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Feasibility Study: Back On Earth, Property Tax Repeal Just Won't Work

Thumbsdown The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette becomes the latest media outlet to politely smack down the fringe protesters who think it would be a good idea to do away with property taxes altogether:

"Legitimate arguments can be made that property taxes are too high, that Indiana has become too reliant on them, that the assessment system is faulty, that property owners need a break – a big one.

"Hoosiers are most likely best served by a reasonable mix of various taxes and user fees, and that mix may well be out of balance. Data compiled by the Federation of Tax Administrators shows that in 2005, 35.8 percent of Indiana’s state and local revenue came from property taxes, above the national average of 30.6 percent – and that number has likely risen since 2005.

"Advocates of eliminating property taxes downplay the repercussions.

"To maintain existing levels of government services, Hoosiers would see substantial increases in both income and sales taxes. Lawmakers would have to decide whether to significantly increase business taxes or transfer an enormous share of the tax burden from companies to individuals. Taxes would increase even if services Hoosiers have come to expect were eliminated.

"No other state has found a way to totally eliminate property taxes. And they most likely will always be part of the funding recipe for the government services Hoosiers expect."


Property tax relief and/or doing away with the property tax is a scam, so the wealthy and the businesses don’t have to pay their fair share. The politicians who are concerned about raising taxes for police and fire protection, as well as public education have no problem supporting the continuation of 2 cents being added to the sales tax (a 33% tax increase) to build a stadium for millionaires. The “new Hoosier values” include helping millionaires, by taxing the middle class and poor, so millionaires can keep more of their money.

Property tax is not sky high because of public services. It is out of control because of the borrowing and spending habits of politicians which are clearly way out of control.

SO, freedom guy, just what are these politicians borrowing and spending for? Cheeseburgers and beer for lunch? Trips to Florida? They would be borrowing and spending for:

Wait for it ....

Yes, that's it - public services!!

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