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Rhetoric Aside: It's Time For Ballard To Fill In The Campaign Blanks

Pencil The Indy Star editorial board hits the nail on the head with its piece this morning about Greg Ballard's future in office:

"During the campaign, Ballard promised to cut the budget, with the exception of public safety, by 10 percent within three years. From where specifically might those cuts come? Which constituencies is the mayor-elect prepared to disappoint? What services should residents be ready to give up?

"Ballard also promised to lobby in the General Assembly for the elimination of property taxes. It's unlikely legislators will move in that direction, even in the current political environment. What alternative is Ballard prepared to support? What taxes would he agree to raise to find replacement revenue?

"Questions also have been raised in recent days about how Ballard will approach the operation and growth of charter schools, which provide thousands of families with an alternative to traditional public education. The arts community is worried about whether investments in cultural attractions will decline. Advocates for public health and many ordinary residents are concerned that the city's emphasis on trails and greenways will fade.

"Ballard needs to address each of those concerns and others as soon as possible.

"Again, Ballard's plan is a blank page in the minds of many residents. He needs to ease fears of the unknown by sketching in details."


wow. you posted this over an hour ago, and none of the ballard peeps have stepped up to the plate to answer?

careful what you wish for when you vote for anybody but.

They're probably still reveling in their victory! Wait till reality sets in and they find out the practice of politics isn't nearly so easy as the rhetoric.

it's hard to believe that indianapolis just elected a mayor it basically knows nothing about. i mean i think we can all understand electing a republican, but come on. no experience whatsoever? this isn't the military, he's going to have to make concession after concession to get things done. i hope he learns fast.

Sorry so late to reply. The lack of replies may be due to the drawdown of hits here. Mayor Ballard will be fine. May I suggest we wait at least a few weeks. The transition team is in place in less then a week. Seems as though he is able to get things done. I realize most of you may not be use to this type of approach, but just relax.

PS. how long till the lunatic fringe and nutterballs respond to me here. Not long I think.

With all due respect, I am comforted by the fact that no quick and easy answers have been coming forth. These are complex issues that require indepth reflection. It is not just an issue of throwing around some popular notions, but showing maturity.

"I am comforted by the fact that no quick and easy answers have been coming forth. These are complex issues that require indepth reflection. It is not just an issue of throwing around some popular notions, but showing maturity."

I know Ballard couldn't possibly been privy to all the intricate details of the current situation, so I will grant you that the finer points of his plan need to be fleshed out now that he is in a position to know the whole picture.

Let's say the city of Indianapolis has a semi-truck load of hazardous material headed for it (ie: in a very precarious position). There were enough folks afraid that the current driver of the truck couldn't save the city, so they helicoptered out Ballard and dropped him on top of the cab. After a short struggle, he chucks the current driver from behind the wheel.

I'd like for him to at least be able to say at this point the plan is to:

1. stop the truck
2. take 465 instead of 65/70 to lessen the impact
or something, anything else other than
3. "damn, look how big the wheel is on this thing!"

In other words, why even run if you have absolutely no idea what you are even going to try to go?

The plan should have been part of the platform. Instead the platform seems to have been "I'm not Bart".

A major test of Ballard's leadership will be what he does with that 0.65% COIT -- will he repeal it to satisfy his voters yet throw the city finances into turmoil? The city budget is just spending maximums - he is perfectly free not to spend all the appropriated money. What will he cut?

Wilson the answers to your question:
1) Parks, recreation and the arts
2) Take home cars except cop cars
3) Neighborhood centers money and
grants to lessen domestic violence
4) Code and environmental clean-up
5) If he gains control of the jail,
inmates will get 2 meals a day not 3

Just think, if Indy is lucky he'll be like Jesse Ventura was as Minny guv. Give it
6 months and the media and everyone else (other than those he brings in on patronage jobs) will hate him. Does he have a thick skin?

Damm! Peterson had eight years to screw up Indy and he did a pretty good job of it. Can't we wait until Ballard takes office to start trashing him?

As closed as our city government was, it was pr udent not to talk about details.

If Jen was paying attention without her partisan blinders on, she would know the city is likely in far worse shape than any of us know.

He's not the mayor yet, let the man take office and start sorting out Bart's fiction. I'm sure he'll let us know when he has access to everything and has had time to weigh the options.

I doubt very much if the Indianapolis Star's saying anything will even be read, nor should it be.

Why do you waste your time reading an idiot's blog, 11:38?

Ballard's got a tough road ahead of him. He promised things during the campaign that a better-managed candidate never would have, and now he's going to have to live with those promises.

I wish him the best. I live here, and I love this city. But I'm not going to give him a free pass just because he wandered into a win.

No one has trashed Ballard, people are just curious as to how he will deliver on all of his campaign promises. To the average person all sounds wonderful. But to a skeptic, he's either going to have to make miracles happen or he'll be viewed as all talk and no substance. I hope the mayor-elect is not writing checks that he can't cash.

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