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Count 'Em Up: With All Votes In, Mansfield Wins Indy's Second District

VotingboothCongratulations to Indianapolis City-County Council member Angela Mansfield, who actually won her re-election bid on Tuesday but didn't find out the final results until today:

"Republican Bruce Schumacher actually lost to Democrat Angela Mansfield in Tuesday's Indianapolis City-County election, according to the latest tally of votes released today.

"Manfield got 3,900 votes in the District 2 race, while her rival received 3,591 votes, according to the Marion County Clerk's Office.

"The reversal of fortune for Schumacher would leave the GOP with 16 seats and give the Democrats 13.

"The results were based on votes that had gone uncounted Election Day after voting machine memory cards were inadvertently left untabulated."


Sorry, but this sounds fishy. They should recount -and- count the absentees and valid provisionals. Have they?

If it sounds fishy, it'll always be remembered as fishy. If I were Angela Mansfield, I would not want to have carry that legacy around. She should demand a recount. Then, anything sounding fishy would be put to rest.

Good job Beth White!


It'll be remembered as "fishy" only to those who always think fishy about everything! Every recount in the book wouldnt satisfy the whiners and doubters...

"Honi soit qui mal pense!"

There's no big whiner than you, Wilson.
How's that humble pie taste, by the way?

Personal attacks from an anonymous nobody hiding behind a fake name .. typical!

Whiny rants from a loser.
Gosh, it's fun to play with you, Cyber Toy.

Yeh TDW, but remember the havoc we caused with just a one person majority.

"inadvertently left untabulated"

Ooops!! a 7% swing from what was reported the other night is pretty large. According to the Clerk's office, there are about 7,000 total votes in that race. A 500 vote swing from one M-100 card seems pretty big and definitely sounds a bit fishy.

I love a good conspiracy theory, but I'm going to have to go with "not the least bit fishy" on this one.

Looking at the district, Mansfield's reported loss on Tuesday was confusing to say the least.

By the way, there's still an uncounted precinct in Perry Township. It'll come back strongly Republican most likely...

Good Job Ms. Mansfield!

The offending precinct was Pike 13, one of the county's largest...almost 900 total votes cast.

So yeah, 7:37, a 500-vote swing, or more, is likely or possible if the precinct is as large as Pike 13.

Try to think before you type. Or at least look some things up. There isn't a boogey man behind every tree.

And these errors are made by inspectors who've already put in 14 hour days by the time tabulations are begun. I'm told there are typically several of these kinds of errors, and it gets caught by the canvas board a few days later, and we don't oftne know it, because rarely does it make this much of a difference.

Just curious here, but there were a total of 7,491 votes in that race. There are 42 precincts in that council district. That would be an average of 178 votes a precinct. Now I know this is just a standard mathematical average, but isn't an almost 900 vote total precinct a bit of an anomaly?

The precinct boundaries were last drawn in 1992 - since then, large apartment complexes have been built in formerly rural precincts. This accounts for some of the newly-giant precincts...

There's a precinct in Perry Township that has more than 5,000 voters in it.

Law 6 has 3000 voters.

I have a precinct with less than 100 registered voters......there is a great variance in the size of precincts in the county......if anyone wants a recount, go file for one and pay the $50 a precinct for the recount.

Nobody on here better say nothin' bad 'bout Miss Angela! Laws no.

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