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Send Cash, Spend Cash: Guv Uses Tax Issue To Ask For Campaign $$$

LaughThere's a certain irony in sending out fundraising mail that asks people to part with their hard-earned cash because their taxes went up, but that's exactly what the Guv did with this letter, which hit mailboxes right after the Thanksgiving holiday.

"From now until the last day of the legislative session my full attention will be paid to enacting tax cuts for homeowners now, and a permanent tax cut forever. But I also have to keep my own campaign efforts fully operational. With less than one year before the election, each and every day is important as we organize in each and every county and make sure the voters know the truth about my accomplishments in the last three years, and my vision of where we must take our great state in the future!"

Don't worry, fella. Most folks already know what you've done to/for them since you took over.


Let's see, what Mitch has done for me:

Privatized my (our) roads
Made the sun go down at 5:00
Screwed state employees which made them mad so I had to wait for hours to get my driver's license
Caused the property tax crisis by screwing schools

What am I missing? Oh yeah, now he wants to raise sales taxes to help his big donors on Meridian Street.

Gee, golly whizbang -- look at "MY" vision and all "MY" accomplishments. Anyone else reside in the Statehouse there? Nope, it's all about Mitch, isn't it? Someone ever tell him there's no I in Team?

Zach. First of all, the sun always set at 5:00 during the winter here. Even before DST, we were on Eastern Standard time, which means that during the winter, we were on the same time as the East coast (sun set at 5 then) and during the summer, we were on "chicago time" where the sun set around 8:30-9:00.
Second of all, he had nothing to do with your wait time at the BMV.

Also, Zach, you complain that the governor wants to raise sales tax, by 17% (from 6% to 7%), but I bet you were just fine with the Mayor Peterson's 65% increase in the county income tax (from 1% to 1.65%).

That just might be the most asinine letter I’ve ever seen.

Uh, JJ I don't live in Indy. Hard to believe the rest of the state thinks you guys are a little self-obsessed...

I think we have an honest difference of opinion about sun stuff and the affect of angry employees on services.

Forgive me if I misspelled something.

Actually, Zach's right. The guv could of asked for us to be on Central Time which would put us on the Eastern edge of a time zone and make our days and nights a lot less insane, both summer and winter. As for the tax thing, raising the sales tax would effectively nickel and dime us to death. There's a very big difference between a flat percentage tax raise (income or property taxes) and one that hits you with every purchase you make. BTW the state, ie guv and company, is in charge of the BMV. So like being pissed at a mayor when your snow isn't plowed, it make just as much sense to be angry with the guv when you wait an eternity at the BMV!


I'm sorry about the Indy-centrist comment. I must admit that I simply assumed. I do apologize for that. As for the DST debate. I fully understand that people have different opinions about that, I just meant that switching to Eastern DST in no way affects the sunset in the winter, only in the summer (and it pushes it back an hour).

As for the BMV issue, I simply don't understand the correlation between the governor and the poor service you received at the BMV. I've always received poor service at the BMV, no matter which state it's in.

Again, sorry about the indy-centrist comment.

4:21. Like I said, I don't want to debate DST or Central or Eastern time or any of that. I was simply stating that switching to Eastern DST didn't affect our winter 5:00 sunset time. However if we switched to Central time, the sun would set at 4:00 in the winter.

4:21: "There's a very big difference between a flat percentage tax raise (income or property taxes) and one that hits you with every purchase you make."

There isn't much of a difference. The state can either take 1% of your income (which means you can't spend that 1% at all) or tax you 1% on purchases. When you think about it, a 1% income tax hike is actually a larger hike, considering that you can't spend more thank you make (well, you can now with credit cards, but do you get my point?)

I don't know about you JJ, but I've done the math and that .65% county tax is way less than what we'd spend annually if the sales tax went up a percent.

"The guv could of asked for us to be on Central Time which would put us on the Eastern edge of a time zone and make our days and nights a lot less insane, both summer and winter."

4:30PM sunset in the dead of winter is a "lot less insane?"

I'm with you, Zach. The property tax issue is only going to move more of the tax burden to the middle class and poor.

Wow. Did you ever think that Mayor Reject, Bart Peterson should have done something like that.....instead of using attack adds that put Ballard's name forward.....??????

4:37 - I wasn't saying that a 1% sales tax increase would be less than a .65% income tax, I was merely suggesting that when Bart enacted that income tax, you'd be OK with that, but when the Gov wants to raise the sales tax rate, it's apparently an outrage.

Also, Ronald Rogers, you mention that the property tax issue will only more the tax burden to the middle class and poor. The middle class is exactly who is suffering now under the property tax mess. I'm squarely in the middle of the middle class and my property taxes when up 100%! That affects me and many others like me. Likely, the amount we'd pay in a 1% sales tax increase is less than the increase in our property taxes.

Blah, blah.

I have been following the property tax debate with interest for some time. Living in White county and not knowing what my property taxes where going to be this year, it was difficult to decide what proposals would benefit me most. We have just recently got our tax bill and I have figured out that any increase in Sales or Income tax would not benefit me at all. I think any changes would help the metro areas at the expense of the rural area's. I contacted my state senator to let him know this as well. I think if you live in an area that has more expensive schools more city services etc,etc you should pay more property taxes.

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