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Starting Fresh: Should Dems Give Ballard A Clean Tax Slate In January?

TaxmanLocal rumblings from Jim Shella's blog:

"Democrats are making noises about a possible repeal of the October hike in the local income tax before they lose the majority on the City County Council in January.

"Would that be viewed as vindictive politics, or the right thing to do in response to Tuesday's vote? How could Republicans vote against it? Would the Mayor sign it? How about the next Mayor? Will Republicans do their own repeal in January, if the Democrats don't?

"If there's a repeal can Republicans cut enough spending to make up the gap, or will we see a return to overcrowded jails?

"This is going to be interesting."


I had not seen Shella blog when I committed here on this early today. Should this CCC do it? Maybe we should invite indyu to give his comment. How about it "Joe"? What ya say? We are waiting with bated breath.

I say do it. Let the Ballard live up to his promise of making everything in the city better without raising taxes and with %10 less in the budget. I can't wait to see how he does this.

I hadn't seen it either, arnie.

Do it. Let the people see how little Ballard can actually do to fulfill his promises. If he's as smart as he (and only he) thinks he is, let him figure out how to get out of the mess.

Off subject... Just found out Angela Mansfield has won the 2nd District. See new vote count on indygov.org.

Arnie is right. Happy Dance.

It'd be vindictive to rescind the tax. The reasons for enacting it still exist.

It'd be fun to watch, politically, but it'd be vindictive.

And haven't we had enough "gotcha" politics for awhile? Ultimately, it just creates a huge negative environment. Sometime, somewhere, some brave people have to step forward and govern.

I think even though the Juice is there to do it, it'd be short-sighted. But Monroe hasn't been known for his long-term wisdom. Evidence the carnage Tuesday. This actually sounds like a King Ro idea...he is mean-spirited enough to suggest it.

I actually don't know that it is vindictive. People voted with their wallets, and this would undo the pain, leaving Ballard free to do his own thing.

I would think that stooping to the very same alleged behavior that multiple posters have decried about the Republicans (ad nauseum) wouldn't reflect well upon Marion County Democrats as a whole.

But then, walking the walk hasn't exactly been anybody's forte for quite some time for too many of those in power, has it?

Sounds like the brat kid who takes his toys home when others won't play his way. That's the way to begin the march back - not.

Well...it would show that Dems are just in it for the politics.

If the council and they mayor truly believed the increase was necessary for the safety of the city (and I think they did), then they would leave it in place.

I think Peterson would come off looking pretty bad and it would hurt him if he has any aspirations down the line.

Presented correctly it might be the proper move. Would it show a state of agreement with the voters wishes? That is the question. I would consult the Mayor-elect for his guidance.

I don't think it could be done without Ballard's input.

Get Ballard to publically state what he wants and go with that. If he says it should stay in place, he would be going back on his word. If he says get rid of it, do it and you'll be respecting the wishes of the mayor-elect. I hope they repeal the tax because I'm curious to see where the money to fight crime will come from. It better not be from more taxes, or people will have 'Had Enough' of him before too long.

And proposed by Scott Schneider I think.

What about just amending it to give it a one-year sunset clause?

Petty Cash observes "Monroe hasn't been known for his long-term wisdom."

Nor his short-term wisdom.

Nor his mid-term wisdom.

"The reasons for enacting it still exist."

The voters apparently didn't recognize those reasons as valid. Ballard and the Republican County Council members never, apparently, recognized those reasons as valid. Honor their wishes. Get rid of it. In any case, there is a pending lawsuit challenging the tax increase, I believe.

Passive aggression is fun.

The voters apparently spoke on Tuesday and they don't want higher taxes. I say let's repeal it and let the Republicans figure out how to fill the budget hole without raising taxes or drastically cutting city services.

here's an idea. it may be foreign to most of you here:

*use the coit for what it was intended -- offset of current property taxes.

*cut spending. really, it is something that is done.

*use the savings from the spending cuts to fund the police pensions.

look a 10% across the board cut would fund the pension. painful? yeah. but the people have spoken. they do not want higher taxes. they will applaud spending cuts. at least those paying the taxes will.

I agree with 3:46. Ask Ballard to commit one way or the other and then proceed. I thought of this on election night, wondering what GB would do with this increase. If the current Council would propose it, then Mayor Bart could ask the Mayor-elect if he wants it or not. That way, it's not vindictive, it just gives the majority what they want and everyone has to live with it. Intriguing!!

I pay taxes, and I won't applaud cuts in basic city services.

The question I asked repeatedly before the election still stands: What's Ballard going to cut to deliver on his big promises?

It's in there somewhere TDW, didn't you listen during the campaign?

Well, Mike O'Connor's PR gig will likely end. Every little $200K counts, eh?

The council Republicans are highly unlikely to allow any substantive actions for the rest of the year. It takes a quorum to do business and the D's don't have one without the Rs. Besides, given Sweet Pea's various legal and ethical vulnerabilities, he'd be well advised not to anger the incoming majority with partisan highjinks.

If the Democrats want to bow to the electorate's wishes by passing Ballard's agenda, they should go ahead and give control of IMPD to the mayor while they're at it.

I caught a Ballard interview on WIBC yesterday.

Ballard was asked to respond to a listener question about when (not if) he was going to repeal the income tax increase. His response was not direct, instead stating that pensions had been underfunded and we historically had to borrow money to deal with this budget shortfall. He said that he would need to "look at what was coming in and where it was going" and that it would "take some time" to get a handle on that. The message (unspoken, but clearly understood) was that he's not going to repeal the tax. Although he didn't address it when I was listening, he's also not going to be able to do anything about the property tax issue.

So, the point is that I think that many of the folks voting for Ballard (read, against Mayor Peterson) are going to be sorely disappointed when he does not or cannot address the issues that defined their vote. I think they assumed that by voting against mayor Peterson they were voting for a candidate that would, could or should do something different. That's not necessarily true.

I am sure Melyssa will be tea-bagging Ballard's home before Mass when her Daniels-delayed double-whammy tax bill arrives next spring ... right?

I would highly doubt the current majority on the counsel would do this. To do so, I think, would require the approval of Mayor Peterson. Say what you want about him, but he always struck me as a stand-up kind of guy. He tried to sell this income tax increase as necessary for public safety; he doesn't strike me as the type who would now, after he's lost, go back and have it removed. I just don't see it.


But do you think your Republican cohorts will step up to the plate and rescind the COIT increase? After all, they campaigned on that issue and they are all honorable gentlemen and gentleladies, aren't they? Surely Ballard will demand it be rescinded, wont he? Melyssa and IndyErnie sure will!!!


The truth is, I don't know. I only know one member of the council personally. I really don't have any idea what they'll do, frankly.

But, how about this - the guy just got elected on Tuesday. How about you all give him more than 2 days to do his job, when it won't even be his job for another 2 months (slightly less.) I mean, yeah, he'd better have some idea, but please, give him a chance. Heck, the council doesn't even have a new president yet.

If they campaigned on rescinding the COIT increase, then they should do so. And if that means other stuff has to be cut, so be it. They ought to start on the administration side to see what can be cut there.

I'm a political scientist, not a public administrator - I can't tell you what's available to be cut (but it ought not be public safety, that's for sure.)


Yeah, like he's going to have more of a clue in two months? This guy wouldn't know what he's doing if he had two decades!

Ballard is in a cushy position. Petereson did the right thing and took care of many problems that had been brewing for far too long.

bottom line is ballard is going to have to work with the peterson's flawed budget for a year.

then there will be spending cuts and service cuts like there should have been in the first place.

if you want a sustainable marion county, you can't tax families out to the burbs. ballard gets that. the democrats never did.

Marion County has been "losing" some population out to the suburbs since the days of Mayor Lugar and the UniGov GOP machine domination...

Wilson are you obsessing on me again?

What is this? If you have a problem come talk to me man to man.
What's wrong? Chicken?

"bottom line is ballard is going to have to work with the peterson's flawed budget for a year."

already setting up to blame the guy before.

"But, how about this - the guy just got elected on Tuesday. How about you all give him more than 2 days to do his job, when it won't even be his job for another 2 months (slightly less.) I mean, yeah, he'd better have some idea, but please, give him a chance."

BETTER have some idea? Why would you even run if you DIDN'T have an idea?

wilson, the IPS areas of marion county are being drained of middle class and upper middle class families. that trend has swept farther out into the township areas. the property tax situation is a disaster. adding the COIT on top was a major blunder and, if you don't believe me, go back and read your wednesday morning paper.

crime, corruption, and COIT. that was the election. if property taxes and education don't get fixed soon, what exactly do you think marion county is going to look like in 5 years?

avon, zionsville, carmel, fishers, and johnson county are booming. where are those people coming from. they ain't all moving in from out of state.

the new administration is going to have to make decisions on budget and services that won't be easy but necessary to make marion county sustainable. it really seems like don't raise my taxes and cut the budgt was a pretty clear message tuesday.

of course that means the wilsons of the world have less money to dole out.

Clue to Ballard: you don't have to spend all the money that is appropriated. As the executive, you are perfectly free to reduce spending but not allowed to increase it.

So go ahead and do that 10% cut you promised the voters. The existing budget wont restrain you. No excuses!!!

Well anon 10:02 you vote to remove the COIT as quickly as possible. So do I. That is what GB wants and that is what he should have. Not in six months but now.

And by the way, get rid of those charter schools and gice the money back to IPS.

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