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The Tiniest Democrat: She's Not Nearly As Cute At Three In The Morning

For those of you who asked for proof that Baby TDW is doing well, here 'tis. It's hard to believe she'll be eight weeks old on Monday.




She looks smarter than Mitch. Dam near a genius compared to him.

The dingo ate your baby

Haha, very funny stuff, short and not too hairy, but that is as far as it goes. She's a cute little baby, it's really not fair to compare her with that little poop in the statehouse.
Oh, now there's a comparison, little poop, he is, she does.
I second the motion to post baby pics every so often. Enjoy and write things down, it is suprising what you don't remember as the years fly by.


That was hilarious! I'm still smiling...

"Look very closely, Seth. She's got twice the hair that the Governor does."

Isn't she about as tall as the Governor too?

I miss the baby days of filling my diaper whenever I felt like it.
Of course, at my age, that's something I can begin to look forward to.

Congrats on making it 8 weeks... I always felt like that was the toughest part of babyhood. At least until they hit toddlerhood. Enjoy your sweet girl!

A vibrating chair? I could have used one of those 23+ years ago! Why did it take so long for them to invent the really good stuff?

But she does scream and pout when she doesn't get her way.

Look very closely, Seth. She's got twice the hair that the Governor does.

She resembles Mitch...hmmm


Try car seat.

Maybe someday she'll graduate to sleeping in the crib.

For the time being, at least she's portable.

I don't know about you, but my Mom is my memory about all things juvenile.

She just won't let that Rocking Horse and the Crayon story go. I didn't put the dang horse there, ya know.

Most babies are really cute. Lucky for them, especially after wailing in their crib all night long.

Completely adorable...perfect in every way!

So cute!

It's really a pity we don't remember our baby days once we get older.

Then again, maybe it's a good thing. We're never so spoiled again.

"Now, as I try to figure out what goes where in these massive bar review binders, she is sleeping peacefully in the little vibrating chair on the floor, which, by the way, is the coolest thing ever."

Agreed - we've got one of those chairs too, and it works like a charm. Kind of a baby shiatsu-chair thing, which looks so comfy I wish I fit in it. So many things made for babies (footie pajamas included) could have an adult version, and I think they'd sell.

And, to the detriment of mankind, I do have a blog that I update semi-regularly, mostly as an inside joke among friends (don't judge me too harshly) - but there's a pic or two there, anyways, just clickety my name.

If I knew she was going to wake up at a certain point each night, I'd be happy. The night before last, she slept for six hours. It was beautiful.

Last night, she didn't go to sleep until 1 a.m., and she woke up again at 4:15.

Now, as I try to figure out what goes where in these massive bar review binders, she is sleeping peacefully in the little vibrating chair on the floor, which, by the way, is the coolest thing ever.

You need a blog, Lance, so we can all see photos of your baby! This one-way street thing isn't fair.

There's cute. Then there's darn cute.
Darn cute!
Thanks, TDW. I shall admonish you no more (as long as you post Baby TDW pics monthly)

Aww come on - they're still cute at 3 in the morning....the first night. It's during the second night in a row they get less cute. At least that's what my wife says - I can sleep through an earthquake.

My daughter's about as old as yours - I didn't think it was possible for another baby to be as big of a ham as she is when the cameras come out, but maybe I was wrong - Baby TDW sure knows how to strike a pose!

Awww, what a cutie! She really is stunning. Thanks for sharing!


But the captions could be:

#1. You're doing this for what?!? You're kidding me, right?

#2. Yeah? I'm watching -you-. Dis my mom and you'll be "seeing" me. Knuckle sandwiches. You see 'em. Oh yeah.

cute baby. now hurry up, grow up, and get a job. I need someone to pay my social security. (liberal childen are best with a "cork" in it?- giggle)
but seriously. My I'm going to be a grand-uncle(?) in a couple months, so I share your joy! ;)

She is very pretty.

She's too sweet to be a democrat.

Jen, be a good manager and delegate! There's no need for you to do everything ... why not adopt your next baby or two?

Thanks, y'all.

And Doug, I can't tell you how nervous it made me to read the birth control information that said this particular pill is only something like 70 percent effective.

The prospect of doing this again less than a year from now scares the hell out of me.

She is beautiful. Great job!

That reminds me, I need to go get snipped before I can gloat about being past the 3 a.m. wake up calls.

...and I'm betting, Wilson, she can smell a phony a mile away. A uniquely Democratic trait.

She's got about as much hair as Mitch Daniels...

absolutely adorable!

Photo #1: "Why no mom, what made you think it was I?

Photo #2: "I know what you're thinking"

She's gonna be a little stinker ... It's called mother's revenge and it runs in the family :-)

She's beautiful.

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