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State Of The Fourth Estate: Should We Care More About This Stuff?

IndystarThe RiShawn Biddle story has gone national.

Check out this stAllio! post for a round-up of coverage.

This interests TDW more from a media perspective than from a political one: In this country, you don't often find media reporting on media unless you're a Romenesko nerd. But in other countries, most notably Great Britain, media taking on media is something of a national sport.

Beyond Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass, whose ethical gaffes turned into multi-day sagas and, in Glass's case, a Hollywood film, most of these incidents slide by with little attention from the general public.

Which, if you believe what this guy is reporting about Biddle's employment history at Forbes, may explain how newspapers wind up hiring staffers who don't have the best records elsewhere.

Anyway, if you're so inclined to discuss media instead of politics, have at it.


Not knowing much about the politics of Forbes, I ran out of reading material at the airport last week and grabbed a copy of Forbes because I know they provide good business info. Reading through the magazine I realized just how Republican the magazine is, I can't see myself buying another copy in the near future.

What has happened to the state's largest newspaper is both sad and disturbing.
The newsroom, er, information center, has lost more than 190 staffers since Gannett took over.
It has gutted said newsroom, er, information center, of institutional knowledge. It took veteran reporters with years of experience and farmed them out to its suburban bureaus.
It has seen a steady exodus of editors and staffers come on board, and then leave.
It no longer has a general city/state columnist.
It no longer covers Purdue or Notre Dame athletics with a beat writer.
It tried to hire a sports columnist who had lied on his resume.
It endorsed a congresswoman who is an embarrassment and has sadly failed to follow up on the state of her health.
Just recently, it published a poll, realized it was faulty, pulled it back, then re-released it.
It allowed an editorial writer to publish a racially charged blog.
It endorsed a candidate for city-county council without allowing the opponent an opportunity to be heard.
Its "Talkback" section on its website is a cesspool of comments.
It fluffs circulation figures.
Its features section is a joke.
Its Indiana Living section is often filled with out-of-state datelines.
It routinely trails the Indianapolis Business Journal in breaking stories.
And the Sunday paper, once an all-day lollipop, can now be scanned in less than a half hour without benefit of an Evelyn Woods speed-reading class.
Sad. Disturbing.
Thanks, but no thanks, for reading The Indianapolis Star.

Big Business - Republican. You were shocked? Really?

Mr. Biddle's previous experience is something I can't comment on, but even I was surprised by his usage of racially insensitive comparisons in the blog entry under discussion.

I understand why Dennis Ryerson fired Mr. Biddle, but his excuses ring somewhat hollow because it would appear that somebody is asleep at the wheel over there at the Star.

Still, the media is likely just a reflection of society in general, and that is the saddest commentary of all.

"Still, the media is likely just a reflection of society in general, and that is the saddest commentary of all."


When will the news conference rally be for the racially offensive article titled "White-led development increases poverty among blacks" in the current issue of the Indianapolis Recorder?

I find this offensive since it appears to be blaming whites for black poverty. I would appreciate a public apology on page one, some mandatory diversity training, and the resignation of the Indianapolis Recorder's editor.

You linked to Fox News on a socialist progressive website. Please report to 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington D.C. for debugging.

12:54pm. You flunked your Comedy Central tryout.

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