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On The Move: Cook Report Says Indiana Guv's Race Is Now A "Tossup"

Danielsinangola Hat tip to Blue Indiana for catching this gubernatorial horse race update from the Cook Political Report:

"A tip o' the hat to SouthernINDem in the diaries for pointing me to the latest Cook Political Report rankings for the gubernatorial race. Released on Thursday, they show Governor Daniels looking even more vulnerable to national observers, with the Indiana contest moving from its November spot in the 'Leans Republican' column over to 'Tossup' land."


We need a primary where both candidates go after Daniels, not even saying anything about each other.

Winner is the governor candidate, 2nd place is the lt. governor candidate. Then they really turn it on Mitchie-poo.

Run against his Washington DC record too, when he was working for Bushler, and started spending our tax money to pay the phone companies to turn over our calling records, all of us, to Cheney and his databanks.

I disagree, they need to stay above board, but a spirited primary will get them the valuable media attention they need to defeat Mitch. If they have an actual battle of ideas and not argue over the small stuff it will give them a leg up on Mitch. Too bad so many want to force their personal choice onto the primary voters, they deserve a chance at an open and hard fought primary.

If we have a bitter Demo primary, we may blow the chance to get the Governor's office back. Someone needs to get the two candidates in a room and work something out........Daniels has too much money already and the last thing we need is a bitter primary split.

It's not a tossup. Daniels can't win unless noone else runs. He may even come in third.

It is time for a female Guv i.e. Kathy Davis.

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