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New State Slogan? Guv Urges Students To "Go Forth And Make Babies"

Baby The first time he ran for office, the Guv was all about "aiming higher" and "Indiana's comeback." This time, he's sending a slightly different message to Hoosiers:

"Go forth and make babies."

Confused? Read this story. It won't make things much clearer, but it may make you giggle.


Putting the most recent comment on top is great. (Although if the text entry box for posting new comments were at the top of THAT, right under TDW's orginal post, that would be good....) To quote the DOC's great inspirational leader: Change is hard. Get over it.

Varangianguard, weren't you over on Frugal Hoosiers bitching about the reverse comments when they launched their new site? Ugh... you're so obnoxious.

Black dress pants and brown shoes...hmmm someone needs Queer Eye for the Short Guy.

The "order" of the comments is a perspective thing.

You seem to like to see the same original comment over and over again (when the latest poster leaves without a name - like you).

I like to immediately see the most up-to-date comment simply by clicking the thread, the name or the posting.

Think outside of the box. It's a truly liberating experience. ;)

You really need to make the switch from TypePad to WordPress - this reverse comments order seems Kentuckian to me.

Go forth and make babies, though only if you're a conservative Christian, of course. Indiana already has more than enough of them there lib'rals!

"Clad in a blue collared shirt, a simple blue jacket, black dress pants, and brown shoes."
Blue, Black and Brown? Someone should tell him it doesn't work.

Sounds like a great slogan - Go Forth and Multiply!

I was going to do some work today, but since the Governor told me to, I'm going to take the rest of the day off to have sex.

Happy Valentines! :)

The little one's doing well. She just had her two-month checkup yesterday.

"the data is plagued"? What is that supposed to mean?

Well, TDW is one of those brightest high school students who chose to attend a state university, land a job here, get married and have a baby. Somehow though, I bet there are days when he wishes she'd gone elsewhere!

Isn't our blogmistress here the poster child herself for the Governor's slogan?

How's Alexandra doing these days?

No... that's not what he meant. Ask the so far unopposed State Senator Patricia Miller, he didn't mean MAKE babies... because, ya know, even queers can make a baby.

"(I meant it) within marriage, of course."

Maybe he should give out candles, days off work, and some Josh Groban CDs... for the good of the state, of course. But not to the gays.

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