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The Fallen Mighty: Allen County GOP Short On Cash After Election

Gopelephant The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reports on trouble in paradise for the GOP operation in Allen County:

"Indiana's 'premier political organization' might not have enough money to keep the lights on this Christmas thanks in part to some lingering resentment over the past election.

"Allen County Republican Party Chairman Steve Shine sent a letter Thursday to party supporters asking for donations as the party faces a financial crunch. He said a 'perfect storm' of events has forced the party to seek $20,000 by Jan. 31 to pay its bills.

"'The ability to maintain our current headquarters location, to have a fulltime operations manager and to keep and maintain a computer system with up-to-date software are all threatened by our current situation,' he wrote.

"The letter several times stresses the urgency of the situation, but Shine said seeking money to pay bills at the end of the year is common for the party.

"He said the party previously borrowed $19,000 from former county Commissioner Ed Rousseau and still owes $15,000 to state Sen. Tom Wyss.

"Instead of seeking money from a lone donor, Shine said it was more appropriate this time to ask everyone to chip in.

"Shine acknowledged 2007 was a turbulent year for the party, noting that the party's annual golf fundraiser didn’t bring in as much cash as normal.

"Much of the discord in the party centered on its failed mayoral nominee, Matt Kelty, who was indicted on campaign finance and perjury charges during the campaign. The situation got so contentious that Shine disbanded the executive committee, which included some of the party’s most influential advisers and donors."


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