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Interactivity Alert: At Long Last, Shella's Blog Becomes A Real Blog

Computer WISH-TV's Jim Shella's blog has been updated to a WordPress site where you can give feedback and subscribe to its RSS feed. Neato.

You can visit his new e-digs here.

The TDW blogroll has been updated.


Something is messed up with the comment section. There was a comment posted on the post about Carson, and it was cut off on the right hand side. Jim has a few kinks to work out.

I noticed that, too. I think it has to do with the way the WordPress site is hosted within the WISH-TV frame.

But I'm a tech-know-nothing, so I could be totally wrong.

Don't sell yourself short, TDW. You're much more tech saavy than most of us!

His blog is b-o-o-o-o-o-r-r-ring!

This blog just spoils everybody.

Thanks for the heads up on the right column issue. It's not rendering the stylesheet correctly in IE 6.


I'm having trouble in Firefox, too.

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