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See Ya Later: TRF Chief Wheeler Heading Back To The Private Sector

Goodbyewave Another high-ranking official in the Guv's administration is calling it quits. From the press release:

Governor Daniels has accepted the resignation of Cristy Wheeler as the executive director of the Indiana State Teachers' Retirement Fund (TRF).  Wheeler, who led the agency since 2005, is returning to the private sector.  Her final day is February 1. 

"Under Cristy's leadership, TRF provided our hard-working teachers, past and present, with high-quality customer service and retirement security," Daniels said. 

Daniels has appointed Steven Russo as TRF's new executive director.  For the past 19 years, Russo has worked for the technology company Thomson in Indiana and South America.  He was most recently the organization's general manager of north and south American operations - managing 2,000 employees and a half-billion dollar budget.  Prior to Thomson, Russo worked for seven years, in various engineering and finance positions, at the Naval Avionics Center in Indianapolis.

A Purdue University graduate, Russo lives in central Indiana with his wife, Polly, who is a first grade teacher at Mary Castle Elementary School.  He will begin his new duties at TRF on February 4.


She did not go to the private sector. She is the University Director of Retirement Program Services at IU.

No one cares about teachers as long as there are teachers to care for their kids. So many want all the education to be done in schools including family values and ethics. Teachers can only do so much then when the kids go home they need parents to help make sure the kids study, do homework, and raise them to have values and ethics to round them out as good citizens and give them a happy and healthy homelife so they can succeed. It takes a while for the kids to gain back what they loose over summer breaks. That includes getting their behavior back to acceptable for those who have run wild for a whole summer with other unruly kids or with gangs. Parents need to step up and take on some of the responsibility for the failure of their kids instead of blaming it all on teachers. Why do you think teachers are leaving the profession in droves?

What security. Thirty years on a salary so low that putting any into the annuity is laughable and then you retire and there's barely enough to live on. We have one of the worst paying teacher retirement programs in the country. I know someone who's planning to leave a local high school and move to Michigan to teach her last years so she can actually afford retirement.

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