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From On High: Guv Lifts A Finger In A Few Local Races This Cycle

Helpwanted The Star's "Behind Closed Doors" column reports that the Guv has, in fact, been involved in a few of the smaller mayoral races this year, despite his absence on the local scene:

"Gov. Mitch Daniels hasn't given loads of support to GOP mayoral candidate Greg Ballard, but that doesn't mean he isn't getting involved in local politics this election cycle.

"Lawrence residents last week received a copy of a letter from Daniels to Lawrence GOP mayoral candidate Paul Ricketts, the former Lawrence Township assessor locked in a tight battle with Mayor Deborah Cantwell, a Democrat.

"'I know you share my vision that Indiana can be a much more growth-friendly place, and the people of Lawrence should be proud to have you working for them to improve the economic viability of their community,' Daniels said in the letter to Ricketts.

"Cam Savage, spokesman for Daniels' re-election campaign, said the governor sent out endorsement letters for Ricketts; Phil Deckard, the Republican candidate for mayor in Martinsville; Lee Hoard, the Republican mayor in Delphi; and Bruce Hosier, the Republican mayor in Portland. Daniels also has cut a radio ad for Bob Bridges, the incumbent GOP mayor of Rushville.

"Asked why there was no letter for Ballard, Savage said Daniels 'has been supportive of state party efforts to help Col. Ballard. The governor has said great things about him' in his media availabilities.

"John Cochran, Ballard's campaign manager, said the campaign has had a 'dialogue with the governor throughout the campaign. But did we specifically ask for a letter of endorsement? Not to my knowledge.'"


Bart and Daniels have an agreement to stay out of each other's waY. Daniels is banking on the activists tilting the win for Ballard, so he can say he kept his word.

Even without the Governor's backing, Ballard will win the election. That should show just how hated Peterson's politics are to the common folk.

Let's check Wednesday and see how many of the mayors that had endorsement letters from Daniels actually win. I dont know the political terrain out in the state but maybe Daniels only sent letters where the GOP mayor is a sure winner. I wonder if anyone knows.....I know Lawrence is a horse race ...

Call me a starry-eyed optimist, but I actually believe that when it's all said and done, we'll re-elect Bart Peterson. I don't think, no matter how frustrated people might be with taxes and crime, that the residents of this city are so stupid that they would vote for a guy who can't find his way to the polling booth, let alone the City-County building.

The guv is supporting a former Township Assessor? I was under the impression he thought they were all incompetent oafs. Perhaps he feels the mayor's position is not as demanding.

Except for Ricketts, the other republican mayors are shoo-ins.

I heard that an investigation was to take place after the election against Ricketts! But then I heard that someone high up in the GOP squashed that! Things that make you go HMMMMMMMM!!!!

If Paul Ricketts wins...it's a sure sign the apocolypse is upon us.

We're being punished.

And it likely means that little geek Kyle Walker will have yet another taxpayer-funded job where he can bully people around.


Paul is measuring the mayor's offices for draperies, for himself and all his family? I sure hope not.

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