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Fanfare For The Common Man's Champion: Tributes Follow Carson's Death

Images Some additional coverage of the death of U.S. Rep. Julia Carson:

The Associated Press writes this main story and provides additional information about Carson's life and reaction to her passing. documents Carson's legacy as an LGBT advocate, writing that she "quickly established herself as a champion of issues which impacted the gay community, maintaining a progressive legislative record on LGBT issues and becoming a vocal advocate of equality within Congress. "

Sylvia Smith of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette pens this overview piece about Carson's life and Congressional record.

The Indianapolis Star provides a nice tribute package of stories detailing, among other things, Carson's background, the unique bond she forged with her constituents and the legacy she leaves behind.


For that matter, I've already posted Carson's eulogy for Rosa Parks on YouTube -- the speech is classic Julia !

As soon as I can get a copy of the video, I'll post it on YouTube -- !

Currently on CSPAN live, Members of Congress are discussion Julia Carson. FYI.

Just sharing this quote from the following very interesting website:

"Never speak ill of the dead because they will come back to haunt you or you will suffer misfortune."

Here's hoping your nastiness comes back to bite you in the butt 2:51.

Jocelyn is headed out to Crown Hill wearing her dancing shoes ... pitiful!

Carson was no saint and did aspire to become one of the dirtiest politicians this city has ever known.
She was a vicious, cheating, scheming and cold-blooded woman. Queen of the Ghetto Mafia who setup and intimidated anyone who would not support their causes.

The Democrat Party benefited from the organized voting fraud in select precincts.
Her tactics helped to keep her and Andy Jacobs in public office for years.

Ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked, wicked witch is dead! Goog riddence.

"Back in 1990, some arrogant fool in a Township Board meeting challenged Julia, asking if she knew the law. She bristled, stood up and retorted: 'I should, chump. I've been writing them for 18 years!'" - - Classy Lady.

Back in 1990, some arrogant fool in a Township Board meeting challenged Julia, asking if she knew the law. She bristled, stood up and retorted: "I should, chump. I've been writing them for 18 years!"

Don't forget to mention her contributions to legal academia as a holder of the Legum Doctor (LL.D.) degree from Martin University.

You're so right, Bean Bag. But to set the scene properly:

Julia put out word that she wanted to see the faithful--some committeemen, but mostly officeholders. She told almost no one the subject. Rampant speculation was, she'd announce she would not run for another term. She knew this was in the rumor mills, and she playfully kept mum for a few days. Speculation mounted.

At the meeting, she waltzed into the room, and quickly dispatched anyone who thought she was not going to serve to her death. Then, she turned to the city council members in the room...and this part was rich: Ron Gibson and then-president Steve Talley were close to the front.

By the time she finished blistering folks on the lack of Democratic support for the HRO, which was the sole purpose of the confab she'd convened, Ron G. was so low in his chair you coudln't see his head. How appropriate.

And Steve Talley quietly and properly started re-thinking his position. Which is why he's such a kind soul.

If earlier posters think her performance on the HRO situation isn't a fit remembrance, so be it. They miss the subtle and not-so-faint nuances of her personality. She played it to the hilt, and, in the end, as on many party issues, she prevailed.

Several tails were tucked between legs on the way out of that meeting. But she made her point. Shortly thereafter, the HRO passed, thanks in no small part to her grandstanding that day.

Sadly...there's no one with the moral authority in the party to pull off a similar stunt today. She had richly earned the right to beat the hell out of that bully pulpit. And in her entire career, I only saw her use it once or twice to that degree.

7:46 proves the old adage that politics aint beanbag. Julia would have loved it and loved that this anonymous person was exposed for the fool they are. One of my proudest moments in recalling Julia was when she made sure the African American community and the rest of Indianapolis understood what being a Democrat was all about and that was when she stood up for the human rights ordinance and chastised fellow Dems for not understanding that the discrimination against gays was the same as any other discrimination. Those who seek to replace her should pay heed.

It is very sad to lose loved ones at any time of year, but at Christmas it can especially hard.
We should all remember that Julia Carson had lots of people who loved her very much and it must be hurtful to know that some hyenas are sniffing and yipping at the edges of the clearing.
Like Rep. Carson or not, it shows a certain lack of class and tact to be mean about it anonymously, especially at this time of year.

so alcoholic better than gay, eh 7:46? classy. I'm sure folks will have kind things to say upon your passing as well.

Wow Julia Carson dies and the best words you can find about her are from a gay website. Really says alot for TDW and Rep Carson. I fugured you could have found some alcoholic who likes to drink at the bar in the federal building named in her honor that would say something nice.

I am outside of the Indy political arena, but had the pleasure of meeting Julia several times over the past 10 years in connection with my professional role. I found her to be a kind and gracious woman and am saddened by the news of her passing. Having lost both parents to cancer, my thoughts and prayers are with her family and dearest friends in their time of mourning.

There's a time for politics.

This isn't it.

no es oro todo lo que reluce!

Nothing says it more than driving through the neighbothoods and seeing the campaign yards signs that have sprung up in the last few days simply saying "I Love Julia" and with this snow, those red and white signs stand out.....

Mrs. Republican, you need a lesson in manners and decorum.

There's plenty of time for that speculation later.

Now, a proper mourning time is appropriate.

Just for my information, do you own a pit bull?

What TDW, no speculation on which Dem will take her place? I am soooooooo surprised girl.

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