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Major Moves Money: Guv Awards $30 Million Road Project To Ohio Co.

OrangeconeMaybe the Guv should get extra credit for outsourcing this contract to a company in Oregon and Ohio:

"Work should begin soon on added travel lanes to U.S. 231 in Spencer County after an Oregon, Ohio company was awarded a nearly $30 million contract for the project.

"The E.S. Wagner Company will handle turning U.S. 231 into a four-lane roadway from County Road 1250 North to Indiana 162. It was awarded a contract this week after bidding $29.7 million for the work.

"The project is part of Gov. Mitch Daniels' Major Moves statewide highway improvement program. According to a press release issued by the Indiana Department of Transportation, the work is important because U.S. 231 corridor is becoming a main area artery between Kentucky and I-64."


If anyone is looking for the silver lining, at least this time Mitch outsourced, I mean "franchised", to a company in the United States...but he still sucks, oh well.

I think the article refers to a company based in Oregon, Ohio (a suburb of Toldedo) rather than a company based in Oregon and Ohio.

I'm sure the Administration will find a way to spin this and make the Co. an Indiana Company before year's end. Who knew there were no Indiana contractors able to do this kind of work!

"I think the article refers to a company based in Oregon, Ohio (a suburb of Toldedo) rather than a company based in Oregon and Ohio."

Humor is completely lost on you, isn't it?

We have to go to northern Ohio to get someone to build a highway in southern Indiana? We don't have any road construction companies located in Spencer County or thereabouts?

Check his campaign contributions over
the next 6 weeks or so to see how much
this Ohio company and/or their corporate
officers pony up.

Just curious, you guys did notice they were the low bid, right?

Cheaper isn't always better.

I have no idea, but we may have been bound by statute to accept the lowest bid. May be worth looking into.

The Guv spent millions in 2004 complaining on the airwaves about out-of-state contracts.

He promised that on his first day in office, he'd stop sending money elsewhere for work that could be done by Hoosier companies.




We're at $2 billion and counting, and that doesn't even include the Toll Road lease.

It's a new backtrack record.

Hmmmm...U.S. (United States) Highway 231....
Federal Highway could mean federal regulations on bids ya think??

Just askin'

So the federal government made the Guv use an out-of-state firm?

I'm just asking if the Feds require the state to accept the lowest qualified bid because we are maintaining/repairing/widening a federal highway. I don't know, I e-mailed Cher Goodwin to find out, I just thought that it is a possibility worth looking into before accusing Mitch.

Slow down and take it easy Tim, they are not so used to the rational thinking around here.

We're used to accountability, Brian.

Like if the Guv says, "You should elect me because I'll do everything in my power to keep your money from going to out-of-state companies."

And then he doesn't.

I know, I know. That's crazytalk to you, but I'm one of those people who thinks you should do the stuff you say you're going to do.

Amazing how wrong it is to give contracts to out-of-state companies when it's a Democrat doing it and the Republican is using it as a campaign issue, but when the Republican becomes governor and is doing the same thing, the selective-memory apologists who visit this site are incensed that we have the temerity to criticize the gov for his hypocrisy.

We should hold him accountable 9:10 - It was a major campaign promise he made. And Tim - NO, there is no law requiring them to take the lowest bid. Many other considerations must be looked at - the quality of the products they use, their proposed timeline to get the job done, etc.

It IS a shame that we have a Governor who seems to go out of his way to send money outside our State. Even if they weren't the cheapest, keeping that kind of money inside our boundaries would help the economy in that area of the State.

I looked at their website. They have done several other large projects in Indiana which are prominently profiled on the site:

Fort Wayne, Indiana Flood Control, Army Corp of Engineers - $24,609,196

INDOT R-24058 & R-24290 Route 24, Wabash County - $33,442,185

Probably not a bad company but thats at least $90 million of projects (including the one just awarded) whose profits are flowing out of state.

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