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Veterans Day: On The Shore Dimly Seen Through The Mists Of The Deep

07poster Happy Veterans Day to all who have served this great nation.

You don't have to agree with a particular war or course of military action to recognize and honor the courage it takes to answer the call of duty.

Please pause, if you will, to reflect on those who've made the ultimate sacrifice to protect us in our time of need and guarantee our continued safety at home.


Question, what do those of you, who don't agree with this administration's policies, do to honor veterans? My friends and I were just discussing ways in which to show our support and honor the courage and sacrifice our troops make. Just curious what others do.

Hurrah for all veterans, especially Mayor-elect Greg Ballard!

You just had to politicize this thread. Idiot.

ok I'll include Annapolis grad Jimmy Carter too...I may be political but I'm damned if I'm an idiot!

1:03, you're what's wrong with politics these days.

I detest this illegal and unjustified war. But my dad is a vet, and he went off to France and Germany during the Berlin Air Crisis, when I was a youngster. He was gone 19 months, and I still remember it. I watch the TV news film of soldiers going/coming to Iraq, and I get goose bumps. And I say a silent prayer for all of them. Every single damned day, not just Veterans' Day.

Cause my dad came home OK. Too many dads and moms these days don't.

I'll say a special prayer for dingbats like you who jump to wild conclusions. And then, when you finally get it, I'll borrow a phrase you ought to completely understand:

"Mission Accomplished!"

God bless every one of them--they have no choice about going and they serve without griping. Not many folks go to the Village Pantry these days without griping.

And now, about the Veterans (mis)Administration...

TDW was must more eloquent than me, but I think that regardless of political affiliation we can all agree that we all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to those who wear and have worn the uniform. They sacrifice their time, their bodies, and too often their lives for something greater than all of us.

God bless them, their families, and may he continue to shed his Grace on the United States of America.

"Question, what do those of you, who don't agree with this administration's policies, do to honor veterans?"

Question everything, accept nothing at face value. If nothing else, this administration has proven that they cannot be trusted to tell us the truth the first go 'round. Suggesting that we just shut up and do our patriotic duty by blindly following whatever our leaders say without question has to be the biggest slap in the face to those in the military possible. Otherwise, what are they fighting for? Wouldn't we just be like any other banana republic then?

Question for you, 1:03. If this administration is so great for the troops, how do you explain Walter Reed and that 25% of all homeless are vets?

Holy cow! I posted the comment at 1:03 and came back this evening to see the ideas people might have suggested as ways to honor the troops. If ever a comment was misinterpreted it was my first one. I don't support the Bush administration, but I was asking for ways in which you all honor the sacrifice our troops make every day. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

My husband and I called his father, my father-in-law. He's 87 and served in WWII as a Lt. Colonel in the Army. He was the artillery officer and one of the very first African Americans promoted to this rank. He told us how the German POW's were treated better than the Black soldiers (they were able to ride in the front of the transport trains and got better food, for example, while the Black soldiers were segretated to the rear cars and were served whatever might be left over once everyone else had eaten).

Still, his voice got soft and trembled a bit when he recounted how very much he loves this country. And my voice got soft, too, when I told him how proud I was of his service.

All in all, a fine Veteran's Day.

8:35--you should've proofed your post before you hit "send."

I just re-read it. The word that threw me, and made me think you were baiting the rest of us, was "others."

The English major in me would've used a red pen there.

In all, I guess...no harm intended, no real foul.

Your post, or TDW's original post, produced some pretty inspiring comments.

I'll tell you how I honored one veteran, who just happens to be my Dad. I spent the day with him. He's also 87, like one of the above poster's father. He was on Guam and Okinawa during WWII. There wasn't much mention of Veteran's Day, just the talk of how unusual the weather has been and how leaves will soon need to be raked. He's a content person in his older years; he served his country to the best of his abilities when he was young and has been a model citizen his whole life. He still idolizes Franklin Roosevelt and loathes George Bush. All in all, a nice Sunday. Just what Dad and millions of others earned with their service for their country.

Hmmmmm....Anderson guy, your dad sounds pretty interesting.

And smart.

Admire FDR, loathe W.

Mind over matter.

Does dad use the Internets?

"Question for you, 1:03. If this administration is so great for the troops, how do you explain Walter Reed and that 25% of all homeless are vets?"

Because of institutional indifference exhibited by EVERY administation, Democrat as well as Republican. Many if not most of the homeless vets are Vietname era veterans. Will you blame their condition on JFK, LBJ or RMN?

Society in general practices an out-of-sight, out-of-mind policy toward vets, equal opportunity indifference. Recent exposure about substandard care for Iraq/Afghanistan vets will stir things up for awhile, but the dust will settle and poor treatment will once again be the norm.

Homeless people don't vote. VA patients, being needs-based, don't have political affluence. All in all, I think the American Legion has done a weak job of political lobbying.

And for the sake of history, remember that the Armistice that went into effect at 11 am on November 11, ending The Great War, set the stage for WW2, The Greater War.

There is a long, unbroken line of sacrifice from the trenches in France to the rooftops of Baghdad. I am thankful that we have always had men and women willing to wear the uniform that may require their ultimate commitment.

Unlooker, your sentiment is appropriate, but somewhat fact-challenged.

There was no "requirement nof ultimate commitment" in Baghdad. Just a esneless president pushing a testosterone-driven policy based on lies and innuendos. Those whos erve there do so without question, and honorably.

If only their President were as honorable. It was and is all, so very unnecessary.

"There was no "requirement nof ultimate commitment" in Baghdad. Just a esneless president pushing a testosterone-driven policy based on lies and innuendos."

I assure you that my son would not agree-- during either of his two tours as a Marine in Iraq-- with your judgement that being in Baghdad did not require commitment from those who were there. I suspect this is not what you intended to imply, but you rather were disparaging the White House command structure. An indefensible command structure, we all agree.

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