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Open Thread: Holding Hands And Yawning, Look How Late It Gets

Ike_2Hey, you.

Yeah, you.

How's it going? What's on your mind?


Parking at the Central Library used to be free.

Now that they've remodeled, it's gonna cost us.

How much?????

What's on MY mind? Well, let me tell you (remember that she asked for it).

Is it just me, or are the guys at another website collectively about as bright as a subdued Army belt buckle?

How does a group of intelligent people let one success go straight to their heads?

What feeling is better for anybody here? The savor of the poor sportsmanship exhibited by several electoral losers, or the anticipation of the "sport" in the upcoming campaigns? Or, are you above all of that petty foolishness?

Retail gas prices.

A reminder not to drive tired or incapacitated. A co-worker was critically injured yesterday by a young woman who fell asleep at the wheel, lost control of her vehicle and ran him down in someone's yard.

I feel that "some people" should carefully consider their choice of actions before they open any "boxes" marked "Pandora's".

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is going to be awesome. But, it is still NOT a transit option.

Just so you know, my mind assembles information similarly to how one might assemble a jigsaw puzzle. Unlike linear thinkers, I don't need all of the pieces to "see" the big picture. And, I don't need to create a "boundary" before the picture becomes clear. Linear thinking is more straightforward and is what was taught to you for years in school. But, that doesn't make it the ONLY way (unless you're an accountant or computer programmer).

Will Mayor-elect Ballard actually get his 100 day "honeymoon"? Or, will the feeding frenzy begin immediately? I've noticed several fins circling the raft already...one looks and reads remarkably familiar for some reason.

If Mayor-elect Ballard succumbs to the blandishments of the very people who neglected to support him for election, and just appoints a new set of trumpeter hacks and lackeys, will the Marion County Democratic party be ready to usher in a couple of decades of Democratic rule in 2012? Currently, I don't think so.

Would the sky fall in if we didn't build the I-69 extension to Evansville?

State Police cars. Do you prefer black or white?

If some event didn't happen historically, there is usually a pretty good reason why. We may not currently know that reason, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there.

Who could have foreseen that Trisha Shepherd could really sing?

I gotta go.

Your pregnancy, TDW. How ya' feeling?

Sounds like varangianguard needs some deep breathing exercises...

the legislative conference was great. jen even got a mention during a discussion about blogs and their place in politics.

Very pregnant, thanks for asking.

My doctor very candidly informed me on Monday that these last six weeks are going to suck. I suppose I should be grateful for his honesty.

Hang in there (no pun intended) young lady. Those six weeks of suckiness will disappear in the instant you bring that new life into the world.
OK if I send over a stuffed elephant?

I've already got her "Tiny Democrat" onesie put away in the dresser, but I suppose in the spirit of bipartisanship...


At a governmental conference I was at some time ago, there was an exhibitor selling all types of clothing (onesies, t-shirts, you name it). One of them said, "I only sleep with Republicans" (I was going to get that for my wife, who happens to be a Democrat). Then, I was going to get my daughter the "Republican in Training" Tshirt. My wife didn't think either of those was a particularly amusing idea. :-) I left without purchasing either.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, Jen - I hope it goes smoothly for you and the "Tiny Democrat".

Best Wishes,


Gosh, how many have seasoned employees have bailed out of the DLGF in the past 6 months? I've lost count.

I am annoyed by people like 4:39. I don't always care for varangiangard's posts, but there was nothing wrong with the one above. TDW asked for comments. So? We don't need to be suggesting passionate people pipe down or take a pill.
BTW, I prefer white SP cruisers because you can see them which makes them safer--especially when they are alongside the road handing out citations or helping motorists in need. Give the guys a break. Those black and golds were hazardous.

Yeah, I remember the last six weeks, even though it was a lot of years ago. It sucked. It was HOT. My ankles swelled, I couldn't sit comfortably anywhere. I couldn't eat stuff I wanted. And I was near tears when it looked like I would go well past the due date. Luckily, the little person made an early, although difficult, appearance. I felt fantastic immediately after delivery, and I hope you do, too. At least there is an end to it all, even if you know you're gonna' feel worse before you feel better. It will all be worth it. Keep your feet propped up when you can, and let people wait on you--hand and foot if need be.

I keep telling her that no matter how uncomfortable she may be, the wee one is really low maintenance at this stage ... no crying, eating, pooping, etc. :-)

On the same note, does anyone else besides Dad TDW and I find it extremely weird that Babies R Us is having a grandparent's workshop. I'm thinking we could teach them a thing or two. Oh well, anything for a buck!

OK, every time I inadvertently end up listening to the evening news show on WIBC, I usually find interesting information, given it's mostly local & state gov & political talk. I just wish it didn't mean I had to spend the evening listening to WIBC to hear it, know what I mean? Like maybe I'd rather watch ESPN in my downtime.

Anyway-- EXCELLENT point a caller to that show just made vis a vis tax reform: PROPERTY TAXES are deductible on your federal tax return. If you pay $6,000 property tax, it is deductible & if you are paying 28% marginal tax rate you pay $1,680 less in federal income tax due to your property tax . Thus your "effective property tax" is only $4,320 on a $6,000 prop tax bill. (using these numbers to estimate a theoretical upper middle class Meridian Kessler taxpayer...)

SALES tax, on the other hand, is not tax deductible on your federal return. You pay what you pay. Therefore the dollar to dollar comparison is actually not valid when analyzing an individual taxpayers benefit. $1,000 in sales tax does NOT equal $1,000 property tax. If you pay $1,000 less in property tax you are also going to lose your reduced federal income tax.

Just a point to ponder...

that's why it's smart to make major purchases online ;)

while i dont want to see the horrible horrible story in the star today about the 3 yr old who was tragically killed become a political issue, i just cant hold back having watched the daniels administration and brizzi jointly viciously attack the obannon/kernan administration for high profile tragedies like this.

Daniels said over and over the FSSA employees were worthless (and even criminal per brizzi who charged a woman for not reporting and then lost the case!) They basically said that OBannon/kernan were responsible for children dying.

I guess Im saying this is serious throwing stones in glass houses and Daniels shouldnt escape severe attacks himself for f-ing up the child protective services

terry record update -
did anybody hear about Terry Record smoking marijuana before he rammed into that man w/ his BMW and killed him?


How's come youve not commented on Jill Thompson going negative on shellinger? is your boss taking steps to prevent our party from being devided in the fall?

Christian Aguelara is huge! coming soon to a tabloid near you.
Hows tdw's baby bump? will it be a x-mas baby?
I surely hope it doesnt grow up to be a moonie worshiping republican, sedning checks to moonbat causes, such as the GOP, or megachurch money swindles.
and dont call me shirley..
and does jill long still want to take your guns away?

Hey Jen where's the Carson vigil thread?
Carson is the godmother of the democrat party and you don't post the invitation to attend her vigil?
Gary at Advance Indiana has.
I guess we know whom cares and who doesn’t in Indiana politics.

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