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Apropos Of Nothing: Don't Look Now, But The Sky May Be Falling

Snow1_2Three flakes of snow just drifted past TDW's window.

Call out the live truck.

It's that time of year again.


Dontcha hate it when they go all ape-s--- with just a little snow?

"Lookee here at my new radar!"

"Oh My your snowflakes are BIG"

"Ice can be slick"

I travel a lot for work, and believe me, it is a rarity elsewhere. I think they're caught in this insane mefirst thing, and they don't know how to extricate themselves. Maybe with 13's new manager-in-waiting, they'll change posture and stop whacking us over the head with this stuff.

Everyone knows the best weather forecaster is Grandmas Knee. Or, the wollyworms in September.

That wasn't three flakes Jen.
It was just Wilson passing by three times.


It indeed was what you saw and, yes, it is that time of year again. But don't fret because the good old Indiana weather can change on a dime. Yes here in Hoosier land we never know what the weather is going to be or what time it is :)

You don't know what time it is, pj? Why not? Lose your watch?

We're the same time as New York. It's simple. Get over it.

Petty cash, petty thoughts.

Just caught the news on Ch. 8 and the 'big story' about all the missing stuff from state agencies. If Shella checks this blog, I hope he passes this along to those sleuth reporter types who just ooze with 'juicy' details.

The first problem is record keeping. It's bad, not only in the various agencies, but in the Dept. of Admin or "DOA!"
Example: you turn in the required forms and inventory tag on an old pc or copier or even a vehicle, and indicate that it is to go to surplus. It is probably obsolete or doesn't work anyway anymore. Anyhow, the steps are completed, it gets picked up or sent out or whatever, and lo and behold, a year (or more) later, you are asked to review an inventory list for one reason or another, and there is that stupid item you thought you got rid of. It now seems to be 'missing.' What's missing is good paperwork or someone with half a brain to enter correct info into a database. Or someone willing to stay long enough to enter the info into the database before they give up and leave a hopeless, low-paying job.

Better yet are those out-of-the-blue memos demanding you turn over some obsolete surplus item immediately when you already DID. I know people who sent a vehicle to surplus, and when Adessa came to pick it up, claimed they couldn't find it. It was right where they were told it was because it didn't run!

Now another possibility is theft, but not necessarily by the people using the stuff or in the office or agency where it was. Things have changed for the better as far as the downtown cleaning crews; they actually clean and they don't smoke, eat in your cube or take your stuff. But 8, 10 years ago, there were problems with people who didn't do very well at removing dirt, but they sure did a good job removing 'things.' It got reported, and then things would be okay, until the new assignees to the floor started. Personal items came up missing, too, off desks, from inside desks etc. Stupid little stuff, including food from break areas.

And then there is the great tracking system used by the state. It sucks. More correctly, I should say the various attempts at asset inventory while following DOA's ever changing leaders, rules and systems.
But if you think that's bad, wait until Mr. Berry's comment about a new software system becomes reality. Oh yes, come the first of the year, there will be a 'new' system. The Auditor's office is going to go live with Peoplesoft. Let's see how many payments and paychecks and assets are 'lost' then. One by one the agencies are going or have gone to the system--or tried to. It doesn't work well, but they're going to use it anyway. You thought BMV was a disaster? You wait. Trouble is, the public may not see the ramifications right away. My advice is if you need anything from the Auditor's office anytime soon, you try and get it before January, or wait until the spring thaw...at the earliest.

Given the missing assets, most of which were probably junk, amounted to half a million, that is a very small amount when put up against the amounts of outsourcing, the sale of the toll road, and money spent on psuedo "Indiana" businesses. As for a missing tractor, it's possible it was stolen. It's also possible it's right where the last person who used it left it, but the friggin paperwork doesn't show it, so it must be lost or stolen. Let's not assume the majority of state employees are thieves any more than investigative reporters are nothing but paid gossips.

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