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Another Rookie Blunder: Ballard Reports Late $$$ Late, Could Face Fine

Hourglass Late money is better than no money, but it's always best to report it in a timely fashion:

"The good news for Republican mayoral candidate Greg Ballard is that the state Republican Party has given him $30,000.

"The bad news is that his campaign failed to file the campaign finance report by Thursday as required by law.

"Candy Marendt, Ballard campaign treasurer, said that in the rush to get that and a $2,500 contribution Ballard received Tuesday in the bank, the campaign accidentally failed to follow its usual routine.

"She filed the forms late Friday. Campaigns must report contributions of more than $1,000 within 48 hours of receipt. The fine: up to $50 for each late report.

"Ballard also received an in-kind contribution of $25,000 from the state party. That was reported on time."

Either way, maybe this will quell criticism from the fringe types that the state GOP doesn't care about their guy. That schtick was getting real old, real fast.

In other news, just in case you've been living under a rock, the local mayoral race is likely to be a referendum on taxes between an experienced leader who's taken on several issues during tough times and a guy who's trying to fix a paper jam at the printer so he can finally get a copy of the city budget to review.

Also from the Living Under A Rock Department, both parties are focused on winning a few Council seats in order to take/retain control of that legislative body.


It's an old Hoosier saying that if you dont vote, dont complain about what you get. Four years ago Greg Ballard stayed home Election Day and skipped out on voting for Mayor or City Council. Now he's all hot and bothered about the way the city is going? He had his chance to make his voice heard but he couldn't be bothered to cast his ballot...

Why didn't he exercise his civic duty four years ago and vote?

And this late-brekaing news flash from Indiana's largest newspaper:

In today's paper, a rundown on competitive Council races.

Common, Mr. Mary Milz--why not wait until Tuesday to publish it?

What a complete bunch of losers our media is. The real story is the council control, and you'd think it wasn't even on the ballot by the coverage given to it. Anywhere.

So much for an informed electorate, huh?

God love Channel 16.

I know we junkies pay way more attention to this stuff than ordinary people, but I'd have liked to see them run the Council story tomorrow, so more readers would see it.

Hmmf - stupid Star .... you'd think they'd have run the DST story this morning on the front page. You know, remind people to reset their clocks before they go to bed tonight. Nothing's changed. Indystar - a day late and a dollar short!

"Either way, maybe this will quell criticism from the fringe types that the state GOP doesn't care about their guy. That schtick was getting real old, real fast."

So they give him some money a few days before the election and that means they are behind him 100%? Give me a break. It was obvious to me and many others, Republicans really don't care too much about Marion Co./Indy. They have a pro-business mayor who hands out tax money or incentives to business owners, so it is not like they are hurting.

In the end, your best bet to escape the taxation and crime issues of Marion Co. is to move out. Easier said than done for those who blew their money junk rather than pay down their mortgage or save.

I don't care who wins the mayor's race, doesn't affect me. With all the corruption that has come to light, any future "regional" taxes for the benefit of Indy are pretty much DOA.

Eric Dickerson's "Sorest Losers of 2006" were also screaming about being shortchanged by the rich Republicans but interestingly I noticed Eric hasn't kicked in any money to Ballard's campaign. Why does Dickerson hate "real Republicans" ?

Wilson, how come you're not out knocking on doors instead of lurking about here? You're not going to be changing anybody's mind here, and it would do a couple of candidates a lot more good if you were out hitting the bricks. I know André is running unopposed, but not all county Democrats are. What gives?

At 66, my legs aren't as spry as they used to be. I did go to the Center and Wayne Township Rallies to take pictures but I'm home now printing out some more Election Day handouts...

When I got back home there was a nice "door-hanger" awaiting me urging me to VOTE DEMOCRATIC and a mailer from Brian Mahern for Council.

I'm just gonna say it: Bart has pissed me off more than once in my tenure as a Hoosier. It started when he let Union Station die, continued through the entire Stadium process, and I honestly don't think Bart should ever evah purport himself to be anything other than the business-savvy rich dude he is. Blech.

I would have liked to see Ballard get his money from the MCRCC before the final hour, and I would have liked to see his campaign run well above the board in every aspect, but that is not what I got. He seems to take too many of his cues from the "it is easier to seek forgiveness than permission" faction of his grass-roots freakin' backers. Blech.

This time, I'm just gonna go with the Devil I know.

3 more days.

the reason ballards report was late is no surprise if a marendt was involved i am sure it was screwed up.. after all she should know better she once served on the election board..must be her hubby's influence

candy got the looks
her sister marilyn got the brains

And their brother got?

Word on the Street:

Union Station is not dead. The mayor did not "let it die." He tried several concepts, some were successful and some failed (I personally like the go-karts). It is almost 100% full now and is no longer costing the city millions like under Goldsmith. It is mostly filled with paying tenants, primarily RW Armstrong and A2SO4. Too bad also that El Sol failed, they had the best margaritas in town.

One thing that I haven't heard anyone talking about is the impact of national politics on this race - the fact that we're in a horrible war, have a failed President who is doing nothing for cities (in the US), and a national credit crunch. Consumer confidence is very low. That to me affects the right track/wrong track numbers for Indy and hurts the Mayor.

Not that you care about any facts, but Candy Marendt was not the one that failed to file the report.

If you check the record there were several reports filed that same day. The problem was that the Ballard staffers didn't send the check to her to report. They just deposited it.

Too bad she isn't pretty and clairvoyant.

Will these be the same said staffers that work for him if (God help us) the guy actually becomes mayor?

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