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Because He Said So: Do His Bidding Or Wind Up On Latrine Duty

Tent_2Hat tip to the kind reader who forwarded this story, which contains a somewhat entertaining mental image:

"Chamber members and local politicians offered the governor both praise and questions about details of his tax-relief package, and they asked whether it can pass in the state Legislature during the 2008 session.

"Daniels responded, 'You say we might run out of time. We will make more time. (Legislators) can bring their sleeping bags as far as I'm concerned, but I don't think that will be necessary.'"

Oh, but if it is?

"You, you and you are in charge of getting graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. We're going to build a big bonfire on the freshly planted Statehouse grass and read ghost stories until we figure this thing out. Because what could be more fun than an old-fashioned legislative sleepover with the Guv!"


Gov. Daniels seems much more like the "inside tent" sort of camper. He's already proven that he can spend weeks at a time hiding under his desk, so a bed sheet or two should set him up really well for the remainder of the session.

The Guv apparently has a real need to sleep with folks. Is this some Freudian issue he is dealing with or does he really think people like this?? Yuck. Stay out of Hoosier bedrooms - literally.

So why didn't they do that last year? Could it be that he let the debacle happen so he could blame schools and local government.

"Because what could be more fun than an old-fashioned legislative sleepover with the Guv!"

Ew! I'm going to tell my kids that so they don't become politicians.

Seriously, some of what NMMM says in that article makes sense. I'm a referendum proponant; in other states I have resided in, I've seen it offer Big Gov a reality check more than once, and not only that but citizens truly feel like part of the process so they're less likely to end up shrieking on the mayor's lawn before Mass starts ha ha.

Ask the poeple, they'll tell you.

Word, the last part of the post is not a real quote from Mitch.

Secondly, I think the Governor's plan, or some REAL FIX plan, has to pass this next session. Pat Bauer seems to think so to. (The link is in two parts because it is so long, so you have to combine the two lines yourself, sorry about that)


The legislative overnight sleepover thing has been done. Garton and O'Bannon (when he was Lt. Gov.)spent the entire night at the podium over some issue I can't recall. Staff was camped out sleeping everywhere. Seems like one of them had to finally go to the bathroom or something, they extracted a gentleman's agreement and we finally got to go home.

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