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Twist And Shout: Guv Will Have To Get GOP Votes For His Tax Plan

Argue The question of whether the Guv will get his tax plan approved next year looks like it could come down to whether he can get members of his caucus to vote for a sales tax increase in an election year.

Last time he twisted a bunch of arms to get his way, Republicans lost the majority in the House. Who wants to bet they won't make the same mistake twice?

"House Speaker B. Patrick Bauer warned Tuesday that persuading lawmakers to raise the sales tax, even to help homeowners battered by rising property taxes, won't be easy.

"The Democrat's concerns were echoed by Republican leaders in the House.

"Beyond their general distaste for raising taxes, next year is an election year for all 100 members of the House and half the 50-member Senate.

"'I've been there, done that. That's tough. It's very tough,' Bauer said as work to provide property tax relief began in the Statehouse.

"Last month, Gov. Mitch Daniels unveiled a plan that promises to cut homeowners' bills by about one-third on average statewide and, to make up for the lost tax revenue, raise the state sales tax to 7 percent from 6 percent.

"But raising the sales tax would be especially troublesome, Bauer said, because Indiana would then have a higher sales tax than surrounding states.

"Before they act, lawmakers need to hear from homeowners and local governments about what they want, he said, adding that too often, people don't come to the Statehouse to weigh in.

"This year, he said, 'we're going on the road, and we will come to them.'"


If Bauer wants to lower property taxes he has to raise some other tax. income Tax, Sales Tax, some tax.

So are you saying the Democrats do want to lower property taxes but do not want to raise other taxes due to it being an election year ?

How do the deomcrats reconcile that with Mr. O's plan of cutting property taxes 60+ Percent and raising other taxes ?

He's saying it's a tough sell.

If the Guv wants to be able to say he proposed and pushed a plan that fixed the property tax system, he's going to have to bring votes to the table.

That's my point.

His Mitchiness isn't known for his ability to build consensus.

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