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An Odd Message: Guv's Backers Agree To Show Only If Guv Doesn't?

Danielspoint1 The Guv will be filing for re-election today. Scratch that. A bunch of people will be filing the Guv's paperwork for re-election today:

Supporters of Gov. Mitch Daniels will file paperwork for his re-election bid today, including petition signatures from all 92 counties to place him on the ballot for the May primary.

A media event is scheduled at the Indiana secretary of state's office in the Statehouse at 12:30 p.m. Daniels isn't expected to face a serious challenge in the primary. On the Democratic side, Jim Schellinger and Jill Long Thompson are in a race to become that party's nominee in the November General Election.

A group of young people representing "the next generation of Hoosier leaders" will file today's paperwork on behalf of the governor, a news release said.

Daniels won't be there because he is traveling the state to promote his property tax reform plan, campaign spokesman Cam Savage said.

The stops include a meeting with Porter County residents at the Valparaiso City Hall, a question-and-answer session with students at Saint Joseph’s College in Rensselaer and an evening meeting in Kokomo with a group called Citizens United for Tax Relief.

Savage said the volunteers at the Statehouse filing today, most between the ages of 17 and 30, demonstrate Daniels' appeal to younger voters.

"They see him trying to bring in all these new jobs," Savage said. "They see him making all these tough decisions, some of which may not be popular with their grandparents, but that they think are necessary."

So his re-election message is going to be, "I'm really sorry, old-timers, that you can't deal with my arrogant brand of leadership, but the kiddies just adore me"?

Perhaps that one tested better than the original message Savage came up with: "'Mitch Daniels has done a lot of stuff. He was at a lot of meetings. He worked on leading and governing-type stuff. He was working."


AMEN 20/20

You know, what's funny, not ha, ha, but funny unusual?? There are a multitude of posts on many different pages on tdw, about MMM and J.(Jethro) David Donahue, who by the way is a complete idiot, and they all say the same thing. I was born and raised in this great state and have lived here all my life with the exception of my military duty, if we are going to survive, we have to take charge and turn the Governor's Office over to someone that is a Hoosier, and cares about the welfare of our state.

Yes its time to ditch mitch. I didnt vote for him before and Im sure not voting for him this time. Cover ups in state government, selling off the state, privatization of state agencys, spending tax payers dollars for his trips to other countrys, state employee unemployment, cover up of sexual harrassment in the Dept of corrections, riots, escapes, staff shortages, dog bites, arguing with citizens when they dont agree with him, state employee evaluations, medical insurance for state employees out of control, Arizona inmates coming to Indiana. And Im sure there is quite a bit more we could all list. Yes its time to ditch Mitch.

Elections matter, people. Repeat, elections matter.

We Democrats are sometimes too weak in our support of our candidates. We're do-gooders way too much, wanted to work with Republicans while they plan to stab us in the backs.

Elections matter. Look at Al Gore and John Kerry. Our country would be in such a better place if EITHER of them had been elected.

In Indiana, too many Democrats were so-so and not fighters in 2004 against Mitch. You had liberals in Bloomington screaming against Kernan about I-69. You had pro-business D's saying, hey Mitch wouldn't be so bad. In the end, though, you think Mitch has been better? No way, he's run government like a dictatorship. His record has been bad. The best thing about his team is their non-stop rose-colored, praise-ridden press releases and PR.

Get motivated, Democrats. Support our candidate whomever that may be. Let's Ditch Mitch!!!

That is why many more have not left their job, because they are hanging in waitting for the "push of a button" in November to vote MMM out and his henchmen with him. You are right Superstar, I cannot find anyone employed by the state who says they would vote for the supreme governor in November. Hopefully everyone will turn out and vote for anyone but him. Put him on the fast track out of Indiana and let someone else who is an actual Hoosier take over and try to revive the state and bring it back to where it was before MMM. Homeland security should be about NOT selling out our state to foreign countries and sending our businesses over seas. Don't you just love all the trips to the foreign countries which are supposed to benefit Hoosiers? We have to pay the expenses of these trips as taxpayers and still do not see any benefit from them. Politicians should stay home and tend to the state. Let businesses sell their own products to other countries, not the jobs.

It would be nice If MMM talked to his state employees. Maybe then he would realize where he stands with state employees. I dont know one state employee who is happy with him. All say they arent voting for him. Imagine that.

Mitch will ride off in to the sunset with Cherrie and brood and not have to worry about how he is going to pay his freaking bills because he is a millionaire many times over and is a crony of the Bush family. When has Mitch Daniels had to live from paycheck to paycheck, draw unemployment, or face downsizing with no money in his bank account to keep him afloat until he finds another job? How much did he care about the public when he made his money in the IPALco scandal? Why didn't he get a room reserved in federal prison like MArtha Stewart did when she did the same thing? Who protected him??? And WHY did people vote him in as governor after he shafted so many Hoosiers to begin with? He does not care about Hoosiers because he is not one and he is only in Indiana because it has proven to be ripe for the picking for him to make all his big money. He slapped EVERY Hoosier in the face when he and his family did not consider themselves to live at the Governor's Residence after the renovations. It was not good enough for them and their high society lifestyle and opinion of themselves. He cares so little for the traditions of the State of Indiana's Governors I am surprised he hasn't auctioned off the residence. Instead he rents it out like a church banquet hall. Yes, you,too, can rent the residence and trash it's meaning.
Mitch has made Indiana a butt of jokes with the buffoons he has brought in to run Indiana since he doesn't think that Indiana people are educated or smart enough to manage their own state and look what has happened. Even the DOC Commissioner stated this very thing in an interview on Chanel 8 and such an ass kisser as Donahue would not have said that without the approval of Mitch. Send Mitch back to Pennsylvania in November and let him spend his millions there. Cherrie needs some of it spent on Botox. Did you see how bad she looked at the State of the State Address? And her dress made her look like she was at a cocktail party, maybe that is why she looked so bad in the face, too many cocktails before the speech.

to butcher a famous quote by Harry S Truman:
If you cant stand the cold, get out of the freezer.
Hey you mean spirited liberals! as chris crocker said "Leave Mitch Alone!"- you recall the youtube video. (and britney spears is a train wreck of a different color).

Of course the GOV is arrogant- he's highly educasated, and surrounds himsel with only the best and the brightest- Young Hitler youth- I mean Youn ditto heads - who got into politics early because their well-connected parents told them to. Now they all have txpayer paid, or government employee/employment subsidized Master degrees or phd's -usually in IU- public administration (career bureaucrat schol).these kids all hope that by kissing up to the right people long enough, and marching lockstep down the boulevard with all der oberfuherers, and reichmarshalls that they too can earn a high position viz in ze party.
so vonce again- eet ees not vot you know, but who you know, at least visin zis state.
no vonder ze rest of us are living in ze conditions ve are- unless ve are vorking for ze state, or its security apparatus.
Boot I am not calling ze governor a bad fuhrer( german for leader, btw)
He is either and analogy to the captain of the titanic- damn the icebergs, gridley, fiull speed ahead- and Indiana is already sinking. He is will either go down with the ship, or he will be with those who have lifeboats, and vests, while the restof the passengers( hoosiers) and crew( public employees go down with the ship( glub)
Or we can draw another parallel- MMM is the captain of the Ship "Yorktown- we have already battened down the hatches, and have taken many hits( from the economy, etc)Many of the crew have already abandoned ship( hoosiers who have left the state,etc)or are desparately hanging on( the rest of us) and keep from going down with the ship, or just doing whatever damage control we can to keep alive, and keep the ship afloat until help arrives.
Our captain , through his leadership, or ability, or ingeniuty, or whatever ( pick any captain- queeg, bly, nimitz, etc) and his staff will either be able to save us,or we willall go down with the ship. again- the admirals, etc will have the lifeboats, and lifevests, and stash- and are best set to survive the ordeal. the rest of us must all stick together, or we are all doomed. In this parable, mutiny isnt an option, unless the next captain has a better plan.
and as they saying goes- women, children,the elderly first ( over the side, or rescued? that is the question..)

good lord! just wait for somebody to come out. bet it won't be a republican :) the door is always opening.

I hope all those young voters who are impressed by the new jobs MMM is bringing in to Indiana all have Master and Doctorate degrees because they will find out if they don't have any college degree or specialized training they will not be qualified for the jobs. Hope they think about that and do some investigating because there are not going to be any factory jobs left and they will have to help their parents and grandparents pay bills or let them move in with them when they loose their homes because they get foreclosed on or cannot pay their property taxes because their jobs are leaving the state and the country for overseas.

No one likes me.

If you only knew somebody...Oh wait.

I can't get in through the tunnel. No get-out-of-security-free card.

Cold? It's rarely cold in Indy. Especially compared to northern Indiana.

If you want to know what cold is you should had gone to the Packer game 2 weeks ago in Green Bay. It was in the MINUS.

cmon tdw take the tunnel over. no outside walk from 1n to the statehouse

Whilst channel-surfing last night, I locked onto a 10 pm showing of Law and Order...cannot remember if it was the first-run NBC type, or one of the mega-rerun channels that show populates.

Three gay guys murdered. An initial suspect, a State Assemblyman, knows one of the deceased very wwel. He also frequents a department store bathroom.

The erstwhile detectives pull a Larry Craig stakeout on him. Sure enough, the dumbass falls for it, makes the first move with three toe taps, a slide of the foot, cops answer with toe taps, and then the legislator sticks his hands underneath the stall with a wicked gesture that can only be descriebd as desparate.

It looked like a pretty wide stance to me, but...

In the end, the Assemblyman is not the murderer, and good ole' Capt. S. Epatha says "tell the Assemblyman we lost his paperwork." No charges filed.

No moral to that story, and it barely fits the post, but hey, someone brought up toe-tapping and Larry Craig. This gay dad cannot resist that kind of bait.

"the Randall Tobias concourse of the new Indianapolis International Airport"

It'll sound like a production of "Riverdance" in the men's room there...

They don't allow heaters here either. Weird, huh?


Thanks alot.

As long as you stay away from the Randall Tobias concourse of the new Indianapolis International Airport, you should be OK on that one.

A heater would blow the circuit in my part of the office.

Lined boots don't go with my outfit.

Heated socks are for old people.

Larry Craig might pay me a visit.

Put a little heater down by your feet, then. Wear lined boots. Get a pair of electrically heated socks. Tap your toes.

Sissy? Absolutely.

My feet are already freezing.

I'm not about to subject the rest of my body to the winter chill.

Won't brave the cold?

Sissy. ;)

I agree with Sugar (!) that it's really good that younger people want to get involved in the political process.

Still, lots of politicians rely upon younger volunteers who have generally have yet to become jaded, and/or lack breadth of experience. Somtimes, it's a rude shock to find that a politician's public persona doesn't come close to matching their private persona.

I still think it's weird that he isn't going to be there.

At the very least, shouldn't he thank his supporters for doing what they've done?

P.S. I bet if I walked over to the Statehouse for the event, I'd recognize a great many of the young people in attendance as fellow political hacks. But I don't feel like braving the cold in order to find out.

I think the fact that a younger group of voters who are stereotypically coined as non-voters or politically uninvolved are willing to file on the governor's behalf without him being there.
I think it is a great sign, not only for the governor's campaign, but for everyone involved in politics that the 20-30 year old age range is starting to get more involved in politics.

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