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South Bend Is Not Dead: Tribune Picks Luecke Over Mister Negative

Approved_2 The South Bend Tribune endorses incumbent Mayor Steve Luecke for a third term:

"We also have been reminded that it is easier to run against a mayor than to be a mayor.

"South Bend is not a decaying relic, a crime-ridden 'dead' city. South Bend, while it has problems, is experiencing important development with more to come. There is extensive retail growth on the south side, the exciting Eddy Street Commons project, progress in clearing the Studebaker corridor, an annexation that opens the way to Portage Prairie, new riverfront recreation areas, a coming tech park, a plan to deal with derelict homes in older neighborhoods, many infrastructure improvements and an improving downtown with numerous restaurants and entertainment destinations.

"These things don't just happen. They require planning, determination and the capacity to address problems as they arise. We had hoped for more leadership at critical times in South Bend's recent past. But the Luecke administration does have many achievements under its belt -- with more on track to come.

"While Manigault has earned the respect of voters and deserves their thanks for speaking to important concerns, Luecke deserves their vote. The Tribune endorses Stephen J. Luecke for re-election."


Indy on the other hand . . .

Um, I'm pretty sure Bart Peterson got the Star endorsement over Greg Ballard.

Poor Greg Ballard on TV just stammered and stuttered that "he just couldn't remember" when confronted about his not voting in the last Mayor and Council election.

Nobody asked him about why he never bothered to vote in the spring elections until he himself was on the ballot.

And some folk want to elect a candidate that cant even remember whether he voted or not???

ok. let's go with the star endorsements. that means the CC will be controlled by the republicans. and that was before they had to withdraw one.

perhaps the star endorsements weren't very thoughtful of consistent. god knows their editorial staff -- i mean pretty much the whole staff -- didn't have a good week last week.

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