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When At First You Don't Succeed: Will Sodrel Be Back For Round Four?

MustacheSpeaking of Clark County, it looks like good ol' Millionaire Mike Sodrel will be stating his 2008 intentions for the record at a press event tomorrow afternoon. From the announcement sent to supporters:

Mike Sodrel Will Announce His Decision

When: 3:30pm on Tuesday, October 9th

Where: Calumet Club
1614 E. Spring Street
New Albany, IN

Please join us,

David Buskill
Chairman, Clark County Republican Party

Sodrel finds himself in something of a poo-or-get-off-the-pot situation. He's already said he won't run again unless the presidential race gives him a leg up (because he knows he can't win any other way), but if he waits too much longer, the national Republicans will move on to greener pastures -- and take their big money with them.

This, however, will only be news if Sodrel decides not to run again, since he's been making the Lincoln Day rounds for the past few months. What remains to be seen is whether the folks in D.C. think Round Four is worth their time -- or whether they take a pass after looking at Dubya and the Guv's numbers here.


You know how you get ready to buy a new car, and suddenly you see that particular car everywhere?

It seems to me there were a ton of Sodrel trucks around indy prior to the election. I'd see at least 1 per day. After the election, I'd see them maybe once a week, then down to once a month.

Maybe it's just that I didn't notice anymore. Just seems strange. I just saw one on Friday. It was the first one I'd seen in a couple months.

He's got the money and he's got the time. Maybe he really enjoyed slinging all that slime.

Sodrel's campaigns are dispicable and he needs to stop running. I worked the polls last year and had someone YELL at me because of how dirty the campaign was, and I was at a polling place in INDY. I had zero to do with the campaign and I wasn't even in Sodrel's district and I still was yelled at, that's how much people hate these campaigns!

Mike Sodrel's trucks are everywhere because his company got cushy mail contract from USPS. Go figure.

Baron Hill works the district hard, and the president's numbers are at historical lows in that district (under 30%). So much so that they really can't get any worse, and there's not enough time to get them respectable by Nov. 08.

Yeah, I know, Bush isn't on the ballot. But his name is a convenient whipping boy, and when you have one candidate who's pretty much opposed his policies, and another one who had self-professed love for them, well, you get the picture.

This, too, shall pass. If Sodrel gets in he'll regret it.

Neiter Rain must be lost in the storm. Ther was little truth in most of what you said. Nice try at simply being a mad liberal. You guys want to harp about the war. Your Baron is the only Congressman to have voted for it from the 9th. But then he confessed later he was to stupid to read the facts himself and because of he failure to know facts was lied to. Just what we need a Congressman that can not read the facts and make his own decision. Or maybe he had the same facts they were looking at. Lies I have to believe that in Websters Baron Hill has to be used as an example.

A 4th time? People have to be getting sick of Mike.

The national climate will be horrible for Mike. Bush did awesome in 2004 and Mike only won by 1,100 votes. I can't see the climate for Republicans getting any better. Baron by 5%

Was that a comment or a run-on thought, 12:15?

I don't think Sodrel sees a peach running for president as a Republican, but he's probably banking on a strong anti-Hillary sentiment in his district.

That might not be a bad bet.

It might not be a bad bet, 1:19, but as 1:01 pointed out, Dubya killed in the Ninth District in 2004, and Sodrel barely eked out a win.

So, with a strong Republican on the ticket, Sodrel did okay. With a weak Republican, I don't think I'd take those odds.

*reading 12:15 over and over again trying to make sense of it*

nope, still nothing.

If the GOP nominates Rudy Giuliani and the Dems nominate Hillary, I see that as a wash. Both won't do very well in the 9th...especially with the Christain Right already slamming Rudy. I think Baron won by almsot 10,000 votes in 2002 and 2006...and with a weak GOP Presidential nominee in 2008, I see no reason why he won't win by that margin again.

My Man Mitch also isn't very popular down south. That won't be helping Mike much either. And you can't forget about Glen Murphy Jr. He was a staple on Mike's last campaign. What will they do (blow) without him?

Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head.

Who says Baron will be the opponent. I keep seeing a positive run for Governor for him. He has what it takes to win, our other candidates are weak at best.


What exactly did Mike Sodrel do when he was in office that even remotely qualifies him to hold office again. His entire platform revolves around hate -- non-Christians, homosexuals, immigrants, poor people, sick people, disadvantaged people..... The guy should get behind the wheel of his semi and start driving and never turn around. I would be embarrassed as a Hoosier if he had even the slightest, most remote chance of ever holding any type of public office ever again

He also shut down his district offices several weeks early after he lost.

Did he ever actually concede the outcome of the race?

12:15 probably discovered some radical rag put out by a biased press and believed everything s/he read. Probably the first thing read in months so they're now annointed to spew the truth as they see it.

If Millionaire Mike wants another go-round, then bring it on. Baron's voting record is so irritatingly centrist that the only place for the Mustachioed Millionaire to run is way off in wingnut territory (far, far right).

Plus, Sodrel's habit of claiming voter fraud every time someone votes against him is getting old, especially in Monroe County. Both the R's and the D's stood up to him last time.

Let's see, Millionaire Mike has his million dollars, his bucket of slime, and maybe he can get Glen Murphy to be his campaign manager. Sounds like a perfect combo! Oh wait, who's going to come into the district for him now that the "Bushies" are so unpopular? Who's going to help him this time? Cover your ears and hide the children-Sodrel is going to try to win any way he can.

I don't think I can take another round of $odrel. Who will help $odrel raise money? Will $odrel dump more of his millions into the race?

Closing down district offices -- has anyone checked the dates Baron closed down his. I think the public records speak on that. Baron can not talk about that one.

Concede -- Mike never challenged the last race. He just did not call and congratulate Baron. This is not basketball, why would you call and concede. That would be fake, you sure would not say congratulation. You dont want him to be successful in rasiing taxes, killing jobs, driving his liberal agenda. That is the difference in believing in something or needing a job.

Challenge -- Now lets see who challenged an election that cost the taxpayers of Inaiana almost a quarter million dollars. He just could not believe the voters of Southern Indiana sent him back to his home in Virginia so he could work for a lobbying firm. But please remember he was not a lobbyist.

Isn't hard to promote Millionaire Jim Schellinger and then bad mouth Millionare Mike Sodrel. Is it a sin to be successful in America?


Is it a sin to learn how to type?

Will Sodrel bring in Larry Craig and
Mark Foley to Southern Indiana as his
fund raising speakers?

If you cannot spell Indiana, how can we take you seriously? PROOFREAD! You are a typical Sodrel supporter.

7:00 PM: First of all, Baron never closed his offices 2 months early as Sodrel did so Baron can't talk to that.
Secondly, I didn't know conceding was part of basketball. I always thought whoever had the highest score won.
Thirdly, Baron never raised taxes or killed jobs. All you conservatives do is cry "liberal." Did you ever stop to think (you know, turn off Rush) that some of us liberals love the name.
Fourth, "home" is in DC (not Virginia)and it is a 300 sq. ft. efficiency.
Fifth, I suppose you are going to prove he was a registered lobbyist? There are laws about that you know. But I guess I am asking too much of someone who can't even spell Indiana.

"Is it a sin to be successful in America?"

No but trying to depict yourself as some kind of self-made super businesssman who pulled himself up from the bootstraps and created a transportation empire while denigrating the government as bloated and wasteful when in reality the company has been around for several generations feeding off the government by hauling the mail -- thats a sin. The Free Enterprise System even has the following quote:

"Since 1976, The Free Enterprise System Inc. has been providing unparalleled transportation service to customers across North America. The Free Enterprise System is owned by the Sodrel Family; leaders in the transportation industry for more than
four generations."

I guess those other three generations of the Sodrel clan must not have done a damn thing since he seems to tout himself as the master creator of this empire.

I also noticed that they feature a Jane Fonda movie as entertainment on their wonderful bus rides -- can they really be promoting Hanoi Jane to their holier than thou customers. Also makes me wonder if they are paying to show these movies on their trips.

i apologize for the continued double posts...i swear i only click the POST button once. Please don't think that I am just some ignorant Sodrel supporting conservative who can't figure out the technology.

I can't figure out why only your comments do that, either. No worries.

Baron didn't close his offices down early. $odrel was a sore loser and shut all of his offices down weeks early. What were his constituents supposed to do? They aren't millionaires like $odrel.

If anyone is pleased with Sodrel or Hill, then they're too easily satisfied...

Baron did close down his offices early. In fact the utility bills, moving records and even some notices prove that. In fact the huge salaries lumped at the end are interesting.

It is also interesting to see that Mike Sodrel had his offices closed after the date set by Nancy Pelosi in her memo. Since Baron is doing his own postings on here we should start to get more answers now.

I assume it is Baron or Betty. Unless the writer has been to Baron's 300 sq. ft. efficiency cause it certainly does not sound big enough for entertaining. Now we know where Mark Foley was hanging out.

Public records certainly do not show Barons home as a 300 square ft. pad. I think we are trying to cover the truth.

The only one that gets offended by being called a "liberal" is you "liberals". It is funny cause you sure get nervous when you get tagged that. I have never seen a "conservative" get that irritated over the use of that word.

I'm proud to be a liberal.

And it sounds like some of Sodrel's staffers should be spending more time preparing for today's "big" announcement and less time trolling my blog.

I am proud to hear you say that, honestly. I have a lot of respect for people of either party when they stand for something and mean it. That is a problem with politics today. Cant find enough candidates on either side who are clearly defineable. They want to be what ever they have to be to get elected.

Dear 7:45 AM
Since you are so into checking records you should know how easy it is to check square footage.
You hang out much with Foley? Or are you Foley? See how silly you sound?

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