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Do You See What I See? Waltz Residency Case On The Docket This Week

Lostandfound If you aren't tired of all things political after Tuesday's special election in the Seventh Congressional District, Wednesday's meeting of the Indiana Election Commission should be a real doozy. The Star's "Behind Closed Doors" column reminds us of one of the more entertaining items on the docket:

A challenge to the residency status of state Sen. Brent Waltz will be heard this week at a meeting of the Indiana Election Commission.

Mike Beeles, who will square off against Waltz in the May 6 primary election for the Senate District 36 Republican nomination, filed a challenge with the Election Commission last month claiming that Waltz does not live in a Greenwood condominium listed as his official residence.

Waltz, vying for his second term at the Statehouse, says he has lived in the condo in the 300 block of Elmead Court in northern Johnson County since 2003.

Less than a week after Beeles filed his challenge with the state, a Johnson County magistrate awarded Waltz a restraining order against Beeles after Waltz claimed that Beeles was stalking him.

The magistrate ruled that stalking had occurred and that Beeles -- who admitted to standing on a stepladder and taking photos of Waltz's condo -- represented a credible threat to Waltz's safety.

Beeles, who lives about a block from Waltz's condo, was ordered to stay away from Waltz's residence and place of work and not have contact with Waltz for 90 days.

The Election Commission meeting will be at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Indiana Government Center South, Conference Room 14, 402 W. Washington St., Indianapolis.

Also on the agenda: Thomas Cook, of Blue Indiana fame, will do his best to keep John McCain off the ballot. If the rumor mill is any indication, the Republicans are getting worried about their case.


"They are hearing a complaint on Jim Schellinger as well, over the Trident Air issue."

Actually, they're just reviewing the letter sent to the Commission by one of Jill Long Thompson's supporters. It's not a formal adjudicative hearing.

You can view the agenda here:


I wonder if Brent Waltz got his hearing notice if he doesn't live there - maybe someone should ask at the meeting?

They are hearing a complaint on Jim Schellinger as well, over the Trident Air issue.

8:36 -- If the commission locks based on partisan pandering on the part of the two GOP representatives, I can appeal. Considering I'm working with the budget (and the legal experience) of an undergraduate student, though, I have my doubts as to how far I would be able to take it on my own.

That being said, I'm fairly certain that the statue is clear in terms of McCain not making the ballot.

If any of you lawyerly types wants to have some pro bono fun, be sure to let me know...

The Commission meeting is actually in conference rooms 1-2.

I wonder how many people will fit into Conference room 14? It's one of the smaller rooms in the conference center.

In order to put McCain on the ballot, one of the R's will have to vote against the challenge, which is based on a signature count. Can a judge force a commissioner to vote according to the law? I mean, if JM doesn't have the 500 he needs in a certain district, that's the law, right?

Anne: I'm quite openly and proudly gay. What's sick is a closety gay Republican who votes against LGBT issues...

Wilson, you're implying that being gay is a bad thing. Why on earth would you want to perpetuate that idea? That's sick.

I think that instead of having a hearing on his residency when it is perfectly obvious that the doesn't live in the district that there should be a sanity hear in which experts from both sides could testify after a thorough examination.

Ya know Wilson, I don't like anything about that senator, but making your kind of inneundo is what gives politics a bad name. Knock it off.

The senator is perfectly able to drag his own name thorugh the mud.

I certainly hope Brent Waltz had his closet doors firmly closed for the photographs...

McCain not on the ballot. That's a giggle.

If Beeles is under court order to stay away from the faux senator--how will they both attend the hearing in the same room?

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