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Oh, Larryville: He Drinks Whole Milk But Skims A Little Off The Top

GrimaceUPDATE: Ricketts' latest racket may require Council approval:

A $15,000 pay increase approved for Lawrence Mayor Paul Ricketts by the city's Utility Service Board last week might need approval by the City Council before the mayor can bank the extra money.

Legal authorities are checking to see whether the OK from the utility board is enough to seal the deal.

"I think it's not cut and dried," said James Gutting, the city's corporation counsel and the lawyer representing the board. "Certainly, I think the mayor is interested in making sure all provisions are met that are necessary."

Gutting plans to review the question with the City Council's attorney today.

If needed, Ricketts said, he would be willing to make his case with the council.

This should come as no surprise to anyone:

Mayor Paul Ricketts will be making $80,000 this year — the $65,000 annual salary he receives to lead the city of Lawrence, plus another $15,000 for additional work with the city’s water and sewer utilities.

The additional money was unanimously approved last week by the city's five-member Utility Service Board, which oversees the utilities’ operations.

The boost in Ricketts' pay is part of a resolution that also adds $12,500 to Controller Kimberly M. Diller's salary and pays the board's secretary $3,600. In addition, it provides $65,000 annually for a graphic information system coordinator.

Ricketts said the money compensates him, and the other city employees, for additional work they are doing to aid the water and sewer utilities’ operations.

“These were not duties that were part of the mayor’s job when I ran for it,” said Ricketts, who added that an $80,000 yearly salary puts his pay in line with that of mayors of cities of similar size.


Awesome, that will save each and every ratepaying household what - $1 over the course of the year?
I may go buy a big screen teevee!

This just in. Ricketts will not "accept " his requests $15,000.00 raise. The ratpayers win.

Fact...The council will hear this. I believe they have the votes to disapprove. If they do not the burden will be on them. Councillors, be prepared. Know what the ratepayers/voters want in your districts.

The guy knew the salary when he signed up. I'm hoping he knew being mayor was a full time job. Couple all that with the fact that MMM is blaming out of control spending for the problems we are facing on the property tax front and it seems logical Paulie would take one for the team.

Or not.

Instead he looks like he is more interested in what Larryville can do for him instead of what he can do for Larryville.

12:47 - Please do not let facts get in the way of histrionics.

I called the Indiana Association of Cities & Towns and found out from them that it is "usual and customary for Mayors of Second Class cities to receive compensation from the water utility." I also asked about the total compensation for Mayors of cities similar in population to Lawrence. It turns out that $80k is about average.

I thought elected officials salaries had to be passed by ordinance every year. Whatever the Lawrence council passed last fall is what Ricketts should be limited to.

And Kim Diller was hired away from the County Auditor, who hired her away from the Indianapolis Controller.

Love the graphic, Jen. :) Nothing can stop the Grimace. (Or so I've been told--and what is that thing, anyway??)

Arnie...Couch has the GIS job?

Couch has the job.

"In addition, it provides $65,000 annually for a graphic information system coordinator."

What really gets me is the $65,000 for the GIS Coordinator. Guess who will take that job? Christy Ricketts! She was his GIS Technician in the Assessor’s office. A GIS Coordinator mostly is to ensure consistency of information, eliminate duplication of efforts, increase communication between departments and agencies, provide vision for the future, all of which Indianapolis does for you in Lawrence. The City Planner in DPW provides the vision for the future. All Lawrence needs is a Cartographer / GIS Technician but the council felt Lawrence did not need one and cut the position from the 2007 budget. The Utility has a GIS Tech that keeps up with the locations of water and sewer lines.

When I worked at Lawrence as the Administrative Assistant to Economic Development/GIS Tech/Graphic Designer besides my other duties the GIS work was mostly creating new street, zoning and crime maps. It kept me busy but with the technology today it can be done relatively quickly because most of the information was already created. All I had to do was add new the new streets, change zoning codes for parcels and the real time taker was inputting the information of the location of the various crimes. Like I said before, the City of Lawrence needs a GIS Technician but not at $65,000. The average salary for this position is $37,000.

How do I know all this stuff? I’m finishing up my Masters in GIS.

Common practice my ass. This raise must be approved by the council and he damn well knows it. Poor play on his part but he is just deviate enough to give it a try. He struck out. The vote by the USB for this $15,000.00 violates Indiana code. Check it out.

OH DEAR GOD! Are you telling me the mayor of Lawrence is going to make $80,000 whole dollars this year?

Watch out - if we start making public office pay a decent wage, more and more qualified people will soon run for those offices. What a horrendously bad idea.

Dear lord, help me. I'm about to do the unthinkable and semi-defend Ricketts.... yikesarooni.

This is actually a pretty common practice amongst mayors and there are several Dems that do it as well.

Diller is a DINO all the way. Check her out a little closer my friend.

Jen, it was only a matter of time. This is only the first of many issues this little round man will try to pull. Good people are watching Paul. Get it. See here at TDW, Advance Indiana and Indystar.com. See you at the next USB meeting and the City Council meeting. Or maybe you may want to rethink this backdoor/backroom deal. You and "I'll do anything for money" Sterrett. You forget, Jen, Sterrett is getting 5g's to oversee the utility for a few weeks. Huh!

I'm pretty sure it was a joke, kids.

What sources?

check your sources again, he hired kim diller,a democrat, from state board of accounts

Is the Controller related to him? Paul likes to keep government in the family

Did somebody suddenly raise the prices at all-you-can-eat buffets in Lawrence?

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