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And Baby (Almost) Makes Three: A Few Weeks Early, But Here We Go

Baby Um, so, as it turns out, TDW is in labor. (Yes, they have wireless at the hospital.)

So, no updates today. Or quite possibly tomorrow.

Play nicely.


Good luck! You'll have your bundle of joy soon!

Whoa! --

Good luck with the birth, and here's to hoping you and Baby TDW both have an easy time over the next few hours!

Updates from the hospital...what a trooper.

In a week when the Kernan/Shepard Commision makes their recommendations; ISTEP scores come out; Pacer player acts up again; Abdul's caught with his hands in the IndyU cookie jar, and other good stuff stuff you could be blogging about (not to mention at least 10 more posts from DOC folks) Little TDW decides its time for their Grand Entrance.
TDW, sounds like the kid's gonna have a good sense of timing. So, do your breathing exercises and us posters and trolls will behave responsibly. (smile)

Aren't you a couple of weeks early? Besides, aren't first babies supposed to run a tad slow anyhow?

I'm still hoping Baby TDW will get the First Baby of 2008 honors at 12:01am New Years Day!

I'm sure the idea of being in labor for the next three weeks isn't exactly something TDW would endorse at this point, accolades be damned.

I'm sure everyone hopes it is a healthy baby

And a new Democrat to be born this day..or the next perhaps. Healthy and all soft and pink. What a bundle of joy. And quite a early Christmas present. Oh and pictures please.

what's the comment about Abdul mean?

Check out
& stAllio!'s blog
for Abdul info (it ain't pretty!)

Congrats from one of your trial ad teachers!!

Good Luck, TDW.
And here's hoping it's today. It's also my daughter's birthday.

Those babies have a way of showing up when you least expect them! Good luck!

Good luck, and I hope you have a healthy and happy baby! Have a copy of "Why Mommy's a Democrat" yet?

To Husband TDW,

Drugs or not, stay out of TDW's reach. ;)

Women in labor have a tendency to reach out and grab odd things, like belts. I'm surprised I had a second child after hours in a twisting grip.

Good luck Jen!

Mom TDW must be so excited!
Wow, what a way to get out of final exams--temporarily.
Hope all goes well. MUCH better to be a little early than late. Now is better than being the first in 2008. Good luck and smooth sailing to you, her daddy and your new little tax deduction for 2007!

Wait! Jen will be a "Mom TDW." We'll now have to have "Grandma" TDW.

Good Luck! My son was 2.5 weeks early based on his due date, but when he was born it was obvious to the doctor he was actually about a week late. So, think of this as the first of many times your new kid will decide to do something completely unexpected and not on your schedule!

I hope you're feeling ok. Here's to a short labor and easy delivery.

More advice to Daddy TDW:

During a contraction, she may very well squeeze your hand until you think your fingers might fall off. Do not complain about this.

If it turns out to be a long labor, do not say to her, "Jeez, I'm exhausted."

And all kidding aside, for both of you:

There is no way to explain or describe how you will feel when they hand that stunningly beautiful baby girl to you for the first time. Let that feeling soak into your bones. It could very well be the most profound moment of your lives.

Will the delivery be available on here via webstream?!?!?!?!

Hello Baby TDW! Goodbye Sleep!
As for the early birth, no worries. I was born 6 weeks early with 1971 medical technology, and the brain damage is hardly noticeable.

As for the new Democrat, don't be so sure. My folks did their best to raise a nice little country club Republican. Unfortunately for them, the GOP went all wingnut on them, alienating their good little fiscal conservative.

So, you never know what the future will hold. No doubt Baby TDW will rebel with vintage posters of George W. Bush and Mitch Daniels.

Hey, you will be able to claim a tax deduction for 2007.

anna: Wouldn't that be fun to see what happens if Jen's husband says he is exhausted?

>>There is no way to explain or describe how you will feel when they hand that stunningly beautiful baby girl to you for the first time. Let that feeling soak into your bones. It could very well be the most profound moment of your lives.<<

So true. From my blog post after my wife's C-section:
"Anyway, after a while of the doctors going about their work and Amy and I not being able to tell much, we hear our baby’s cry. I know I choked up immediately, and I seem to recall that Amy did the same. Probably the only time a bloody, gooey, screaming little mess is the best sight and best sound in the world."

Nifty! Best of luck with everything, TDW!

Praying for you and the little one, TDW. What a perfect Christmas present.

Here's hoping you have a swift recovery, that baby sleeps through the night right away and that you have a lot of good helpers at home when you and baby are back from the hospital.

I'll be in deep doo-doo if I do more than just say that the TDW's are doing fine, labor is progressing on schedule and it is indeed a "wonderful life".

Hey Gary, 10 bucks says she slugs him if he comes up with something like that!

I don't know if Jen has a potty-mouth, but I've heard that sometimes otherwise very nice ladies use language during labor that would make a sailor blush. I mean, I've just heard that, you know, not that I ever did anything like that myself . . . . .

However, we will just assume that Daddy TDW will be the consummate compassionate husband and Jen will handle the experience with all the calm and strength of the smart and confident woman she is!!

OK - I am sending my prayers and well wishes to the TDWs.

Now about that post of yesterday...could it have been a little "nesting" that foreshadowed today's events?

And I quote, "TDW has oodles of things and other assorted stuff to do today"

Me thinks it was.

One word: epidural. Congrats to the TDW family.

Another Damm democrat? Well anyway, I hope it is a healthy baby and Jen I hope it is an ez delivery.

Any speculation on the name. My money is on Mitch. Congrats.


It's gonna be a biological female, I understand.

Dan Parker will sh*t a brick if the child is named "Michelle"...

Congratulations on the new baby!

Congratulations Jen! I'm sure you'll make a beautiful family. :)

Prayers and Best Wishes

Jen -

As the father of a baby who was born several months early, believe me when I say that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I hope everything turns out well for you and the little one (and your husband, of course.)

All politics aside, some things in life are just too damn important to let this other crap (you know the political side) get in the way.

My very best wishes for you and the little one - hurry up and get back to this blog so we can have some witty and intellectual banter!


Congratulations, and good luck!


You go, girl..or boy..whatever - as long as the baby's healthy!

We're all pullin' for ya'.

(But you're the one doin' the pushin'!)

Congratulations and good wishes to the entire TDW family!


Congrats on the upcoming delivery. You will make a great mom. For the rest of you, get a life, please. You will sleep easier at night.

Looks like your child will share a birthdate with the state of Indiana -- December 11. She'll be your Little Hoosier, really! Good luck from a wingnut Republican -- babies bring out the best in all of us. :)

Beautiful little girl ... you'll have to wait for the TDW's for the details.

Holy. Has it been nine months -- or so? Eight? Wow.

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