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On The Internets: IBJ Adds "NewsTalk" Blog To Its Online Palette

Newimproved The Indianapolis Business Journal has added a new blog. Online editor and veteran business reporter Norm Heikens is the driving force behind "NewsTalk," which somewhat vaguely invites readers to "weigh in on news of the day."

His first few posts primarily focus on the Indy mayoral race, including a discussion about Greg Ballard's positions on business issues and economic development.

The IBJ's real estate blog, "Property Lines," has become wildly popular since its inception. We'll see where this latest creation goes.

TDW welcomes it to the blogroll.


After a little research, I learned that an investigation is currently underway over Jennifer Wagner's supposed sole-ownership of TDW.

Despite her claim that her job at Dem HQ's is separate from her work on TDW, it has been carefully logged and documented to show her constant work on this blog while working her "day job" as Dem. PR girl.

Why is this a problem? It is a problem because TDW does not have a disclaimer, revealing that it is merely a division of the Democratic State Party.

I guess this might explain Jennifer's contempt for the judical process and several judges who will be one-day reviewing her possibly illegal actions on behalf of the Dems.

edmund...get a grip.

While I agree that the "independence" of this blog from her day job is quite a stretch, I imagine Jen puts in enough time outside regular office hours to keep her bosses happy with her work on this site... and in the time that I've read it, I can't ever recall anything approaching illegal

Who does more "work" at their "full-time" job, TDW or Monroe Gray?

Geez, edmund. Crawl back under your rock.

Two and a half years later, someone invited the clueless guy to the party.

Welcome, edmund.

And about that grip. Yeah, you should get one.

Or just read the "About" page, if you're so inclined. My day job, the blog, its history -- all explained there.

P.S. Someone is investigating me? Neato.

"Edmund" sounds exactly like she who is not to be named. That's the modus operandi; fling enough poo until maybe something sticks. Make outrageous claims because if it is said enough, it must be true. Election is over, now on to smear any newly acquired enemies, real or imagined. Ballard better have an office and a city car for that hag after "all she's done for him". Wonder if she's already bought "BallardLies.com".

Possible defamatory lawsuits are in Jen's future.

Piss off.

Anonytroll v. Blogmistress

Bring it.

Completely off-topic - well sort of - still media related. Silly little Sprint guy is gone from the online Star home page .... now we get a bottle of wine filling a glass. How annoying is that? What I love about IBJ is that it's not laden with silly stuff like that.

Jen, I showed you a little love over at the IBJ NewsTalk site. Here's what I wrote:

I blog on the American Values Alliances (http://valuesalliance.org) and comment frequently on others. I can tell you that while the traditional media missed this one by a mile, the blogosphere was dead-on with its moment by moment commentary on the election. Indy Undercover (http://indyundercover.blogspot.com), Taking Down Words (http://www.takingdownwords.com) and Indiana Barrister (http://indianabarrister.com) among many other fine blogs, emerged as the leading media sources for insightful commentary and late-breaking stories. The comments on their blog entries were telling and an excellent gauge of the temperature of the electorate and the links and video posted on these sites made it pointless to seek out information in sources like the Star.

What I find deeply troubling is that the traditional media (including the IBJ) seemed tone deaf to the goings-on in the blog world, seemingly if it didn’t involve paper and ink, it wasn’t really relevant.

Keep it up, and the traditional media may find itself in the unfortunate position of becoming increasingly irrelevant as more people move to the blogs for news.


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