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On The Hill: He Hates Turkey (But Not Enough To Get Someone Fired)

CornucopiaOoooh, an update on food-related Capitol Hill gossip involving U.S. Rep. Mark Souder. The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette's Sylvia Smith reports:

"He doesn't even like turkey.

"Rep. Mark Souder, R-3rd, is gritting his teeth about a couple of articles in a Capitol Hill newspaper that portrayed him as an impatient, haughty customer of a basement café in the Capitol.

"According to the first article, Souder ordered a grilled turkey sandwich, was repeatedly asked by the café employee whether he wanted the sandwich toasted and then 'stormed' out of the shop when he didn’t get what he ordered.

"Within days, the sandwich shop employee was fired, and a second story appeared. Both were posted on several Indiana political blog sites.

"Souder was perplexed because he didn't file a complaint or ask that the worker be fired, didn't raise his voice during the exchange and left the restaurant sans sandwich because he had waited 20 or 30 minutes for his order to be filled and had to get to a meeting.

"What's more, he didn't order the centerpiece of the story.

"'I order pastrami on rye, grilled, about once a week,' Souder said.

"That's what he requested the day of the Sandwich Scandal.

"'I don't like turkey,' he said. 'I don't even eat it on Thanksgiving.'"


Next thing you know, Souder will be trying to get pumpkin pie fired.

Just kidding.


He wanted the pumpkin pie FRIED, not fired! Dammit!!!! Cant you understand anything??? F-R-I-E-D ! ! ! !

Are Freedom Fries still on the menu at the Capitol?

They can't be called Freedom Fries.

They are being held hostage.

No, no.. they've been water-boarded, so now they're mashed potatoes. Which coincidentally is what Bush has between his ears....

Nice try at shifting the focus from IN9 and the nonsense with Jacobs endorsing Carson, Jr!!!

It's too bad [for you] that you don't get to write my blog, isn't it?

Sounds like more journalistic gymnastics: jumping to conclusions. Must be a slow news day if the only misreporting is who ordered what sandwich and how bad the service must be in the cafe.

Who on earth likes pastrami on rye and doesn't like turkey? bleh

Mark Souder doesnt eat turkey, because to him it would be cannibalism. He's the biggest turkey around.
but he does eat chinese deep- fried fetuses- Dobson told him they're a delicacy.
I would vote for a pastarmi sandwich before I'd re-elect Souder. and no kool-aid with that, please.
served on a dead iraqi insurgents head wrap- giggle.

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