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Prepare To Pay: This Story Should Send Chills Down The Guv's Spine

WishtvHere's an ominous-sounding teaser for a WISH-TV special report on the future of the property tax situation:

"In Marion County, this year's final property tax payments are due Saturday. And, next year's bills are expected to be worse.

"Angry voters made a statement in Tuesday's election and voted Indianapolis's Mayor and several City-County Council members out of office.

"For taxpayers, it's like playing a game of monopoly, you roll the dice and take your chances.

"Whether you have a bungalow in Broad Ripple or a mansion on Meridian.

"Chances are your taxes will go up, school taxes, poor taxes, street repair taxes.

"I-Team 8 asked, 'Why would your efforts, after 30 years of Governors trying to fix the problem, why would yours be different?'

"Governor Mitch Daniels said, 'They'd better be different.'

"Tune in to 24-Hour News 8 at 11:00 p.m. The I-Team 8 investigation, Property taxes: Prepare to pay."

One thing that will be different is that the Guv will finally be paying attention to the issue after three years of pretty much ignoring it -- and making it worse through his own actions. But it remains to be seen whether the Guv will be able to answer to the business community, lawmakers and homeowners or whether he'll stamp his feet and refuse to compromise on anything.


Wait, it won't be a problem because property taxes were all Bart Peterson's fault and now that Greg Ballard will be mayor we never have to worry about property taxes or crime again, right? Greg Ballard will fix everything and cut %10 out of the budget without raising taxes. Yeah...

Daniels better hope that Eric Miller doesn't get bored with hating gay people and taking credit for his new best friend's victory in Tuesday's election, because as much as I hate to admit it, his anti-tax message would (if it isn't already) play well with a lot of people right now.

Attn. Channel 8 - They're not due until Monday.

I mean Tuesday, of course.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the basic property tax problem is that most residential property had been undertaxed for, well, forever, and now it's being yanked up all at once, right?

And some of the things that cost Marion County so much money were things like prison overcrowding, sewers and sidewalks, that had been ignored for years, right?

Do Indiana schools need to start teaching the concept of penny-wise, pound-foolish?

It's going to get real, real ugly next spring when the "double whammy" tax bills arrive. This year's deferred increase will be due plus next year's equally high tax.

Daniels unilaterally let homeowners slide this year but the piper must be paid next year - during the gubernatorial election year.

It's going to be ugly!

You know it's bad for sweet Jen when she's depending on the Channel 8 I-Team. What a joke. When is the last time time anyone saw a substantive investigative story out of these rating loving bozos.


Yeah, stupid mainstream media always reporting on stuff that's important to taxpayers. Bah.

(If you can't make sense, give it a rest, 6:15.)

"...and making it worse through his own actions."

So now it is the Guv's fault that schools built Taj Mahals? It is the Guv's fault that Democrats did nothing for over a decade? Laughable.

the problem is our property tax is not fare across the board I pay more taxes in the butler area about 2.5% than people pay in carmel and fishers. everyone should pay the same percent of the assessed value of their home, i own a house in another part of the country the house is worth 3 times what my house in indiana is worth and i do not qualify for a homestead credit and my taxes are less than half of what i pay in indiana.

There are a lot of old people in my district are loosing their homes because they have a reverse mortgage and fixed income if they miss a property tax payment their house gets repossessed buy the mortgager or the state
indiana leads the country in property tax sales of homes.
Do we own our homes or are we just renters?

"the problem is our property tax is not fare across the board.."

I agree. I personally think that property tax should be based on:
#1: Size of home.
#2: Calls for service.

That pretty much would be a much more fair way to fund police, fire, and EMS. For example, all those out-of-state Section 8 landlords would be dishing out more in the future due to multiple calls into their complexes from the police. This would give the owners of these crime ridden cesspools motivation to actually clean the places up. Either with strict rules applied to the renters and/or private security to help get trespassers off the property.

How to fund schools becomes a little more complex. I personally would like to see tight caps on building projects, especially anything sports related.

Outside of this, the rest will _have_ to come from income and/or sales taxes. If you own two homes, you are either living on massive debt, are a trust fund baby, or make decent money. Either way, you are going to have to fork over the same amount from your paycheck or your property. The only other option is the "village" option, which pretty much taxes everyone in the state for the problems of select areas. An example would be child welfare problems in the urban areas around the state. Everyone would be paying instead of just those in the county/city/town with the issue. I kinda have a problem with this because why would I pay so you don't have to worry about your $250K+ M-K/Butler-Tarkington home being broken into. The rich folks in Indy decided to live in and near ghettos, so why shouldn't they pay for their own child welfare?

Meanwhile, Melyssa celebrates with statements of "castration" on her blog: http://hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot.com/ If you have a few moments to be amused, click on the comments to the "We LOVE You Ballard" post. Jen is mentioned on that one, though I have no idea in what context.

Believe me, the inventor of the "Anntini" and the "Human Xmas Tree" really thinks she deposed Bart Peterson and won the property tax war. When Ballard doesn't magically make her taxes disappear (since we don't need taxes in civilization, and they "enslave" us), he'll be next on her list.

Oh boy, what a nutjob.

"So now it is the Guv's fault that schools built Taj Mahals?"

Wow, we Taj Mahals here in Indy? Tell me where, I'll go take pictures.


I think the two most mentioned examples are the Franklin Central football stadium and the North Central "Natatorium". I don't remember either having minarets, but some think the costs were palatial.

The Guv capped property tax relief for homeowners, flat-lined education spending and shoved costs for state-provided services off on local governments in the 2005 budget he signed.

All three, along with trending, contributed mightily to those increased tax bills.

Where's the 'real' press? Bought off? AWOL? Heads up butt? Leaf peaking? Picking goobers?

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