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Like A Record, Baby: Toll Road Worker Robbed, ITR Blames Employees?

Spincycle Is the private company that runs the Indiana Toll Road really blaming complacent employees for the fact that an attendant was robbed on the overnight shift Tuesday?

"Pierce says workers are encouraged to get a good description of the perpetrator before they push the alarm button.

"But police can't go back and watch surveillance video of what happened during Tuesday morning's robbery because there are no security cameras at the Notre Dame exit toll plaza.

"Over the past 20 years, Toll Road administrators say they've had six robberies like the one that happened Tuesday. None of the workers WSBT talked to wanted to go on camera for fear of getting fired.

"One anonymous worker did say, 'The majority of the people that work the midnight shift are afraid of being alone at night. They've run so many temps and part-timers through there, most people know our security system.'

"Toll Road Communication Director Matt Pierce told WSBT anyone can become complacent in their job. 'You have to be aware of your surroundings and that's what we'll talk to them about over the next couple of days,' he said.

"Pierce said electronic tolling systems are being installed now. That will eliminate the number of workers at these booths during the overnight hours. He also said there will be cameras at all the booths by next spring, after the electronic tolling is up and running."


Uh, no...the Toll Road is encouraging their workers to be aware of their surroundings. Most gas stations do the same thing.

Ok, everybody stretch--it must be a slow news day.

Call me crazy, but I expect a bit more public empathy for the employee who got robbed.

So basically they're saying, "Don't worry about the security issues, we'll be replacing you with electronic booths soon anyway."

It's clear to me, had MMM not leased the toll road to them damn ferners, this would NEVER have happened.

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