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News Of The News: Biddle Byline Back Two Weeks After Star Ouster

IndystarIt would appear that RiShawn Biddle has landed on his feet after being fired by the Indianapolis Star for a racially charged blog post he wrote shortly before last week's election:

"As the battle over reauthorizing the No Child Left Behind Act rages on, school reformers are spending as much time arguing against one another as they have combating the teachers' unions and suburban school districts vehemently opposing it. Advocates of standards and accountability, who have shaped the six-year-old law, rightly argue that it is forcing public schools to confront their longstanding problems. Conservative and libertarian reformers such as the Cato Institute, who have long compared No Child to Soviet-style central planning, would rather expand voucher programs and other forms of school choice."

Here's the tagline on the story:

"RiShawn Biddle, an award-winning Indianapolis-based writer and the proprietor of dropoutnation.net, has written for Forbes, Reason and the Weekly Standard."


Interesting... Jen, do him a favor and got to his blog at http://dropoutnation.net and offer some tips on sizing photos and writing catchy headlines!

LOL! This guy fancies himself some expert on education isues when he routinely got the simplest facts wrong in his unsigned editorials at The Star. LOL!

RiShawn is brash, often arrogant and probably tilts at windmills too much.

But he spot-on nailed the voters' attitudes about Nov.7. He was extremely undiplomatic about his explanation, but he knew what Bart Peterson either didn't know or was afraid to point out:

Voters were sick of taxes, yeah, but they were sicker of the arrogant and insane City Council administration. Juice indeed. If Bart just says that, simply, before Nov. 7, he's still the mayor. No question.

And the press conference demanded by Monroe Gray, attended by none other than Mr. Mary Milz, will go down as one of the weaker moments in journalistic ethics in this community. Right beside Amos Brown's 11-6 Carson interview "from an undisclosed location."

It irked RiShawn that certain folks got a pass on the ethics and logic tote boards. He was and is absolutely correct. He needed to figure out how to say it a little more softly without offending three-quarters of the city.

My guess is he'll probably bang around a lot more before he finds a good gig. He pissed off a lot of folks.

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