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Open Thread: And If We Don't Hide Here, They're Going To Find Us

Birthdaycake TDW will be baking, cleaning and otherwise preparing for Thanksgiving for most of the rest of the day.

(Yes, the blogmistress is partially domesticated.)

Play nicely, and there might be some leftover apple pie in it for you.


This may be a long shot, but does anyone know of a good place that might carry today's England v. Croatia soccer match? I'm more than willing to make the trip downtown if I can find some place that will be showing it.

Chatham Tap or McNivans

In Broad Ripple, try Brugges.

If you have cable, I hear you can order it from On Demand for around $25.

Thanks for the help.

I actually found an online broadcast for free through the shady wonder that is the Internet, which simplifies things significantly.

I hear the Tap is nice. I have FSC at home, but I may have to make a trip up for a Setanta game if one ever catches my eye.

A guy I work with is an Arsenal fan (atic). FSC is his favorite channel, in season.

Wait, did Jen say that she was being domestic this afternoon? What a concept. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

"Airline delays!!!" "No!NO DELAYS!!"


This media-fueled cluster...um...fest over Thanksgiving travel is this week's "SNOW COMING!!"

Live at 6!

From a Democrat to the Republicans, have a very nice Thanksgiving. We are fortunate to live in a country where there can actually be competing political parties. The best to both of us.

Jen, how is the pregnancy coming along? Are you going to find out the gender before the baby is born, or are you waiting?

Have fun this holiday season, as it will be the last for years to come that you aren't running around like a crazy woman after your kid(s)!

Thank you Mr. Practical. Hope people will hang with us through this property tax mess created by both sides of the isle.

We're having a little girl, 10:42.

I'm already a crazy woman. How much worse can it get?

Thanks for asking.

"I'm already a crazy woman. How much worse can it get?"

Oh honey, do you really want to know?!

Happy Thanksgiving!

TDW wrote:
"We're having a little girl, 10:42.

I'm already a crazy woman. How much worse can it get?"

As the father of a 4 1/2 year old daughter, it can get MUCH crazier!

Best wishes to the TDW family for a Happy Thanksgiving!


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