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Happy Turkey Day: Give Thanks For The Things That Matter Most To You

Turkey_2 The blogmistress gives thanks for many things today, but most especially for wonderful friends and family, including the itty-bitty, backache-inducing baby who's been practicing Jujitsu on every one of her internal organs since approximately 5:15 this morning.

If you've already flipped through the paper, and the Macy's Parade just isn't doing it for you, share your Thanksgiving thoughts here.

And no matter how you spend it, have a safe and happy holiday.


I am dreading the right wing relatives. I need a pill and a stiff drink.

Other than that, all's just spiffy!

Happy Thanksgiving.

My right-wing relatives just left. All full of themselves over Ballard's victory. Gloating like heck.

But...all of them are Purdue fans, and therefore obviously overfed when they arrived, so I just reminded them:

"Scoreboard." And:

"Eric Gordon will have E'twaan's number b halftime when they meet."

One's already happened, the other will soon enough.

Took out some of the sting.

I am thankful that Republicans achieved major upset victories in Indianapolis and the longtime Democrat strongholds of Terre Haute and Seymour, just to name a few.

I'm happy for you. I'm pretty sure that the Native Americans were thankful for the arrival of the pilgrims that first thanksgiving. Look how they helped them and then see what happened!

Yes, but we Indianapolitans got rid of our pilgrims a few weeks ago.

Please think good thoughts for me for the upcoming holiday season. My sister, her husband, and my other sister (to some extent) and her significant other have total belief in the infallibility of Republicans. I'm not kidding, if I said the shirt MMM was wearing was the wrong color my B-I-L would construe as a partisan attack on the li'l fella. It's hard to celebrate the holidays with certifiably insane Republicans (I'm not calling all Republicans insane; it's just my family). I would welcome all suggestions on what to say to them when they start attacking us.

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