (and a true story). You'd be surprised who reads these blogs--I already know how many of you feel about the situation and it's the last thing I want to talk about in a first conversation after a couple drinks. OK, that's all I'll say about that.

The really easy test of how racist Indianapolis is: read the Indy Star forums. Some of the commenters at IndyU have been shamed into curbing their tongues on that site, but on the IndyStar pages, chaos reigns.

a lot of those comments are coming from the burbs, tho

This was a comment posted on even Abdul's Blog : ..."I hate to say it but the majority of black voters shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a polling place."...

It's getting real bad out there!!!

Racist may be an understatement. There's a very vocal segment of the Hoosier population that would probably evict most of us in their effort to promote their conservative agenda. Seriously, how many of us would be left here if we all had to be weekly church-going, never-divorced, married forever, white of western European descent (we might let the italians and irish stay this time), heterosexual, two kids and a dog folks, with God Bless America plates on our cars?

Get real, you two. Racism is by no means confined to Caucasians, stupid or otherwise. If you believe otherwise, you are either incredibly blinkered, or worse.

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