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State Of The Fourth Estate: New Blog Reminder And Two Job Postings

Nowhiring_2For those of you who've enjoyed reading about news of the news on this site in the past, don't forget to check out TDW's new media-centric blog, Bury The Lede.

Today's update includes two job postings for positions with Inside INdiana Business.

And if you've got tidbits about what's going on inside the Fourth Estate, you know where to send 'em.


I am new to this site, what is the Fourth Estate? I do find the site very informative and the comments pretty decent.

On the Fourth Estate front, when did it become acceptable to use the fake words "Ginormous"?

The Star not only used it in an [i]enormous[/i] (or gigantic) headline above the fold, but they also used it IN THE STORY!!


Ginormous was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary this year (along with RPG, sudoku and speed dating)

I know...that doesn't mean it has to be used above the fold as it was.

Who says ginormous? People (most often young people) who are a) trying to be cutesy or b) lacking a solid vocabulary.

Newspapers are neither of the above.

8:52 - I know what you mean. I'm about ready to cry, too. Oh, the humanity!

Perhaps "Ginormous" is part of the newspaper's ongoing campaign to appeal to 18-to-34 year old readers -- a campaign in which the paper looks like a pathetic, pasty-faced 55-year-old man (perhaps an editor) walking down the beach with his stomach sucked in, hoping to get a glance from the younger women.

Oh, 9:14, don't forget the tiny white speedo! Actually saw that on a beach in Venice Fl ... not a pretty sight!

And I bet he's wearing a diamond stud in his ear!

9:14, you might want to look again:

It's a newspaper, fer cryin out loud. It's not a pasty-faced man in a bathing suit. No Speedo, no earring.

A newspaper. Don't like it? Don't read it.

You've got issues. Keep grinding that ax, and you'll burn your hand.

No, 8:36, it used to be a newspaper. Now it's an information platform, whatever the hell that means. And as bad as The Star was before Gannett, nowadays it's really cheap goods.

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