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Timing Is Of The Essence: B-Boz Has "Stern Talk" With Jon Elrod, Aide

Pencil Seventh District Congressional candidate and occasional State Rep. Jon Elrod, strapped for funds to mount a serious campaign in the March 11 special election, apparently decided it would be totally cool to start doing his political work on taxpayer time. Cuz it's not like there's anything important going on at the Statehouse this session.

State Rep. Jon Elrod, the Republican nominee in the upcoming 7th Congressional District race, was caught on video by state Democrats writing campaign letters while on the floor of the House and handing them to a legislative employee to mail.

Elrod today apologized for the incidents, calling them “really poor judgment on my part” and said it would never happen again.

There are few ethical rules for legislators, and no law or regulation appears to bar Elrod from signing political letters at his House desk.

But House Minority Leader Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis, said the legislative employee who mailed the letters — Greg Lubsen, deputy media director for House Republicans — violated House personnel rules that bar employees from political activity during work hours.

“There will be consequences,” Bosma said, though he did not specify what they would be.

Elrod, running against Democrat Andre Carson, said he was simply “multi-tasking” by signing thank-you letters to volunteers and contributors to his congressional campaign.

“I feel horrible about it. I really do. To put our caucus and everyone else in this position, it’s just inexcusable,” he said.

From now on, he said, “there will be none of my (campaign) materials anywhere near the Statehouse.”


How can you tape Andre if you can't find Andre?

Wilsonism? I like the sound of that word!

Elrod's running for Congress, not township board.

Tracking isn't exactly something new in politics.

Hell, I sat next to a GOP tracker last year at a Jill Long Thompson event.

It's no big deal.

As long as you're not doing something unethical, that is.

Maybe it's time to tape the D's. Do you think they will be happy when videos are posted of them picking their nose?
The party staffer has opened a can of worms that may backfire. This reeks of Wilsonism.

Seriously? If you're reading this blog at work right now, you might want to take a quick look around to see if anyone is video-taping you. It's the exact same thing.

Can Jonathon Elrod say "macaca" ?

Oh yes, an ethics violation verses a scheduling conflict...those two things should be on equal footing.

I find it hard to believe the Republicans haven't been taping Carson. It's not exactly what I'd call a new campaign technique.

Time to tape Andre? A comment on another blog said that he almost blew a fuse when he was asked a question!

Touch Screens Steal Elections !

Don't Touch It!

But a legislative staffer could hardly be expected to make a distinction between "political activity" and the surveys, "newsletters", and general pandering and grandstanding those goofs at the statehouse are doing day in and day out.

Yup, Elrod gets the Homer Simpson "DOH!" award and B-Boz loses another hair.

Nah: Elrod and the staffer were using taxpayer time and dime to do politicking ... that "debate" was not financed by your tax dollars. That's why even B-Boz had to get involved.

Tisk tisk...guess that makes it even for Andre' not showing up to that forum.


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