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Farmed Out: DOC Commish To Help Army Review Detainee Operations

Handcuffs According to this news release, everyone's favorite Department of Correction Commissioner, J. David Donahue, is going to take a month off to lend his professional "expertise" to the Army:

IDOC Commissioner Donahue to Assist the United States Army

Indianapolis, IN - (November 26, 2007) - Indiana Department of Correction, Commissioner J. David Donahue will assist the United States Army in a review of detainee operations during the month of December. Deputy Commissioner Bruce Lemmon will serve as Acting Commissioner during Donahue's absence.

The Army will tap Commissioner Donahue's extensive experience and knowledge in the field of corrections as it adopts best practices from the civilian corrections community to continually improve the way it conducts detainee operations. Governor Daniels received the Army's request last week, and approved Donahue's extended leave to assist in this project.

"It is a testament to the fine work being accomplished here in Indiana for Commissioner Donahue to be chosen to assist in this important project," said Governor Daniels.

Commissioner Donahue will be traveling overseas throughout the month of December, and will resume his duties as Commissioner upon his return in early January.

Could someone please translate this from Bureaucratospeak into plain English?


Is JDD as bad as Faulker and Debruyn. Yes yes and yes again. Are you kidding.

really look at this site...Debruyn, Faulkner....Everyone has short memories about our beloved Commissioners. Is JDD really as bad as those above?

What happened to the State Personel Code and promoting from within. Parole Agents and Superintendents no longer need to be college graduates? We are now on par with Mississippi. Good job commissioner and Mitch.

Poor Army

Chris Debruyn, Faulker, J David. They were all brought in from other states to fix DOC. The DOC can't be fixed. It is the nature of the beast. Corrections is too big, too complicated, too inconsistent, too difficult and minus a silver bullit to provide a fix/cure to thousands of dysfunctional and often dangerous offenders. The DOC CAN however be managed, can in some ways be effective and definitely serves the purpose of getting dangerous criminals off the streets. JDD has manged to make the Indiana DOC ineffective all the way around.

In order the manage the DOC you have to have someone at the helm that can lead with integrity, and has respect of others. Good managers, administrators and executive level folk are hard to find in corrections. But Indiana DOES have those who can think on their feet, have common sense, good judgement, are knowledgeable in corrections, will accept the demands , grueling hours, stress , and last but not least understand that security and safety are the number one priorities. JDD has not a clue how to lead or manage. His number one priority is promoting himself.
Mitch your best bet is to leave Bruce in charge. He sure will garner more respect than J David.

Perhaps with the grace of God, and enough good people from the state of Indiana, Mitch and his henchmen will be gone from the state after November 08 elections.

The DOC is in a sad shape, it will take years to recover from the damage which has occurred at the hands of J. David Donahue. The cost to the taxpayers will outweigh any savings which Donahue claimed during his administration after lawsuits, back pay to people who were fired, payoffs, etc. Not to speak of the human toil which ‘idiot’ Donahue has caused because of his mismanagement.

Perhaps the DOC can get back to business once he is gone. Personally I do not want to be part of the clean up committee. But, I do want someone with two brain cells to grab the reins and being to manage the IDOC with some common sense!

Donahue cut most facilities custody staff to the bone, then cut even more custody, lied and told them there were plenty people to run the facility. When in reality everyone is short! Not only is this unsafe for custody it is unsafe for the inmates and every other person working at the facility. I have talked to people I know and trust about riots, prisoners who are upset, scared, feel they have been mistreated, or who do not feel safe due to GANG ACTAVITY. When people feel threatened they are going to rebel, now you are seeing the outcome of fear in these people. Thank JDD for all of this, he is an idiot!

I for one hope the army enjoy him, chew him up for lunch and spit him out for supper. Then put him on letrain detail.

All JDD is doing is trying to line up his next employment opportunity. I hope he stays gone. Hopefully MMM and JDD will be gone after the next election...

Do we really care why we're all here...to protect the public. Jdd has tried to do the right thing. We all know that vision and direction is only as good as those directed....Aren't we all just pointing back at ourselves? At least there's been change. Between Gordon Faulkner (felon, who was on home detention with Julie VonArx, Chris Debruyn and his DUI's, we've not had the most sterling of characters directing us. Can't we all just hang on to what's right....do the right thing.

Bad Boy - give it a rest. Bruce has 30 years correctional experience. He's held just about evey job in IDOC. He knows what he's doing

11/28 5:20 I couldn't agree with you more about the abundance of public relations officers in the DOC. During the prior administration, I was a PIO, along with my appointed position. I would venture to say that the PIO part of my job took up...oh... about 2% of my time. In comes JDD and now there is a full time PIO at that facility as well as almost all facilities. What a waste.

Taxpayers...this is what your hard earned money is going for...full time positions where 98% of their job is just making JDD look good. Granted, making a complete idiot look good can be a full time job, but should we be paying for that?

Bruce Lemmen has a B.A. degree in Recreation and Dance from Indiana State University. That about says it all. Although there is always "Dancing with the stars" when Bruce gets fired.

so...cunegin started....has anyone noticed? Dan Ronay would have been a far better choice. wonder why Jdd didn't take Dan along with him for protection

I've been sparring with rsm and wr for quite awhile on the other thread. 1 its fun 2 I don't like to leave their posts unchallenged, as I'm sure they don't want to leave ours either.

like so many other us v them the doc folks have made up their minds re jdd. just in case some folks pop in from 'outside the wall' they need all sides of the picture.

Homefield dont feed into RSM. Thats all he wants. I agree things dont seem right. Lets hope JDD takes a leave for longer than a month. As for Bruce. I have always liked Bruce. I just didnt appreciate or expect his KNIFE in my back and my BOSSES back. Sad very sad, I thought better of Bruce. But were still employed cause we followed policy and followed it to a tee.

Do you honestly think it is a plum assignment to be selected to go overseas for the month of December? I suppose you would spin it as putting country first. Maybe that's true. I just got the impression that Mr. Donahue would want to spend Christmas with the family.

I don't claim to know the story, but I can sense when things don't quite seem right, and this is one of those times.

"Those of us in central office are thankful for this break! Hopefully one month will turn into two, and so on and so on and so on. I heard a rumor that the Governor told him to leave by the end of the year, he did some job searching, couldn't find anything, so he refused, and then the Gov suspended him, and this is a short term job that he found. Maybe the Army will want to hire him."

The use of unsubstantiated rumors, innuendo, character assasination and even outright lies is pathetic in this thread. But with the mouthpiece of the Indiana Democrats running this forum, it is to be expected.

I agree with 7:06.

I believe JDD was very eager to submit his resume (complete with his new CCE) offering himself for consulting...and even more eager to take anything, anyone, anywhere would offer.

Find it hard to beleive that the gov. fired JDD and he refused to leave. If the gov. tells him to leave he has no choice but to leave. He serves at the will of the gov. JDD has no rights. Most ceertainly can't refuse to leave.
The request to serve as a consultant for the feds is no big deal. Executive level correctional professionals all over the world are often solicited to submit their resume for some form of consulting. Usally people who express interest in such assigments are top level professionals who are trying to expand their resume, build their career, and gain exposure. I am sure JDD eagerly submitted his resume, was selected and turned it into a media event about how great and sought out he is throughout the country. The truth is the feds have a hard time finding people. Think about it. How many applications do you think were submitted to go overseas the month of December.

Those of us in central office are thankful for this break! Hopefully one month will turn into two, and so on and so on and so on. I heard a rumor that the Governor told him to leave by the end of the year, he did some job searching, couldn't find anything, so he refused, and then the Gov suspended him, and this is a short term job that he found. Maybe the Army will want to hire him.

Bruce isn't stupid. Bruce is a hard worker. Bruce is a million times better than JDD. But he is and always will be fire, aim, ready. It is just his nature. He can't help it. He will always be vain, anxious, gossipry and will fight to the death to survive. Have to give him credit. He is one tuff survivor. My opinion is that he is just trying to hang on long enough to retire. He has a handful of years to go. Not real interested in being forced into starting a new career. Can't blame him. Again, Bruce has his faults, as we all do. But, will take him as Commissioner any day over JDD. I think if Bruce had his way or was full time Commissioner he would seek out and bring back not all but some of the better employees that were pushed out.He would want them on his team.

11:16 AM
If my mother was anything like JDD, the whole family would have already have stabbed her!!

You know the only reason JDD finagled the invite is that he thought he could get his picture in the paper again. Doesn't anyone else find it strange that he needs a staff of public relations persons in Central Office and 1 or 2 in every facility? They spend all of their time covering up the truth and getting his picture in the paper...what an egomaniac. I am so glad I no longer have to come to work every morning and walk past 3-4 BIG pictures of him to get to my office. He is truly a legend in his own mind. A Corrections executive in Ky. could not believe that IN hired the idiot after they had fired him. The comment I really liked was, "I thought you guys in Indiana were smarter than that." I think Mitch was just trying to find someone his own size. They both suffer from "little man syndrome" to the max. Has anyone heard anything new about the settlement with Java? Hope she gets all she asks for...she earned it for putting up with his chasing her.

Nov 27 10:06 p.m.
It's in todays Star.

I've worked with Bruce in Central Office and he is fair and much smarter than he's being protrayed. Anyone that's lasted for the last 3 years has guts. Man, you folks would stab your mother.

Expect Donahue to leave shortly after the first of the year. Bruce is a nice, but poorly guided. This is his last hurrah and he will be retiring in December 2008. Plus, as we in DOC know, he is an intellectual light weight.

So, Mr. fire, ready ,aim Lemmon is in charge. He is not the most trustworthy soul; very impulsive, very vain, shoots from the hip, and is out for himself first and always. BUT, he is better than JDD. Good luck Bruce!I am so sorry that you have spit in the eye of those around you for your own gain. It could bite you in the butt during your rule as commissioner.

At least we will have 30 days away from this idiot

Translated to mean: Get the idiot out of town for a month before he causes any more lawsuits!!! Maybe he can find a new "main squeeze" while he is there since Mrs. J.D.D. got rid of most of the ones who were local. I wonder how the military will feel about his habit of throwing things at those who do not fall down at his feet to worship. He won't have 40 press agents to cover up his temper tantrums or the riots caused by his "best practice" (lack of) "experience". FYI There are riots at Westville on a weekly basis. It is only a matter of time before they spread from 1-2 dormitories to the entire camp. By the way, has anyone found the keys at the Plainfield Sex Offender Containment Camp, formerly known as PCF, formerly known as IYC? The Westville person who misplaced them got demoted, but I hear the Plainfield woman got named Supt. of the Year for this feat. I guess that is what happens if you flirt enough at the little man.


News release from whom? IDOC? It's not on their web site. Or Daniels' page. Nor is it in the State's list of releases. Nor on army.mil. Nor on defenselink. Where's he going? Gitmo? Abu Ghraib?

That's funny that Donahue is going to "assist" the U. S. Army. I was an M.P. and trained at Ft. McClellan, at the military's academy. I know that the U.S. Army has an academy for Corrections Officers as well, they are 95-C. Cerntainly, there is someone at Levenworth, or Manheim, Germany, or any number of military correction sites more qualified that Donahue!! God help them if he tries to get the military to do Re-entry Accountability Plans, that are a complete waste of time!!

yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus

What is JDD's experience? Just ask him. He'll love to tell you all about it. It's what he does best.

Exactly what is Donoho's experience?

(Intentional misspelling)

The Peter Principle lives.

I honor and respect the line-level US Army troops. But anyone who pays attention to military history can tell you, with a few notable exceptions, the command structure is and has always been a cluster eff.

The Pentagon is awash with full-bird colonels who oversee procurement until their 25-and-out, then go to work for defense contractors.

Duty, Honor, Country indeed.

Reason #90938329 why Mitch's appointees and administration are a joke.....

Thank you, WR. My resume does include my years of service with the United States Army. My service was, and remains, valued. And my bags are packed. Duty, Honor, Country.

I am sure, 7:38 p.m., if you send them your resume, they will immediately ask for your valued input and oversight. Make sure your bags are packed.

"The Army will tap Commissioner Donahue's extensive experience and knowledge in the field of corrections as it adopts BEST PRACTICES from the civilian corrections community...." (emphasis added)

What a joke!

God help the US Army.

Is "review of detainee operations" code for "making sure the incriminating photos don't get out next time"?

He's finding a new home overseas for some bad ass Arizona inmates.

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