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Of Checks And Balances: More On The "Raise" For State Workers

PeopleHat tip to the kind reader who forwarded this excerpt from the recent memo informing state employees of their impending 1.5 percent salary increase to cover rising health care costs:

"The State will be providing a 1.5% general salary adjustment later this year. The increases will be effective on the December 26, 2007 paycheck for Payroll A (covering the pay period of December 2 through December 15) and December 19, 2007 paycheck for Payroll B (covering the pay period of November 25 through December 8).

"The adjustment DOES apply to intermittent and other types of temporary state employees. It also applies to individuals whose salary may exceed the top of the pay range for their salary classification. It DOES NOT apply to Institutional Teachers, including Teachers of the Deaf, Supervising Teachers of the Deaf and Substitute Teachers. It also DOES NOT apply to any classification using a matrix, which includes sworn police officers of the State Police..."


Oh well.. I only lost 50 cents per pay period with this wonderful raise...Thanks Mitch!!!

We recommend what we thought was appropriate. Most state employees are cry babies anyway. Never happy.

Maybe if you'd treat them with dignity and respect instead of calling them "cry babies," they'd be happier.

There was a survey done a few years back on how teachers, who have much in common with state employees (long hours and low pay) felt about salary, work environment, etc. Surprisingly, it was not low pay that they most groused about. It was the lack of respect and dignity afforded them for what is often a difficult and trying job.

People who decide to go into a public service, be it fire, police, teaching, social work, prosecutors office, state or city employee, know from the get-go that they aren't going to make big bucks. fir hthe most part they love their jobs and thrive on being a part of something that makes the world a better place.

But we can hardly expect "business types" like our governor who are all about making big money to understand that there are those of us for whom knowing we can make a difference is a big part of our career choice. A little respect goes a long way.

AMEN! 10:10. Physical stature is not the only thing this gov is short on.

State Personnel Hero sounds like one of Mitch's spoiled appointees who never had to work a real job and doesn't know the hardship of a crappy job and a lousy paycheck.

What Raise? I will be out of a job by then. What about re-training pay, sending those State Workers who are privatized out of a job, to school?? Just because I have worked for the State of Indiana for over 18 years, doesn't mean that I get full Retirement!! Yet I am at that age where I won't get hired for another job that pays over minimum wage. I might get unemployment for 6 months, after waiting 8+ weeks.Time enough for my house payment and utilities to be sadly in arrears or turned off. And now that employers are firing employees for poor credit...will I ever get a job?? (not to mention all those homeowners who lose their homes due to the sub-prime crisis...will then lose their jobs because they lost their homes?? Is there something that smells in the State of Indiana??)

Being fired is no big deal.. if they fire you without cause, sue them... that's what I did.. The ones that need to be fired are the ones Mitch and his henchmen put in power to harass and fire long time employees. Take them to the labor board.. btw... if you survive longer than MMM, the D's will be in and the union will be re-instated. Then the original "State Personnel Hero" will be out on his/her ass.

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