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On The Hill: Guv's Office Renews $264,000 Contract With D.C. Lobbyist

Moneybag_2 The Guv's Office has renewed a $22,000 per month contract with Washington lobbyist Deborah Hohlt.

Here's the 2008 contract: hohltcontract.pdf

If you'd like to know what Hohlt does to earn that cash, the appendix that's referenced but not included in the 2008 contract is attached to the 2007 version: hohltcontract2007.pdf

Anyone find it strange that for purposes of reporting her federal campaign contributions, which are many, Hohlt apparently identifies herself as a "homemaker"? This contract alone may make her the most well compensated homemaker in America.



What's up with the post saying Ms Holt only reported $57k of Indiana income!????

Um, isnt that tax evasion

Gary, Debbie Hohlt was in the Washington office of Lilly, working as a company lobbyist, when Daniels was VP.

It appears that Hohlt might be a crony of Mitch from his Eli Lilly days.

B Squared, I second that emotion.

Okay, okay. I'll post one when I get home.

She should do that anyway, Mom TDW. We do need to see some Baby TDW photos.

Someone should tell the gov it would look better if she got certified as a WBE.

Nah, she wouldn't kill the blog, she'd just call it Baby TDW and use it to post umptee zillion baby pics on it :-)

I'm starting a fundraiser! :)

Hell, I'd kill off all my blogs and stay at home for $100,000 a year.

Jen, Democratic governors hired questionable DC lobbyists, too...

I think there's soemthing in the water. You can't live without a DC lobbyist, but usually, the lobbyist, or someone with the firm, gives you the creeps. Or dances in the gray area.

Still, I'd stay home for 264 large, too. And you could post cynical stuff about me, and hell you could call me the Queen of England if you wanted. I'd still have a quarter-million dollars to laugh all the way to...you know.

Interesting that she claimed only to have
received $ 57K for her income from Indiana
for her services for all of 2007:

See http://www.opensecrets.org/lobbyists/firmsum.asp?txtname=Hohlt%2C+Deborah&year=2007

from the Center for Responsive Politics

She must give quite a few
"oral communications."

Funny. I kinda expected "massages" to be included in the job duties.

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