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The Horse Race: 2006 Targeted U.S. Reps Look Pretty Safe Next Year

Thumbsup1 The Rothenberg Political Report updates its 2008 U.S. House rankings. The outlook has not changed for the three Indiana districts that were nationally targeted last year.

U.S. Reps. Brad Ellsworth and Joe Donnelly, in the Eighth and Second Districts respectively, are on the "Democrat Favored" list.

U.S. Rep. Baron Hill, who hails from Indiana's Ninth, remains on the "Leans Democratic" list.


President Bush is apparently planning another journey down to New Albany. Sodrel and Baron have been invited.

How hard is Millionaire Mike going to try to avoid have his picture taken with W?

Not very hard.

He's been invited to the event, and is planning to attend.

I forget,which party is Baron Hill representing? George W will have made 2 visits to New Albany with Baron present. One was to talk about No Child Left Behind, which Baron voted for but doesnt support. This time its about the federal budget, which Baron complains the Bush admin has been reckless with. Seems when Air Force One lands, Baron is the first one to the red carpet. Strange!

Hey, I think Bush is as much of a disgrace as the next person, but if I were a Congressman and the President invited me to attend an event in my home district, I would have a hard time turning the offer down.

That being said, I did find it a bit odd that Bush made it clear he was coming to complain about the Democratic-controlled Congress, but Baron is still going. Seems like he'll be entering into a pretty hostile environment.

Baron's a bright man - he knows that you should always keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

It's no big deal about Congressman Baron Hill attending a non-political event in his District with the President of the United States. When Bush came to Indpls to speak at Black Expo, Congresslady Carson also attended -- Bush got a polite round of applause, Julia got a standing ovation!

Yeah, Wilson, but this was what the official response was from Bush's folks when asked what he was going to be talking about:

"In his remarks, Bush is expected to continue criticism of spending measures supported by the Democratic-controlled Congress.

"'He's been traveling the country talking about the budget because it's taken this Congress longer than any in the past 20 years to send the president an appropriations bill,' said White House spokesman Alex Conant. 'The president is urging Congress to reject calls for higher spending and send him a fiscally responsible budget.'"

-- Not exactly non-political if you ask me.

It's not overtly a partisan political event. True, it's the President speaking about Congress -- an effort is being made to sway Blue Dog Democrats like Baron Hill to be less confrontational with the White House. Hill's District is not exactly a bastion of liberalism -- both Bush and Baron know it too. A certain amount of civility can help defuse what is obviously not going to be a lovefest down there...

As much as I love her, if Julia Carson runs again, the GOP will win that district. Someone please talk to Julia and explain public sentiment to her.

After having been elected to public office continuously and successfully since 1972, Julia Carson is not unaware of political sentiments, tides and currents. Most will agree that she is one of Indiana's more savvy public servants. She constantly monitors and acts on the needs and moods of her constituents. She'll do fine!

Wilson said:
"She constantly monitors and acts on the needs and moods of her constituents."

Obviously, this doesn't include providing her constituents with a more honest account of her serious health problems, or a more accurate time frame for her return to work.


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