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WedgeWhack! Waning: As It Turns Out, Wingnuts May Have A Shelf Life

WeedwhackerWith most realistic folks on the same page about the unattainability of an all-out property tax repeal, today's poll results indicating a reduction in support for a constitutional gay marriage ban must have Eric Miller and his band of wingnuts sobbing in their beer:

"Support among Hoosiers for a state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage appears to be on the decline, according to an Indianapolis Star-WTHR (Channel 13) poll.

"The poll, based on the responses of 600 people statewide, found that 49 percent of Hoosiers supported the amendment. That number is down from 56 percent in a March 2005 survey by The Star.

"Of the respondents, 44 percent said they opposed a constitutional ban, up from 40 percent in 2005.

"Earlier this year, the Indiana Senate passed the constitutional ban, but the amendment was voted down in a House committee. Efforts to revive the amendment are expected during the 2008 legislative session.

"'I'm glad to hear that the tide is turning,' said Jon Keep, president of Indiana Equality, which has lobbied against the amendment. 'I think a lot of it has to do with people realizing that this may not be the most important issue in the state right now and we need to be addressing other things like property taxes.'"


I hear Vanessa Summers really chaperons her interns around BBoz -- nowadays, that is.

Right wingnuts do not drink beer. They drink lukewarm peach flavored decafeinated tea.

Uh oh, what will BBoz's agenda be now? At least for his sake the new crop of House & Senate interns should be starting in about a month.....

Now now the good folks down at the local VFW and the corner church seem to think that Eric is sincere when he tells them he's a God-fearing man and going to turn this property tax thing around. So long as he can rake in the dough after a church service or an inflammatory gay-bashing email, he'll be around. He's the same kind of snake-oil salesman who populates River City, Iowa... and does so time and again without ever delivering the goods.

He and Curt Smith and Micah Clark all need a time-out reality check. Be careful, they have plenty of money behind them to turn this poll around.

call, write, or e-mail your legislators. tell them you demand that lesbian polygamy be legalized through a constitutional amendment. This willmake the moonbats blow a gasket!
Also- tell them you want Atheism to be the official state religion- Let us now pause for amoment of .... nothing!
And get rid of that stupid sunday no- carryout law! talk about a violation of church and state, which costs Indiana millions! I always drive to OHIO on sunday, and my friends drive to michigan, and while we're ther, we fill up our gas tanks, and pitch our emptys on the roads in Indiana so the convicts ( mostly potheads, and other harmless types) will have something easy to pickup.
And most of all- repeal everything that Senator Wyss has pushed to pass for the last 20 years. make his time a total waste of time. stupid fascist wingnut. saving lives. the only thing he ever saved was his own political butt, and cost hoosiers plenty!

Come on Lance, who are we going to mock and point at in this state if not Eric Miller? He's always good for a laugh.

The best part is he has no idea he's a joke.

Eric Miller? Drinks beer?! Never! Blasphemer!

Seriously, I hope he takes the hint and goes away. Forever.

The Boz also said his caucus would stand behind the Guv's property tax plan, sales tax increase and all.

Maybe if they would pay more attention to the whole house (and what the taxes are on that) than just what is going on in the bedrooms, we wouldn't be in the mess we are in.

Brian Bosma actually said that the passage of this amendment was the most important piece of the peoples business! What a joke.

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