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Open Thread: The Dreams That You Dare To Dream Really Do Come True

Baby TDW promises she'll get back in the regular swing of things soon, but she and the wee one are heading to the pediatrician's office this morning. Who knew venturing out of the house with a newborn would be so complicated? (Answer: experienced moms.)

Apologies now.

Updates later.


Great-Nana used to say we all eat a peck of dirt in our lives - that having been said she also waxed the garage floor! Go figure.

3 trips to the car for one trip across town.
Diaper bag......Check!
Toys ...........check!
I thought YOU got the baby!
(as the baby sits giggling at all the commotion she caused!)

I don't know about consistency or tumult, but once you start getting down on floor level with your children you might realize just how much dirt and hair that little pooch brings into the house.

When we brought our first baby home, our dog was not jealous in the least. She turned into mama-dog right away and began sleeping underneath the baby's crib instead of on our bed. When anyone - including us - came into the room, she was at the door with that look on her little doggy face that said, "What's your business here/Why are you in here?" She was his protector and rarely left his side. Later, when he began to pull himself up and learn to walk, she would stand beside him, letting him get a handful of her fur to help pull himself up. Patient dog, protective dog; baby is 12 years old now and they are inseperable.

Gee Aaron - not sure I'm following that whole get rid of the dog thing. By your theory when the second or third kid comes along one would need to get rid of the first child to insure all that consistency and lack of tumult.

We don't have a long-haired dachshund for protection.

She's actually adapting just fine, and Alexandra doesn't seem to care one way or the other.

Do you have a dog? Are you at all attached to it? It would take an awful lot for us to "get rid of" Whinnie. They may be animals, but they're part of the family, too.

Get rid of the dog, unless you really need it for protection. Not for yourself, but to make your baby's life more consistent and less surrounded by tumult.

Ha ha ha, 1:31, you're so right. I've gotten that one more times than I can count. And you're right - other parents need no explanations of why you're 30 minutes late (again), 'cause we've all been there.

Sounds like you're having a busy time of it, TDW. Glad things are going well.

All bundled up with the car loaded? That sounds about right.

This morning, I was trying to warm up the car, finish this paltry little post, clean up dog vomit, answer the phone and respond to a media inquiry before rushing out the door to the pediatrician's office, which I naturally couldn't find because directional aptitude skips a generation.

So it goes.

Honey, there is no such thing as regular swing anymore. You are a parent. Always expect the unexpected. Everything also takes much longer. It's just how it is. Other parents understand and need no explanation--ever. And this time of year? You know when they fill their diapers don't you? Hint: you're all bundled up, car loaded, strapping the kid in and.... It's even more fun with two or three at a time. Take your time and don't stress. She'll grow up too soon anyway. And if that means a lull on this blog once in a while, so be it. Some of us should be busy doing other things anyhow.

And Dads...

Here's hoping we don't lose TDW to!

Do you go to the same pediatrician that takes care of Governor Mitch?

hey, it doesn't matter if you're leaving the house for 3 hours or 3 months - all that gear has to go! Keep her warm!!

You know that you are putting us experienced moms to shame by working not just days after giving birth but DURING the delivery process. Sheesh, cut yourself some slack, Jen. That diaper bag is heaviest during the first six months. Bundle up!

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