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Expert Opinion: Kenley Has Devoted Years To Tax Reform, Proposals

Dollarsignfist The Indianapolis Business Journal's Jennifer Whitson, who formerly worked as a Statehouse reporter for the Evansville Courier & Press, writes up an interesting profile of Republican State Sen. Luke Kenley today. It's definitely worth reading the whole thing.

"Other lawmakers say that, behind closed doors, Kenley is a smart and tough negotiator. On occasion, he’ll irritate his own caucus more than clashing with House Democrats. In fact, Kenley and House Speaker Pat Bauer, D-South Bend, have nothing but nice things to say about each other.

"'[Kenley] is one of the smartest legislators we have,' Bauer said. 'It's a wonderful experience negotiating with him. It's always a learning experience, and we've always gotten something done in a positive way.'

"Senate President David Long, a Fort Wayne Republican, said Kenley can keep his cool in talks.

"'Luke has a good sense of humor, which is crucial in a high-stress job, but he's also tough,' Long said. 'He knows how to negotiate and get from point A to the end of a plan. He's probably a darn good chess player.'"


I echo Jennifer Whitson's assessment of Sen. Kenley. Did anyone else hear a rumor that he might run for governor? Perhaps he was waiting to see if Mitch would run again.

oh brother...

11:17 AM is not a very clever pseudonym, Senator. A smart guy like you could certainly do better.

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